Deep Night Season 10: Erin Fein of Psychic Twin

Dale descends to the creative basement within, for a conversation with Erin Fein of the band Psychic Twin. Erin’s debut album Strange Diary was released in 2016 through Polyvinyl Records. Its dense compositions and piercing lyrics captured the emotional upheaval of Erin’s personal life, while signaling the start of a new chapter in her artistic career. Erin and Dale talk about seeking out the light in what seems like unyielding emptiness and going literally underground to find one’s creative voice. Dale can certainly relate to Erin’s path. In Dale’s case it was picking up the microphone after long walks down by the Gowanus, for Erin it was months surrounded by dusty synths in a basement in Urbana, Illinois. With great openness and honesty, the two talk about early influences, choosing the right exo-skeleton, manifesting another self to process grief, and having your signature sound be something associated with your most painful memory. Ultimately, Erin describes a journey not unlike Dale’s, but with more competitive ice skating. Plus Dale shares the story of a recent encounter with a man who may have been a psychic twin from another dimension.

For more on Psychic Twin, visit or keep an eye out for her touring schedule, especially if you are in LA. Upcoming shows include appearances at SXSW and a show at The Peppermint Club with Monogem and others. Link for that show is here:

Deep Night Season 10: Anna Roisman

Dale hums the Channel 6 Action News song to himself as he washes his crystals, so it’s no surprise that he geeks out on all things Philly-suburbs with his guest, and fellow Pennsylvanian, Anna Roisman. A talented comedian, singer, producer, and budding mogul on Facebook Live, Anna discusses her success in transforming a sudden termination of employment into a platform for an innovative talk show she can host in her pajamas. Dale also likes comfortable slacks he can wear anytime of day so he’s very intrigued. Like Dale, Anna is a natural when it comes to hosting. She honed those skills while working the front desk at financial companies and fancy steakhouses downtown. Drawing on that experience, Anna tells Dale how to properly tip his way into a better table and how much cash he should be willing to fold into a handshake. She also lends insight some of what women have to put up with in comedy and shares some fond memories of performing in the soon-to-close UCB space in Chelsea. Oh, and Dale has a few ideas on how to improve this whole holiday season thing. As a bonus this episode has a shocking relative-reveal twist at the end!

Dale’s hitting SF Sketchfest in January! Save the date: January 13, 5:30pm at Piano Fight. Deep Night returns live to San Francisco with Kulap Vilaysack, Becky Braunstein, and the witches from Astral Projection Radio. Plus music from Yea-Ming and The Rumours! Free show but make your reservations today!

Deep Night Season 10: Live with Lola Kirke, Wanjiko Eke, Kiley Lotz, and Sarah Lazarus

Dale brines his bird in magic for this special pre-holiday episode recorded live at the Slipper Room in New York City. Dale starts things off with a welcoming incantation and then gets going with comedian Sarah Lazarus on the subjects of time travel and monuments to dead poultry. Kiley Lotz, who also performs under the name Petal, tells of her journey from coal country to the big city, while also sharing some details about her latest musical release. Comedy’s own Wanjiko Eke talks with Dale about some weird dungeons she’s been to and Dale invites her to pay a visit to one of his favorite places. Finally actor and musician Lola Kirke joins Dale for a talk about oboes, alleyways, Venice, and our favorite holiday parade inflatables. Plus music throughout on the theremin by the singular Cornelius Loy.

Linkage! For the latest album and tour dates from Lola or Kiley – visit or Be sure to follow Wanjiko and Sarah on Twitter ( and ) for appearances on comedy stages near you!

It’s Thanksgiving, so enjoy day drinking with your family! Blame it on the turkey when you pass out on the couch. More to come in the rest of Season 10 of Deep Night with Dale. Thanks to our sponsors this week, Gowanus Souvenir Shop.

Photo in original post by Rebecca Greenfield.

