Deep Night Season 10: Maya Deshmukh

Dale triggers a wave of nostalgia by unwrapping a few tasty treats of his youth with his guest, comedian Maya Deshmukh. Maya has a secret identity as a practicing dentist, so Dale was sure to use an extra swig of mouth wash before hitting the mics. Despite Maya’s love of clean teeth, she and Dale indulge heartily in a sugary bit of business as they talk through vivid memories of growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs, moving to New York, eating lots of pasta, and waiting for the Eagles to win the Superbowl. Maya also breaks down what it means to be on a Maude house team at UCB, and dishes on her success with the AzN Pop sketch group and talks about her experience at SF Sketchfest. In 2016 she co-won the UCB Diversity Showcase, and Maya reflects on the impact of participating in that event and the bright future that surely lies ahead. Maya’s spot on Philly accent is featured prominently at the beginning of this episode which delights Dale to no end, plus Dale shares some common sense ideas to solve some pretty big problems.

March 25th – Maya joins forces with former Deep Night guest Anna Roisman for a fashion-themed comedy spectacular at Caveat. Ticket information and more available here. Be sure and follow Maya’s Instagram for lots of pictures of pasta and to see her far flung adventures in warm climates.

Deep Night Season 10: Alison Becker

Dale travels via Economy Comfort Portal to pay a visit to actor, writer, and comedian Alison Becker. Alison and Dale met in the wood-paneled confines of the Dub Room Studio on the Sunset Strip, for a talk about managing darkness, obsessing over routines, and her early days in the wild weird woods of New Jersey. Having survived afternoons unattended at the notoriously dangerous Action Park, Alison fell in love with improv at college, then moved to New York and started working with UCB right as they were launching. Now in LA, she’s had a steady career in comedy, making the transition from shows in grocery store basements to major roles on television and commercials. Alison has a lot of great tips on what to wear on your next audition, which is why Dale went out and bought thirty more turtlenecks just to get it right. Dale can’t resist asking Alison about her role on Parks & Recreation and gets the inside scoop on the media landscape of Pawnee. Alison also has a comedic short film entitled Control, about mental illness and depression, that’s out now on the festival circuit. Plus Dale tracks down his wife outside of Palm Springs and saves her from a dangerous entity.

Our thanks to engineer Paul Hollman for his work on this episode and of course, REGGIE the studio dog for being so cool with the broken stool. Alison can be found on instagram or twitter @thealisonbecker and is often appearing on TV shows and national commercials. Information about her film Control can be found at

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Photo of Alison in original post taken by Jared Beasley.

Deep Night Season 10: Sudi Green

Dale discovers that a tiny nearby state holds some big scary secrets. He shudders with every revelation in this conversation with comedian and SNL writer, Sudi Green. Sudi talks about growing up in Newark, Delaware where tax-free shopping and murderous intentions go hand-in-hand. Sudi shares some stories about taunting teens on the dance floor, being drawn to characters that are a lot like her, and what not to wear for Halloween. There’s a lot of great comedy wisdom in this episode as Sudi talks about observing behaviors that make it into sketches and what happens when a performer breaks on stage. The two also spill the beans on the sexiest animals of all time and Dale invites you to try some of his home-made essential oils.

Sudi Green is a comedian living in Brooklyn and writer for Saturday Night Live. You can see her as the co-host of her sketch/variety show Theme Party. In 2015, Sudi was selected as a Just For Laughs New Face for characters. She is a proud member of sketch groups Pop Roulette, O.S.F.U.G. and alumni of HammerkatzNYU.

The next Deep Night with Dale Live is happening on Weds, November 15 when Dale will be joined by his guests, Lola Kirke, Kiley Lotz, Wanjiko Eke, and Sarah Lazarus. With music by Cornelius Loy. For tickets visit the Slipper Room website:

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Deep Night Season 9: Dave Mizzoni

