Deep Night Season 10: Live with Lola Kirke, Wanjiko Eke, Kiley Lotz, and Sarah Lazarus

Dale brines his bird in magic for this special pre-holiday episode recorded live at the Slipper Room in New York City. Dale starts things off with a welcoming incantation and then gets going with comedian Sarah Lazarus on the subjects of time travel and monuments to dead poultry. Kiley Lotz, who also performs under the name Petal, tells of her journey from coal country to the big city, while also sharing some details about her latest musical release. Comedy’s own Wanjiko Eke talks with Dale about some weird dungeons she’s been to and Dale invites her to pay a visit to one of his favorite places. Finally actor and musician Lola Kirke joins Dale for a talk about oboes, alleyways, Venice, and our favorite holiday parade inflatables. Plus music throughout on the theremin by the singular Cornelius Loy.

Linkage! For the latest album and tour dates from Lola or Kiley – visit or Be sure to follow Wanjiko and Sarah on Twitter ( and ) for appearances on comedy stages near you!

It’s Thanksgiving, so enjoy day drinking with your family! Blame it on the turkey when you pass out on the couch. More to come in the rest of Season 10 of Deep Night with Dale. Thanks to our sponsors this week, Gowanus Souvenir Shop.

Photo in original post by Rebecca Greenfield.

Who Will Join Dale in the Deep Night 5/10?

The ninth wondrous season of the program has almost reached its end, and we’re celebrating with another live edition of the program at the world famous Slipper Room in NYC. On Weds, May 10th at 8pm, Dale will explore the legacy of late night TV and the challenges of hosting a successful talk show in this discussion with critic and New York Times columnist, Jason Zinoman. Jason’s new book, Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night is essential reading for anyone who grew up on or was influenced by the former weatherman from Indiana and his Stupid Pet Tricks, Monkey Cam, and Larry “Bud” Melman. One performer exploring the tropes and format of late night tv is comedian Ike Ufomadu, currently in residence at Joe’s Pub with his show, Nightcap. Dale welcomes Ike to talk about his personal relationship to giants like Carson, Paar, and Sajak. We’ll also explore the international perspective on the host position with podcasting superstar and all-around amazing comedian, Maeve Higgins. Maeve’s show Maeve In America is a timely and hilarious glimpse into immigration, comedy, and living in New York. Plus, thrill to the sounds of the magical theremin as played by the brilliant Cornelius Loy. Below are some video and audio clips of our guests so you can get to know them in advance of the big night.

But first, here’s the info you’ll need to attend:
Deep Night Live with Jason Zinoman, Maeve Higgins, and Ike Ufomadu.
With music on the theremin by Cornelius Loy
Wednesday, May 10th, 8pm Show/Doors at 7pm

The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington St
Tickets $10 in advance/$12 at the door $25 VIP Seating Available


First up, Jason Zinoman recently sat down with fellow podcaster, and someone who has turned down Dale plenty of times, Marc Maron on his popular program, WTF. This was a double-bill with Hank Azaria, who is also very funny, but skip ahead to Jason’s bit and you’ll hear about his life, and a little bit about his long-standing fascination with the Late Night with David Letterman program. Marc’s interview with Jason starts around the 30 min mark.

Maybe you’ve seen her on Inside Amy Schumer, or a live version of the hit podcast Star Talk with Eugene Mirman and Neil deGrasse Tyson, or performing stand up around the world at festivals and comedy events. She’s a global phenomenon. So many people have compared Dale to Garrison Keillor over the years, that it seems only fitting to include a video clip of Maeve on the Keillor-less Prairie Home Companion. It’s like late night tv for older people. In that it happens on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, right before supper.

Ike Ufomadu has been reinterpreting and reinventing the late night format for the last few years. He’s been in residence at Joe’s Pub with Ike at Night, his take on a late night broadcast. On this episode, Ike discusses his thoughts on Letterman retiring, and has some fun imagining a replacement.

And because who doesn’t love a shirtless theremin player, here’s Cornelius Loy making music out of energy waves. This show has it all, folks!

Deep Night Season 9: Joe Rumrill

Dale plans a bright future with comedian and writer Joe Rumrill. Dale and Joe meet in a special solstice tent to talk about the many sides of Daffy Duck, punk rock hideouts in Connecticut, schemes for getting your own parade float, and what it means to find one’s place in New York City. Joe’s history with music and good-natured mischief informs his comedy style, as does his love of slightly deranged characters and surreal television moments. Joe reads from his own distorted version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, which is sure to delight and surprise children of all ages. Dale also shares what happens at the annual Gowanus Holiday Gathering, and sends warm wishes to his listeners in advance of the new year.

