Deep Night Season 10: Sudi Green

Dale discovers that a tiny nearby state holds some big scary secrets. He shudders with every revelation in this conversation with comedian and SNL writer, Sudi Green. Sudi talks about growing up in Newark, Delaware where tax-free shopping and murderous intentions go hand-in-hand. Sudi shares some stories about taunting teens on the dance floor, being drawn to characters that are a lot like her, and what not to wear for Halloween. There’s a lot of great comedy wisdom in this episode as Sudi talks about observing behaviors that make it into sketches and what happens when a performer breaks on stage. The two also spill the beans on the sexiest animals of all time and Dale invites you to try some of his home-made essential oils.

Sudi Green is a comedian living in Brooklyn and writer for Saturday Night Live. You can see her as the co-host of her sketch/variety show Theme Party. In 2015, Sudi was selected as a Just For Laughs New Face for characters. She is a proud member of sketch groups Pop Roulette, O.S.F.U.G. and alumni of HammerkatzNYU.

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What Kind of Question is That?

The Teal Suit Rises!

The Teal Suit Rises!

Since at least three people have sent this image along to me, alerting me to my newest doppelganger, I wanted to just post my thoughts on Mr. Christian Bale (or should I say, Christian Dale? Ha!). Mr. Bale – this look can be tough to pull off, but you are doing it! Congratulations. The combover is often really hard to get right, but you have almost got it. Kudos. I have been advocating the versatility of teal for more than a decade, and I am pleased that you’ve finally embraced it. I’m not sure if this is for a part or if you’re just (finally) being honest. If the latter – then welcome aboard the cool train, Captain. I think all you’re missing now is a dank basement somewhere in South Brooklyn and the world can be yours!

Now, I do have a wee issue with the way the original article frames the picture in question. “Would You Hit It?” If by “hit it” you mean, have sex with it. Then I assure you – this look will encourage some amorous thinking. Especially in slightly older females and horny pugs. Pair this with a little small batch bourbon, and you absolutely can not go wrong.

Ladies, I think the real query is what are you going to do now that there are two of us?! Ha!

Watch this again.