Deep Night Season 10: Maya Deshmukh

Dale triggers a wave of nostalgia by unwrapping a few tasty treats of his youth with his guest, comedian Maya Deshmukh. Maya has a secret identity as a practicing dentist, so Dale was sure to use an extra swig of mouth wash before hitting the mics. Despite Maya’s love of clean teeth, she and Dale indulge heartily in a sugary bit of business as they talk through vivid memories of growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs, moving to New York, eating lots of pasta, and waiting for the Eagles to win the Superbowl. Maya also breaks down what it means to be on a Maude house team at UCB, and dishes on her success with the AzN Pop sketch group and talks about her experience at SF Sketchfest. In 2016 she co-won the UCB Diversity Showcase, and Maya reflects on the impact of participating in that event and the bright future that surely lies ahead. Maya’s spot on Philly accent is featured prominently at the beginning of this episode which delights Dale to no end, plus Dale shares some common sense ideas to solve some pretty big problems.

March 25th – Maya joins forces with former Deep Night guest Anna Roisman for a fashion-themed comedy spectacular at Caveat. Ticket information and more available here. Be sure and follow Maya’s Instagram for lots of pictures of pasta and to see her far flung adventures in warm climates.

Deep Night Season 10: Alison Becker

Dale travels via Economy Comfort Portal to pay a visit to actor, writer, and comedian Alison Becker. Alison and Dale met in the wood-paneled confines of the Dub Room Studio on the Sunset Strip, for a talk about managing darkness, obsessing over routines, and her early days in the wild weird woods of New Jersey. Having survived afternoons unattended at the notoriously dangerous Action Park, Alison fell in love with improv at college, then moved to New York and started working with UCB right as they were launching. Now in LA, she’s had a steady career in comedy, making the transition from shows in grocery store basements to major roles on television and commercials. Alison has a lot of great tips on what to wear on your next audition, which is why Dale went out and bought thirty more turtlenecks just to get it right. Dale can’t resist asking Alison about her role on Parks & Recreation and gets the inside scoop on the media landscape of Pawnee. Alison also has a comedic short film entitled Control, about mental illness and depression, that’s out now on the festival circuit. Plus Dale tracks down his wife outside of Palm Springs and saves her from a dangerous entity.

Our thanks to engineer Paul Hollman for his work on this episode and of course, REGGIE the studio dog for being so cool with the broken stool. Alison can be found on instagram or twitter @thealisonbecker and is often appearing on TV shows and national commercials. Information about her film Control can be found at

Want to experience the DEEP NIGHT in real time? Come see Deep Night with Dale Live at the Slipper Room on Weds, November 15th at 8pm. Dale’s guests will be Lola Kirke (Mozart in the Jungle), Petal (musician Kiley Lotz), and comedians Wanjiko Eke & Sarah Lazarus. They’re all amazing and Cornelius Loy will be there playing the magical energies of the theremin. Tickets available now via this site: See you there! After that, Dale heads to New Orleans for the Hell Yes Fest! Late night shows, packed with comedy in the Big Easy! Dale’s drinking a Sazerac right now in anticipation!

Photo of Alison in original post taken by Jared Beasley.

Dale Radio Season 8: Molly Austin

Dale channels the mystical energies of comedy and fashion for a conversation with New York-based comedian Molly Austin. Dale and Molly discuss growing up in old homes, spending time alone in graveyards, overcoming fears, and betting it all on a new haircut. On March 3, Molly and her collaborating partner Shamika Martinez, debut as the music video stars of the brand new show Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack on the TruTV network, guest starring Alec Baldwin and other greats. Tune in!

For more on Molly Austin, visit her website or go catch a standup set at one of our fine comedy clubs in New York City, including the ongoing series, Cats at Leftfield in Brooklyn. You can watch her new music video for Late Night Snack, entitled Shhhhh here or discover more fun with the duo of Austin Martinez on their YouTube Channel

Dale Radio Season 8: Brett Davis

Brett Davis

Dale makes it extra special with comedian and impresario, Brett Davis. Dale is no stranger to hosting gigs and he and Brett bond over their love of being the glue that holds all the comedy together. Brett and Dale also talk about Andy Kaufman’s desk, the villainy of Kelsey Grammer, soothing steel drums, and the mechanics of producing a show on public access. This episode features short audio bits from a variety of SOLOCOM performers including David Lawson, Joanna Shaw Flamm, Lori Hammel, Amanda Miller, Lauren Maul, and Rory Scholl.

Brett Davis is the host and mastermind behind the popular television program, The Special Without Brett Davis. You can watch that every Weds at 11pm on MNN, or catch up on past episodes via the show’s YouTube channel. Each week, Brett appears as one of his alter egos in an entirely new premise, with a cast of recurring characters that contributes to a larger world of lizard people, delusional celebrities, and easily distracted dungeon masters. Brett recently won the coveted Andy Kaufman Award in comedy, and is the co-host of the monthly variety show The Macaulay Culkin Show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, and runs the monthly Lethal Lottery show at Over The Eight in Williamsburg.

SOLOCOM returns for another year of amazing shows by solo performers. Founded by award-winning performer Peter Michael Marino, SOLOCOM runs November 20-22, 2015 at the People’s Improv Theater in New York City. The festival takes over The PIT with more than 120 shows ranging from 15-60 minutes over 3 days. Tickets and information on A festival pass is available for just $25.

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Photo of Brett in post by Andrew Bisdale. Slider image by Mindy Tucker.

Dale Radio Season 6: Asie Mohtarez

Asie and Dale get into it!

Asie and Dale chat it up!

Dale reveals one reason he abandoned his career as a physicist in this conversation with comedian, Asie Mohtarez. Asie welcomed Dale to her Brooklyn apartment on a snowy afternoon for a discussion about Bollywood neck injuries, glittery bronzer, Sandra Day O’Conner’s pantsuit, and the inevitability of Rutgers.

For more on Asie or to find out where she’ll be appearing next, visit her website. The next Dale Radio Live is Feb. 3 at Sketchfest, then Dale returns to NY with a show at The Pit, Tues. February 25, at 8pm with Eliot Glazer, Brooke Van Poppelen, Scott Rogowsky and more! Another amazing lineup, folks! Get tickets for that show here.

Spending Time With…Chris Gethard

Episode 3!

Episode 3!

Who says hot dogs are bad for you? Not these fellas. (Well kinda.) The new episode of Spending Time With is up now! Featuring Dale and his guest, Chris Gethard as Dale gets a personal tour of New Jersey! He may have thought negatively about the Garden State before, but Chris showed him the light. And the waterfalls. And some lovers neckin. New Jersey and Dale! Perfect together! Hullybaloo!

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Oh – and buy Chris Gethard’s hilarious book, A Bad Idea I’m About to Do. It’s about growing up in some of the same places he takes Dale.