Deep Night Season 9: Nina Tarr

Dale hopes to one day release this conversation on crystal-clear vinyl, to make it as highly-sought after as LA-based comedian and DJ, Nina Tarr. Nina was in New York City recently doing some music and comedy sets around town, so Dale asked if she’d stop by the Deep Night studios for a talk about her career and her trajectory. Born in Orange County, Nina started collecting vinyl records early in life, seeking them out at thrift stores and local record shops. With punk as her gateway music, she quickly built an impressive collection of vintage and rare recordings, then started sharing them at parties and Southern California clubs winning over enthusiastic, if inebriated audiences. During this discussion with Dale, Nina talks about the ways in which her affinity for playing music intersects with her desire to create a unique comedic voice. The two also cover adventures in moving vehicles shaped like body parts; killing it with the elementary school set; and making videos at a breakneck speed for the folks at Buzzfeed. An inspiring conversation that can only take place…in the DEEP NIGHT.

For more on Nina and to find out where she’s spinning discs or slinging jokes, visit her website San Francisco – Dale’s headed your way for the big show on January 21st at 4:30pm. Be sure and reserve some free tickets and join Dale as he brings a fantastic all new show to the City by the Bay. More info on

Dale Radio Season 8: Hamm Samwich

Dale shakes off a late night in this early morning conversation with Brooklyn-based drag artist and performer Hamm Samwich. Dale and Hamm have been on the same bill in the past, but this was the first time the two sat down and had a real conversation away from the bright lights of small theaters and even smaller dressing rooms. A provocative presence in person and online, Hamm shares some thoughts with Dale about crafting authentic personas, urgent needs at Target, early theatrical experiences, and the ways in which we’re all just polar bears making armor. Hamm can be found performing around the city with regular gigs at Ars Nova in Manhattan and hosting Karaoke on Sundays at This N’ That Bar (TNT), 108 N 6th Street, in Brooklyn. Or find Hamm on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Visit for a free audio book and 30 day trial. They have lots and lots of things to listen to! While you’re driving. While you’re putting on your face. While you’re practicing your outrage! Get those audio books!

Photo of Hamm performing at Joe’s Pub by Sam Varela.

Dale Radio Season 8: Ana Fabrega

Dale chats about hats and other things in this character-focused conversation with comedian Ana Fabrega. Dale and Ana delve into the origins of some of Ana’s comedic personas while also touching on the importance of finding one’s people; the strange magic of conjuring truth; and the endless allure of making awesome stuff in Photoshop. Plus a bonus audio character snapshot from New York comedian and actor Jamie Aderski. This episode coincides with the release of IFC’s Boy Band, featuring Ana and a host of other familiar Dale Radio guests. Visit for full episodes.

Ana runs a weekly, ever-changing show at Over the Eight Bar in Williamsburg, so be sure and check that out. You can find out more about that show or other Fabrega endeavors at Ana’s website, For more on Jamie Aderski and where to see her perform, visit her website

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Dale Radio Season 7: The Handsome Family

Brett & Rennie, photo by Jason Creps.

Brett & Rennie, photo by Jason Creps.

Dale wanders out into the high desert mesas where wild things claw at the dust and worms wriggle beneath the roots of ancient pines, for a conversation with The Handsome Family’s Rennie and Brett Sparks. In this caffeinated Skype call to the wilds of Albuquerque, the couple talks with Dale about their collaborative creative process, early American song, weird characters in Chicago, and unwanted night visitors of the Southwest.

Thanks to Rennie and Brett for making this episode possible and for their generosity in speaking with Dale. The Handsome Family’s gorgeous track Far From Any Road is used in the opening credit sequence of True Detective on HBO. For additional insight into the group’s more than twenty-year career; to find out how to purchase their latest album, Wilderness; or to have access to their full back catalog of amazing music, please visit their site,

The next Dale Radio Live! is happening Wednesday, October 29 with Josh Gondelman, Janelle James, Amber Nelson, and Leslie Goshko at 8pm at The People’s Improv Theater in NYC. For more information and tickets – visit