Dale rouses himself from a week-long meditation session with a clear vision of something that he never truly realized. Until this episode, Dale had not acknowledged what an important role NYU plays in shaping and fueling the comedy world of New York. With NYU’s massive presence, it’s no wonder the city is so well populated with such a large number of gifted performers and creators, many of whom have appeared on this program, including today’s Deep Night visitor, comedian Dave Mizzoni. Dave grew up in Rhode Island and started acting at a young age. He had a memorable audition with Oskar Eustis, performed in countless theatrical productions, and found his way to NYU’s acclaimed Tisch School of the Arts. He gained valuable insight and critical guidance from mentors at the school, including the late theater artist and composer Liz Swados. Dave emerged from that program with a solid skillset as a performer; skills he uses to inform his stand up and his work with the musical comedy ensemble, Pop Roulette. The group is responsible for some very funny viral videos which musically skewer everything from unwieldy neck wear to the dragon loving queen on Game of Thrones. Dale and Dave spend a long time exploring their mutual affection for the Ocean State and the beautiful strange music of the Providence accent. For you serious Prov-Heads tuning in, don’t worry…Roger Williams, Buddy Cianci, and Filene’s Basement all get significant shout outs. In addition to loving Rhode Island, Dave’s a super fan of Ms. Britney Spears, which prompts a few questions from Dale about fame and what we do with it.

For more on Dave Mizzoni, and where the next Pop Roulette show might be springing up, visit his website: To book your next getaway to Cranston, RI visit “We’re on the Move!” – which is a funny slogan for a town, but ok.

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Deep Night Season 9: Mo Fry Pasic

Dale keeps it “hundo” in this conversation with Brooklyn-based comedian Mo Fry Pasic. Dale traces Mo’s artistic journey, from her days as a high school volleyball star in Madison, Wisconsin to her life today as a stand up and comedic performer. Embracing her inner goofiness and with a love of weirdness, Mo’s managed to claim her own unique space in comedy and hone a strong, funny voice onstage and online. The discussion finds Dale and Mo covering a lot of ground including her VIP status at Sephora; her world famous cat impressions; good smelling hair products of the 1990s, and a growing sense of urgency around activism. The two also reminisce about small spaces for experimentation that are no more, including the soon-to-be-shuttered Over the Eight bar in Williamsburg and Dale shares one of his favorite wedding gags. Plus find out where to get a great Christmas tree in New York City when Dale and his wife Galinda go hunting for evergreens.

Save the date! Weds February 22nd, Dale is once again LIVE FROM THE DEEP NIGHT at the Slipper Room in NYC. 8pm show with Dale’s guests Michelle Buteau, Vinny DePonto, Sandy Honig, and more! Mind reading, conjuring, and comedy! All Dale’s favorite things with this stellar lineup. If you’re in SF be sure and see us live at Piano Fight – on Saturday, January 21st at 4:30pm for a FREE show with Allie Goertz, Irene Tu, and Phil Ross! Details via

Photo in original post by Bruce Smith.

Dale Radio Season 8: Chris Shockwave Sullivan

Dale lets all the beats drop in this conversation with performer and musician, Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan. As the host of the Shock and Awesome podcast, Shock interviews amazing guests about their experiences and relationship to music. Dale and Shock worked together in the past, but have never had the opportunity to sit down for a spell and talk things through. In this episode, recorded at Harvestworks in NYC, the two discuss the early days of Freestyle Love Supreme, the percussive rhythm of communication, staying decent, and some thoughts on failure. Shockwave is a terrific guy and a tremendous talent with a long history in improv, music, and performance. Dale tries his hand at beatboxing, but decides its best to leave that to the professionals like Shock.

For more on Shockwave listen to his podcast on Headgum, or catch him on SeeSo with Freestyle Love Supreme. Or just sit tight and he’ll be doing something you’re interested in real soon. Special shout outs this episode to Catie Lazarus and the Employee of the Month show; the legendary Our Hit Parade at Joe’s Pub; and of course, some wee show named Hamilton.

Post photo of Shockwave by Hunter Peress.

Dale Radio Season 8: The Trumpet Boys

Dale appreciates the appreciation shown by his guests and musical-comedy giants, The Trumpet Boys. This episode goes a long way in establishing the background and personalities of one of today’s hottest and most in-demand horn trios. Fresh off big shows in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles group members Mark, Ian, and Daniel sit down with Dale for a conversation about fame, comedy, pop music, and life in The Constitution State. The episode also includes some clips from The Trumpet Boys’ recent appearance at Joe’s Pub.

The Trumpet Boys are Mark Vigeant, Ian Stroud, and Dan Fox and have a full blown website and everything. Follow their adventures in and out of Connecticut over at . Mark also has a new book out, entitled, Leaves of Grass I Trimmed With The Mower, a Collection of Dad Poems. Seek it out!