Deep Night Season 10: Solstice Special

Dale rolls out the welcome yoga mats and fills an antler mug full of cheer as he invites you to is annual pagan celebration of endless darkness in this special solo episode. Yes, it’s time for a trip to the outermost reaches of the Deep Night for A Very Seever Solstice Special. Dale shares some holiday recipes that are sure to make you forget how your body works; channels himself inside a spider bachelor who may or may not be plotting the end of human existence; and offers a guided meditation through one the bourbon-soaked back alleyways of New Orleans. Alight your altars and don your ceremonial podcast listening robes, this night is DEEP!

Dale wishes you a beautiful time of renewal and a very happy holiday ritual. He and Galinda both are sending paper balloons full of fire up into the heavens in your honor, with the hope that you will have a wonderful New Year and that you will consider rating and reviewing this show on Apple Podcasts. Dale and Co. will be taking a couple of weeks off to recover from his eggnog recipe, but will return in the dawn of the new age with brand new live shows in SF and NY in January. Check the listings and this website for shows at SF Sketchfest and The Slipper Room. Lots of great guests, big laughs, and a male witch playing a theremin. The Deep Night has it all! Thanks for your support!

Deep Night Season 9: Colin Dickey

Dale investigates the curious conditions that make ghost stories so pervasive in American culture with author, Colin Dickey. Colin’s new book Ghostland: American History in Haunted Places is a cross-country journey through the nation’s most infamous haunted structures. Dale and Colin discuss his first-hand accounts of the locations he’s visited, from the storied Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, to the truly terrifying Moundsville Prison in West Virginia, and the floating coffins of New Orleans. Dale’s spent some time in a few of these eerie places and he shares his own experience spending the night at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles and recalls checking into a motel full of sadness on the outskirts of Reno. Are ghosts really out there, or is it just a faulty heating unit? Join Dale and Colin as they enter the DEEP NIGHT to find out.

Colin Dickey’s Ghostland can be purchased on Amazon or wherever books are sold. For more on Colin and information about his other terrific books, including the one discussed about the stolen heads of famous people, visit his website