Deep Night Season 10: Wendi Starling

Dale brews some bathtub kombucha in preparation for a energizing conversation with comedian and fellow podcaster, Wendi Starling. Wendi is not known for holding back, so she and Dale get into some heavy business right from the get go. Suffering from allergies and recovering from a late night in a smoke-filled bar, Wendi traces her journey from hallucinatory, sleep deprived days growing up in Orange County to her current life pursuing comedy and other money making adventures in New York. The two talk candidly about being bi-polar, the ways podcasting has helped Wendi’s stage sets, and how sex work is similar to managing the cheese counter at Whole Foods. Dale talks about his early exposure to the female form and recounts a recent interaction with a weird looking rodent.

For more on Wendi – visit or follow her on twitter @wendistarling. Tune into Wendi’s podcasts The Oldest Profession and Jammerz on Apple Podcasts or wherever you enjoy such things.

Get to Know Dale’s Deep Night Visitors 3/14

FRIENDS! OPEN YOUR PORTALS! It’s a brand new Deep Night with Dale Live at the Slipper Room. On Weds, March 14th, Dale returns to the stage once more for an all-new show with a fantastic lineup of guests assembled for your enjoyment and enlightenment. At 8pm on that magical evening, all energies converge for a conversation about the dark art of comedy and finding comedy in dark places. Like childbirth!

Dale is joined on this evening’s journey by cartoonist Emily Flake (The New Yorker); comedian Kenice Mobley (2 Dope Queens); creature experts Andrew Tisher and Joe Rumrill (The Special Without Brett Davis/The Chris Gethard Show) and comedy sensation Julia Shiplett (HBO’s Crashing). Plus the entire evening is scored by the fantastic cosmic sounds of Cornelius Loy on the theremin.

Deep Night details:
Weds, March 14th 8pm/Doors at 7pm
$12/10 Tickets, The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Entrance on Stanton
Hour long show – with plenty of drinks in an amazing space that hosts a lot of burlesque.

Get tickets now via this link and experience true joy:
But first – get to know Dale’s Deep Night guests with a few video clips below.

Try not to buy a Sub-Zero product after watching this portrait of New Yorker cartoonist and writer Emily Flake. Dale likes this cause this has fondue in it.

Kenice Mobley! Setting every stage on fire with comedy. A club called Laughs better deliver!

Julia Shiplett is terrific! Here’s a clip of some recent standup.

And these fellas? No one is more knowledgeable about the workings and interpersonal dynamics of the animal kingdom. Andrew Tisher and Joe Rumrill!

And music from Cornelius Loy!

Deep Night Season 10: Solstice Special

Dale rolls out the welcome yoga mats and fills an antler mug full of cheer as he invites you to is annual pagan celebration of endless darkness in this special solo episode. Yes, it’s time for a trip to the outermost reaches of the Deep Night for A Very Seever Solstice Special. Dale shares some holiday recipes that are sure to make you forget how your body works; channels himself inside a spider bachelor who may or may not be plotting the end of human existence; and offers a guided meditation through one the bourbon-soaked back alleyways of New Orleans. Alight your altars and don your ceremonial podcast listening robes, this night is DEEP!

Dale wishes you a beautiful time of renewal and a very happy holiday ritual. He and Galinda both are sending paper balloons full of fire up into the heavens in your honor, with the hope that you will have a wonderful New Year and that you will consider rating and reviewing this show on Apple Podcasts. Dale and Co. will be taking a couple of weeks off to recover from his eggnog recipe, but will return in the dawn of the new age with brand new live shows in SF and NY in January. Check the listings and this website for shows at SF Sketchfest and The Slipper Room. Lots of great guests, big laughs, and a male witch playing a theremin. The Deep Night has it all! Thanks for your support!

Deep Night Season 10: Julia Wertz

Dale takes a break from his elaborate solstice preparations for a conversation with cartoonist and graphic novelist, Julia Wertz. Dale invites Julia to talk about her new book, Tenements, Towers, and Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City, which is an extraordinary, eclectic, ambitious work full of beautiful drawings of New York as it once was and as it appears in the present day. Like Dale, Julia enjoys a good historical tangent, and the book contains numerous insightful digressions into the personalities and peculiarities that continue to shape modern city life. Having a touch of seasonal sadness this time of year, Dale maybe picks up on maybe too much emptiness in some of Julia’s work, but the two have a fine conversation about spending time alone and growing up among the strange architecture in old buildings. Plus a deep dive into the ancient messages of hot springs, an update on the wildfires, and Dale recounts his first visit to Manhattan.

To purchase Julia’s latest book, Tenements, Towers, and Trash – visit a fine bookstore in your neighborhood before it becomes a New York Sports Club, or order online and watch your mailperson wince as they carry it up the steps. Julia is also selling original pages from the book and they are amazing and beautiful and you should get one. Lots of great gift ideas here in the Deep Night Holiday nook! Visit Julia’s website for more.

Who Will Join Dale in the Deep Night 11/15?

Dale invites you to step through the portal once more to join a brand new live episode of Deep Night with Dale. On Weds, November 15th, Dale returns to the glittering stage of the world famous Slipper Room in New York City. At 8pm, all energies converge for a conversation about the dark art of comedy with an otherworldly lineup of comedic and musical talents.