Follow Joe on twitter @2tonbug or find him performing at Fresh Perspectives, The Special Without Brett Davis, or Cartoon Monsoon with Mary Houlihan. And if anyone has any connections with Windsor, CT marching band, please drop us a line. We need to get Joe in the Macy’s Day Parade!

Photo in original post by Mindy Tucker.

Dale Radio Season 8: Shalewa Sharpe


Dale heralds the arrival of spring in this engaging discussion with New York based comedian, Shalewa Sharpe. The two quickly hit it off over a love of white jelly beans; fear of cooking with science; saying no to snapchat; southern vacation hot spots; and the many rewarding diversions of pre-cable late night television watching. They also cover a portion of Shalewa’s long and winding path to comedy and New York City while anticipating the arrival of her new comedy album, due out in April of 2016.

Today’s episode is brought to you by visit for a free 30-day trial and audio book. Also thanks to our listeners in Settle, over in the UK! Settle sounds like an amazing place and Dale hopes to visit soon! He gathers it’s just south of Giggleswick and north of Wigglesworth. Those towns sound like names for possums wearing bonnets, but ok, UK we love you! For more on Shalewa visit her online at or

Finally get tickets to see Wunnerful Wunnerful! A Retro Variety Show & Tribute to Lawrence Welk at Joe’s Pub at the Public. Best to get em in advance before they’re gone. Come see Dale and Leslie Goshko host a night of a thousand stars (or like 14 of them) with Molly Pope, Salty Brine, Cariad Harmon, Barrie McLain, The Trumpet Boys, Carol Mendes & Artists, Ashley Perez Flanagan, Andrew Bancroft, Shockwave Sullivan, Eric Biondo, and Steve O’Reilly! Plus Shaye Troha and Tonya Glanz! What a fine musical family this is. Tickets available here.

Photo of Shalewa (included in original post) by Mindy Tucker.

Dale Radio Season 8: Out of Body Travel

Dale Has an Out of Body Experience

Dale books a ticket for some out of body travel on the astral plane in this solo episode. Alone in the dark, Dale ponders his recent sadness, changes along the Gowanus Canal, conveys his enthusiasm for budget shopping, and shares a story about securing a fishing license from a woman who was probably a zombie. The show features our season theme by Chris Shockwave Sullivan and a short audio character snapshot from performer and Dale Radio producer, James Bewley.

Be sure and watch Dale’s new web series, Opening Bags, available on the new comedy platform or on Dale’s Youtube channel. This episode is sponsored by, for a free 30 day trial and audio book download, visit Lots to choose from there, including many books about having out of body experiences. Read by experts who may or may not be in their own bodies. James Bewley has two shows coming up, November 12 he’ll be on The Jenny Rubin Show at the HiFi Bar in NYC, then on November 24th he’s on the bill of the next Bitchcraft at The Duplex. For more on James, visit

Dale Radio Season 7: Dan Menke & Arty Need


Dale pulls some strings to get underground with Dan Menke, creator of the Arty Need Show. Arty is a dandy crank of a puppet who hosts his own talk show in the back of a bowling alley. Dan is an upstanding individual with a long career in comedy and viral videos. Dale and Dan talk about classic chat shows, the influence of David Letterman, Amish comics, and the mysterious thrills of Cincinnati. Arty jumps in for a moment to talk about his life in the dark black bag of the entertainment business.

Dale’s Season 7 Finale is May 26th at The People’s Improv Theater at 8pm. With a new lineup featuring Aparna Nancherla, Emma Willmann, Josh Sharp, and Maria Heinegg! Steve O’Reilly is on guitar and Dale’s there to talk through his feelings. Time Out says Dale Radio is the “Best for Fans of Incredible Awkwardness!” OKAY!! That oughta sell some tickets! See you then!

Video of Dale’s Return to Running Late!

Dale is just happy to be out of the house!

Dale greets his fans! Also he is not doing some weird salute here – just waving. We promise.

OH MY GOODNESS!! The halls of Littlefield echoed with Dale’s famous catchphrase during his triumphant return to the show he hosted in obscurity from 1991 – 1999. Thanks to Scott Rogowsky of the new Running Late with Scott Rogowsky and his team for welcoming Dale back after so long. Hear more from Dale about his time on the show including memories of his favorite guests in the video below featuring this historic appearance. And be sure and catch the next Running Late with Scott Rogowsky live show – full information available on the website.