Deep Night Season 10: Alison Becker

Dale travels via Economy Comfort Portal to pay a visit to actor, writer, and comedian Alison Becker. Alison and Dale met in the wood-paneled confines of the Dub Room Studio on the Sunset Strip, for a talk about managing darkness, obsessing over routines, and her early days in the wild weird woods of New Jersey. Having survived afternoons unattended at the notoriously dangerous Action Park, Alison fell in love with improv at college, then moved to New York and started working with UCB right as they were launching. Now in LA, she’s had a steady career in comedy, making the transition from shows in grocery store basements to major roles on television and commercials. Alison has a lot of great tips on what to wear on your next audition, which is why Dale went out and bought thirty more turtlenecks just to get it right. Dale can’t resist asking Alison about her role on Parks & Recreation and gets the inside scoop on the media landscape of Pawnee. Alison also has a comedic short film entitled Control, about mental illness and depression, that’s out now on the festival circuit. Plus Dale tracks down his wife outside of Palm Springs and saves her from a dangerous entity.

Our thanks to engineer Paul Hollman for his work on this episode and of course, REGGIE the studio dog for being so cool with the broken stool. Alison can be found on instagram or twitter @thealisonbecker and is often appearing on TV shows and national commercials. Information about her film Control can be found at

Want to experience the DEEP NIGHT in real time? Come see Deep Night with Dale Live at the Slipper Room on Weds, November 15th at 8pm. Dale’s guests will be Lola Kirke (Mozart in the Jungle), Petal (musician Kiley Lotz), and comedians Wanjiko Eke & Sarah Lazarus. They’re all amazing and Cornelius Loy will be there playing the magical energies of the theremin. Tickets available now via this site: See you there! After that, Dale heads to New Orleans for the Hell Yes Fest! Late night shows, packed with comedy in the Big Easy! Dale’s drinking a Sazerac right now in anticipation!

Photo of Alison in original post taken by Jared Beasley.

Deep Night Season 9: Sovereign Syre

Dale conjures a new season of Deep Night by welcoming comedian, writer, and podcaster Sovereign Syre. Sovereign and Dale quickly bond over their mutual experiences starting in comedy, performing naked, and putting one’s creative life first. Based in Los Angeles, Sovereign joined Dale in New York for a talk about transitional, often life-altering moments and how the universe sometimes intervenes with one’s decisions. She reflects on her successful career in adult films and reveals a bit about her writing process as she tackles a multi-volume series of interlocking historical novels. The talk concludes with some thoughts on family and history, including a shared fascination with the mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Sovereign Syre can be found online at where you can also subscribe to episodes of her podcast, Observations with Sovereign Syre. Her variety show, Cobra Juice happens monthly in LA Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theater. Check their website for dates and lineup information.

This episode features the DEEP NIGHT theme by Zach Gabbard and music throughout from the roster at Howler Hills Farm. Season 9 podcast icon and logo designed by illustrator Samantha Mash. This episode was recorded at Harvestworks in NYC.

Photo by Richard Avery.

Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s Deep Night Guests

In one week! Dale boards a jet plane to the City of Angels for a special, one night only event! It’s Deep Night with Dale in LA at the world famous UCLA Hammer Museum. This night is packed with talent as Dale welcomes his guests, Matt Besser (founder of UCB), Kate Berlant (star of an upcoming Netflix Characters special), Cyrus Ghahremani (musician and composer for Comedy Central), and Megan Rosenbloom (medical librarian and founder of Death Salon) with DJ Nina Tarr! We’ll be talking characters, emptiness, and the art of making it with this phenomenal lineup. The event is FREE, with ample parking, and a cash bar. In order to get to know some of Dale’s guests, please watch some of the videos below then drive directly over the Hammer and camp out until Tuesday, February 16th. The event starts at 7:30pm, with music and hanging out after. It only happens once every four years, so be sure to not miss it! It’s a LEAP YEAR MIRACLE!!! See you in LA, folks. And yes, Baby Pepsee and Dale’s niece Katrina will be joining him! Say hello! For more info visit the Hammer Museum’s website!

Megan Rosenbloom hosting Death Salon UK!

I don’t know for sure that Cyrus Ghahremani scored this particular bit from Comedy’s Central’s Another Period, but it’s still fun to watch! “My name rhymes with sailboat!”

Kate Berlant and friend of the program, John Early making sweet magic together!

And here’s Matt Besser tells a story about the holidays.

