Deep Night Season 10: Julia Wertz

Dale takes a break from his elaborate solstice preparations for a conversation with cartoonist and graphic novelist, Julia Wertz. Dale invites Julia to talk about her new book, Tenements, Towers, and Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City, which is an extraordinary, eclectic, ambitious work full of beautiful drawings of New York as it once was and as it appears in the present day. Like Dale, Julia enjoys a good historical tangent, and the book contains numerous insightful digressions into the personalities and peculiarities that continue to shape modern city life. Having a touch of seasonal sadness this time of year, Dale maybe picks up on maybe too much emptiness in some of Julia’s work, but the two have a fine conversation about spending time alone and growing up among the strange architecture in old buildings. Plus a deep dive into the ancient messages of hot springs, an update on the wildfires, and Dale recounts his first visit to Manhattan.

To purchase Julia’s latest book, Tenements, Towers, and Trash – visit a fine bookstore in your neighborhood before it becomes a New York Sports Club, or order online and watch your mailperson wince as they carry it up the steps. Julia is also selling original pages from the book and they are amazing and beautiful and you should get one. Lots of great gift ideas here in the Deep Night Holiday nook! Visit Julia’s website for more.

Poster for Spring Shows


Gang, Dale is beyond excited about this poster design we have for the rest of the season. The illustration was done by James Boyle, a talented fella out of Philadelphia. We thought we’d share the evolution of the thing so you could see how it came to be. James nailed Dale’s likeness pretty much from the beginning. We only suggested that he look a little less like Commissioner Gordon – and James delivered.

The first show using this design is tonight – featuring an amazing lineup of guests with comedians Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, along with musician Cariad Harmon. Steve O is going be providing some sweet tunage as well. We hope you’ll join us at 8pm at The PIT Underground space Tuesday, February 24th. Tickets are still available at just $10 a pop – get em here: or at the door!

Here’s the evolution of the design. Some clues to Dale’s life float in that rising water. With at least one Easter Egg for longtime fans! Don’t worry – he may be going under, but it’s not going to get him down!


Dale Radio Season 4: Jen Hill

Jen and Co. get ready for the holidays!

Dale muzzles his partridge in order to carry on a conversation with illustrator, Jen Hill. They talk about scented holiday decor, vanilla ice blendeds, and beards that double as vermin. To see Jen’s Holiday Drawing-a-Day, click here.

Dale wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah. Enjoy the traffic! And don’t forget to check out the Dale Radio Super Store for Merchandise you may enjoy.