Deep Night Season 10: Live with Kate Willett and Friends Who Folk

Dale strums his psychic banjo and summons almost everyone he thought would appear for another live edition of the program. This show is a lesson in sometimes things don’t go as planned and also sometimes people cancel as the show is happening. It’s all part of the unbridled Deep Night experience. This magical realm is full of surprises and this night is no different. Luckily, Dale is aided throughout the evening by his exceptionally talented guests, comedian Kate Willett (Netflix, Comedy Central) and Friends Who Folk (Ars Nova, The New Yorker). Kate and Dale pull an especially bad tarot card which may have been a kind signal that things were going to go in a new direction. They also talk about living in polyamorous communes and bad sex in tents, because of course they have that in common. Friends Who Folk offer not one, not two, but three amazing songs, as the show hurdles toward its conclusion. The duo, comprised of Rachel Wenitsky (Reductress) and Ned Riseley (Six Degress of Separation) also share some of their thoughts about the modern folk scene and the things that go wrong when you drink from a gourd. Plus – listen for the big reveal of Dale’s bedazzled turtleneck. And special thanks to our sponsors, The Gowanus Souvenir Shop.

Kate Willett just landed a 15 minute comedy special on Netflix, so catch her around town or on tour as she hones her material for that. Friends Who Folk perform regularly in NY and have recently launched their own website with info and touring dates. Thanks to all who came out to The Slipper Room for another cleansing dip in the vast and unpredictable, Deep Night.

Photo in original post by Rebecca Greenfield. For a full set of photos from the live show click here.

Deep Night Casts Its Spell on San Francisco!

LADY WIZARDS AND GIFTED MAGICK USERS! Dale’s opening up his portal to travel across the country to his old home of San Francisco for his fifth appearance at the venerable SF Sketchfest. And he is desperate to see you! The show is happening at the witching hour, 5:30pm – that special time between day and later in the day. He’ll be presenting a wonderful live episode of the program in a cozy venue in the city’s glamorous Tenderloin district. While he doesn’t recommend visiting the bodega on the corner, he does suggest coming to the show – Saturday, January 13th, at 5:30pm at Piano Fight, 144 Taylor St. Not only will Dale be there in all his mystical glory (meaning a fresh turtleneck) – but he’ll be visited by a talented group of comedians and occult investigators including superstar Michelle Buteau (Two Dope Queens, Key & Peele); Shewolfe and Beatrix, the hosts of the popular occult broadcast, Astral Projection Radio Hour (; and rising comedic powerhouse, Becky Braunstein (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Festival). Plus we’ll have music from the Bay Area’s own Yea-Ming and The Rumours! Best of all – the show is FREE – but RSVPs are encouraged. You can do that here:

In advance of the show – we’re offering a chance to get to know Dale’s Deep Night SF guests – with some brief video clips of their work in the comedy and radio and television realms. Please enjoy, then charge your crystals and get to Piano Fight for Deep Night with Dale Live at SF Sketchfest.

Michelle Buteau handles this talk show host pretty well, let’s see how she does when she returns to sit with Dale! Confession, Dale bought Harry’s albums through Columbia House and enjoyed them!

Becky Braunstein hails from Alaska but now lives in comedy hotbed, Portland, Oregon. She and Dale did the Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans this past fall and had a terrific time of it. Get to know Becky in this comedy set:

Shewolfe and Beatrix are two witches who also host an internet radio program! HEY THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR! They take on so many subjects that Dale is dying to find out more about from Ancient Egyptian curses to death rituals to cat magic! You can tune into their program here.

Astral Projection Radio Hour Stars

And hey now, it’s Yea-Ming and The Rumours! They’re going to be the Deep Night House Band for the hour – complementing the evening with their distinctive sound! Get into it!

Deep Night Season 10: Live with Lola Kirke, Wanjiko Eke, Kiley Lotz, and Sarah Lazarus

Dale brines his bird in magic for this special pre-holiday episode recorded live at the Slipper Room in New York City. Dale starts things off with a welcoming incantation and then gets going with comedian Sarah Lazarus on the subjects of time travel and monuments to dead poultry. Kiley Lotz, who also performs under the name Petal, tells of her journey from coal country to the big city, while also sharing some details about her latest musical release. Comedy’s own Wanjiko Eke talks with Dale about some weird dungeons she’s been to and Dale invites her to pay a visit to one of his favorite places. Finally actor and musician Lola Kirke joins Dale for a talk about oboes, alleyways, Venice, and our favorite holiday parade inflatables. Plus music throughout on the theremin by the singular Cornelius Loy.