Nina Tarr has plenty of info up at, but you can also fill your ears with some sweet sounds over on her soundcloud page with tracks like this one:

Dale Radio Season 8: Shauna McGarry

Writer Shauna McGarry

Dale wards off evil Hollywood spirits by welcoming Shauna McGarry to the program, in an episode recorded within a weirdly decorated and most definitely haunted, Los Angeles hotel room. Shauna is a brilliant television writer who has worked on the hit shows 24, Dexter, Anger Management and now is on staff for a new show set to debut on NBC’s streaming service, See So. Dale and Shauna met during classes at UCB, but never really had a chance to sit down and walk through her impressive career path. The two make the most of this moment as Shauna shares stories of her family’s long history in LA; connecting with Miranda July; what it’s like to work in the writers rooms for such massively popular shows; and her unique experience writing for such specific and flawed characters. Featuring our theme by Chris Shockwave Sullivan and a Halloween-themed audio character snapshot at the top of the program from NY comedian Alison Zeidman.

Shauna McGarry is the co-host of the popular storytelling series Radio Picture Show, which brings together some great comedians and story slingers for tales inspired by sound or pictures. If you’re in Los Angeles, be sure and check out the show. The new project from Shauna will premiere on See So, NBC’s new comedy-centric streaming service launching in early 2016. Our audio character bit – just in time for Halloween is from the dazzling Alison Zeidman. Alison has an ongoing show at the venerable Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, called Dark Spots (Dale’s had some of those!). The next one is coming up on November 7th and you can get tickets for that via this link. On Friday, October 30th, she’ll also be co-hosting The Banter Show, also at The Creek. Tickets for that show are available here.

Dale Radio Season 6: Megan Neuringer

Megan and Macarons!

Megan and Macarons!

Dale orders up a small latte and a vanilla macaron in this bustling café chat with comedian and actor, Megan Neuringer. Dale is convinced that this is Megan’s moment and the two of them talk careers, feeding chicken to the stars, what it’s like to navigate pilot season, and family vacations in suspect hotel rooms.

You can catch Megan in her regular stand-up appearances and frequent guest spots on @Midnight on Comedy Central. Her webseries Escape from Brooklyn can be found here. Our thanks to Megan and a special shout out to the pastry-loving Magic the Gathering Players sitting behind us. Follow Megan on twitter at @MeganNeuringer .

Dale Radio Season 6: Marcie Hume

Marcie is magic!

Marcie is magic!

Dale conjures a fantastic conversation with documentary filmmaker Marcie Hume! Recorded from deep within LA’s World Famous Magic Castle, the two discuss early days honing their crafts, the lasting entertainment value of tube tops, wigs for spouses, and the almost indescribable qualities of magic.

For more on Marcie’s film, Where the Magic Happens, visit her Facebook page or Kickstarter site. Thanks also to the Magic Castle for letting us into the basement for this recording.

Next up, Dale’s next live show is happening on Monday, December 16th. See you at Union Hall for an 8pm show. We’ll start on time with Catie Lazarus, Halle Kiefer, Adam Conover, and XNY. Steve O’Reilly, too!

This episode is sponsored by Check out for a free trial and audio book. (Dale gave the wrong link in the podcast. But you are smart people. You’ll figure it out.)

Dale Radio Season 6: Joy Yoon

Just a little Joy on the side.

Just a little Joy on the side.

Dale sprawls on the floor of the Ace Hotel in New York City for a conversation with writer, photographer, and food enthusiast, Joy Yoon. Joy and Dale get into stories about Julie Child’s throwing arm, how not to cook for your father, and the many wonderful things you can do in Los Angeles.

Joy’s book, The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles is available now via any fine book purveyor in your neighborhood or through major booksellers online, like this startup. Want to know more about Joy? She’s a Los Angeles bred writer and researcher. Yoon is the former Editor-in-Chief of The New Order Magazine, which focuses on men’s fashion, art, music and culture, and her musings have been in Paper Magazine, DazedDigital, i-D online, Art Wednesday, Selectism, SlamxHype, Huffington Post, Powerhouse Magazine, Hypebeast Magazine, Port Magazine online, Vogue Magazine, Mongrel, Bitchslap,, Wax Poetics and Caviar Affair. (That’s so many things Dale knows nothing about!) Yoon has also worked on two documentary films, Brasilintime and Jiro Dreams of Sushi. (Dale dreamt of sushi once, it didn’t end well!)

Next Dale Radio Live at Union Hall is on Monday, October 21 with Ophira Eisenberg, Leah Bonnema, and Reductress Founders, Sarah Pappalardo and Beth Newell. Tickets available here.