Dale is joined by actor and musician Lola Kirke (Mozart in the Jungle, Mistress America); musician named in the NY Times as one of the people making the best rock music today, Kiley Lotz, aka Petal (Run for Cover Records); comedian Wanjiko Eke (Cinderblock Comedy Festival, Witch Hunt); and comedian Sarah Lazarus (Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Festival). And of course the entire evening is scored by the fantastic cosmic sounds of Cornelius Loy on the theremin.

Get tickets now via this link and experience true joy:
But first – get to know Dale’s Deep Night guests with a few video clips below.

Here’s an intriguing peek into the interior spaces that musician and actor Lola Kirke inhabits. Dale has a lot of broken objects in his house, too.

As a bonus – here’s a video for one of Lola’s songs starring and directed by Jemima Kirke (who also happens to be her sister AND one of Dale’s neighbors).

Kiley Lotz performs alone and with others under the name, Petal. Here’s an official music video for the track Heaven.

A funny recent set from comedian Wanjiko Eke at the Cobra Club.

And there’s literally too much funny stuff to capture from the brilliant Sarah Lazarus, but this tweet feels right to Dale. Click for more from her twitter timeline.

My goodness, want to hear a bit of what you’re in for with a theremin as our house band? Here’s a clip of the amazing Cornelius Loy playing a signature tune! It’s just energy!!

Deep Night Season 9: Colby Minifie

Dale glides through the mystical portal of the Deep Night once more for a conversation with actor Colby Minifie. Currently performing as Tess in the Broadway revival of Six Degrees of Separation, Colby is a gifted young actor with an already formidable resume. She was recently in the blockbuster New York production of Long Days Journey Into Night with Michael Shannon and Jessica Lange. She also played the slightly off-kilter neighbor Robyn in the Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones. Dale and Colby talk about those specific experiences, along with what it was like growing up in New York with so much of her activity focused in the grimy, overcrowded streets of Mid-town. Dale reflects on his own connection to John Guare’s masterful work, including his possible distant familial relationship to Colby’s co-star, Allison Janney. Colby reveals a bit about the process of building a stage family and her profound respect for the written word. Both Colby and Dale share a love of the theater and the underlying structures that make great performances possible. The two offer some deep night thoughts on compassion, characters, and somewhat inevitably, covfefe.

Check out Dale live for a special Deep Night Gets Political edition of the program. It’s happening Weds, June 21st at 8pm and it’s a benefit for Brand New Congress! Co-Organized with BLOW (Brooklyn Ladies of Winning the Vote), the show happens at The Slipper Room and features conversation with journalist Lily Herman (Teen Vogue, Allure); comedian and writer Mitra Jouhari (The President Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee); and more! With music by Cornelius Loy. Tickets are $15 and available in advance via the Slipper Room’s website. See you for our Season Finale in the Deep Night!

Photo in original post by Jacqueline Harriet.

Who Will Join Dale in the Deep Night 5/10?

The ninth wondrous season of the program has almost reached its end, and we’re celebrating with another live edition of the program at the world famous Slipper Room in NYC. On Weds, May 10th at 8pm, Dale will explore the legacy of late night TV and the challenges of hosting a successful talk show in this discussion with critic and New York Times columnist, Jason Zinoman. Jason’s new book, Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night is essential reading for anyone who grew up on or was influenced by the former weatherman from Indiana and his Stupid Pet Tricks, Monkey Cam, and Larry “Bud” Melman. One performer exploring the tropes and format of late night tv is comedian Ike Ufomadu, currently in residence at Joe’s Pub with his show, Nightcap. Dale welcomes Ike to talk about his personal relationship to giants like Carson, Paar, and Sajak. We’ll also explore the international perspective on the host position with podcasting superstar and all-around amazing comedian, Maeve Higgins. Maeve’s show Maeve In America is a timely and hilarious glimpse into immigration, comedy, and living in New York. Plus, thrill to the sounds of the magical theremin as played by the brilliant Cornelius Loy. Below are some video and audio clips of our guests so you can get to know them in advance of the big night.

But first, here’s the info you’ll need to attend:
Deep Night Live with Jason Zinoman, Maeve Higgins, and Ike Ufomadu.
With music on the theremin by Cornelius Loy
Wednesday, May 10th, 8pm Show/Doors at 7pm

The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington St
Tickets $10 in advance/$12 at the door $25 VIP Seating Available


First up, Jason Zinoman recently sat down with fellow podcaster, and someone who has turned down Dale plenty of times, Marc Maron on his popular program, WTF. This was a double-bill with Hank Azaria, who is also very funny, but skip ahead to Jason’s bit and you’ll hear about his life, and a little bit about his long-standing fascination with the Late Night with David Letterman program. Marc’s interview with Jason starts around the 30 min mark.

Maybe you’ve seen her on Inside Amy Schumer, or a live version of the hit podcast Star Talk with Eugene Mirman and Neil deGrasse Tyson, or performing stand up around the world at festivals and comedy events. She’s a global phenomenon. So many people have compared Dale to Garrison Keillor over the years, that it seems only fitting to include a video clip of Maeve on the Keillor-less Prairie Home Companion. It’s like late night tv for older people. In that it happens on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, right before supper.

Ike Ufomadu has been reinterpreting and reinventing the late night format for the last few years. He’s been in residence at Joe’s Pub with Ike at Night, his take on a late night broadcast. On this episode, Ike discusses his thoughts on Letterman retiring, and has some fun imagining a replacement.

And because who doesn’t love a shirtless theremin player, here’s Cornelius Loy making music out of energy waves. This show has it all, folks!