Linkage! For the latest album and tour dates from Lola or Kiley – visit or Be sure to follow Wanjiko and Sarah on Twitter ( and ) for appearances on comedy stages near you!

It’s Thanksgiving, so enjoy day drinking with your family! Blame it on the turkey when you pass out on the couch. More to come in the rest of Season 10 of Deep Night with Dale. Thanks to our sponsors this week, Gowanus Souvenir Shop.

Photo in original post by Rebecca Greenfield.


Eye contact is the key! Also a good fitting suit!

Eye contact is the key! Also a good fitting suit! Photo: Jena Cumbo.

Are you ready? Dale’s got his suit pressed, his hair gelled, and a wonderful new agreement with the Werther’s Original company to keep his ceramic elephant fully stocked year round. In three weeks, Dale is back live and in your earbuds with a brand new season of NYC’s favorite basement podcast talk show hosted by someone who doesn’t really exist.

WEDS, September 24th, 8pm
THE PEOPLE’S IMPROV THEATER, 123 E. 24th Street, NYC (between Lex & Park – Take the 6!)
A fantastic live show featuring Sheng Wang, Alison Agosti, Jonah Bayer, and Blaise Allysen Kearsley with a special performance by Emily Danger and music by Steve O’Reilly.
Tickets are $10/$8 – available online and advance purchases are highly recommended!

You’ve seen the two promos and maybe even gotten our newsletter, hint we like to bury it in your promotions folder! It’s probably time to get some tickets to celebrate the season premiere. We’ll make that easy, too – here’s a link right to the ticket buying page.

We’ll post some additional info about our guests next week, but how about we learn a little something about the amazing artists who are defining the look and sound of Season 7.

First up, Louie Chin. Dale found Louie online and commissioned a new podcast icon for the season. This is the image that you’ll see on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and in your RSS feeds and maybe on your iphone cases if you’re lucky. A few weeks back we posted about Louie’s process, including some behind-the-scenes drafts of the new image. You can read that here.

As usual, we’ll be debuting our new theme song for the season on the first episode on 9/24. This go round, we asked Season 5 guest, Emily Danger to craft a futuristic, Tonight Show like theme as played by a band in an underground hideout! And boy, did she deliver! Emily will be joining the show for the season premiere to play the theme live! For more on Emily – who has a new album out now called Peace Arch and is playing shows this week at the Mercury Lounge and then in October at The Slipper Room, visit her website,

We’ll feature Louie and Emily on our homepage all season, if you want to check them out.

There’s so many great things in store this year! We’re rested and excited to get things going. So stay tuned for updates and get those tickets in advance!!

Dale Radio Season 6: Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha

Another great live show! Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Another great live show! Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Dale picks up the pieces of his broken, whiskey-soaked heart in this special live episode, recorded on May 14, 2014 at The PIT in NYC. Dale welcomes guests Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha for a conversation on basement music, failed marriages, dad fashion, sweat, and the swingin drug scene in London circa 1997. Music by Steve O’Reilly.

Bonus! This episode has an interactive component for you, the home/subway listener. It’s Dale’s Drinking Game of Thrones! Fans of the HBO program about dragons and unclothed people in dire situations will find lots of hidden references to that show in this episode. Every time you hear one, have a drink!

The guests on this live episode of Dale Radio have lots going on that the listener can participate in as well. Dave Hill’s the host of the amazing The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, broadcast every Tuesday from 9pm – 12am on WFMU. Laura Prangley will once again be your guide for the Late Night Uncorked Comedy nights at City Winery with two shows on June 7th and July 19th. Giulia Rozzi is performing around town and around the country all the time – but she’s also a part of a terrific new web series called Seeing Other People – you can support that effort here. And DJ Rekha is hosting the phenomenal Basement Bhangra dance party at Le Poisson Rouge, on June 5th. Tickets and info available here.

So many greats! Come on out and celebrate the final live show of the star-studded Season 6, Wednesday, June 25th at 8pm at The PIT. Tickets are $8/$10. Dale’s guests will be Nikki Glaser, Jean Grae, Streeter Seidell, and Jessica Delfino!