Deep Night Season 10: Julia Wertz

Dale takes a break from his elaborate solstice preparations for a conversation with cartoonist and graphic novelist, Julia Wertz. Dale invites Julia to talk about her new book, Tenements, Towers, and Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City, which is an extraordinary, eclectic, ambitious work full of beautiful drawings of New York as it once was and as it appears in the present day. Like Dale, Julia enjoys a good historical tangent, and the book contains numerous insightful digressions into the personalities and peculiarities that continue to shape modern city life. Having a touch of seasonal sadness this time of year, Dale maybe picks up on maybe too much emptiness in some of Julia’s work, but the two have a fine conversation about spending time alone and growing up among the strange architecture in old buildings. Plus a deep dive into the ancient messages of hot springs, an update on the wildfires, and Dale recounts his first visit to Manhattan.

To purchase Julia’s latest book, Tenements, Towers, and Trash – visit a fine bookstore in your neighborhood before it becomes a New York Sports Club, or order online and watch your mailperson wince as they carry it up the steps. Julia is also selling original pages from the book and they are amazing and beautiful and you should get one. Lots of great gift ideas here in the Deep Night Holiday nook! Visit Julia’s website for more.

Deep Night Season 10: Anna Roisman

Dale hums the Channel 6 Action News song to himself as he washes his crystals, so it’s no surprise that he geeks out on all things Philly-suburbs with his guest, and fellow Pennsylvanian, Anna Roisman. A talented comedian, singer, producer, and budding mogul on Facebook Live, Anna discusses her success in transforming a sudden termination of employment into a platform for an innovative talk show she can host in her pajamas. Dale also likes comfortable slacks he can wear anytime of day so he’s very intrigued. Like Dale, Anna is a natural when it comes to hosting. She honed those skills while working the front desk at financial companies and fancy steakhouses downtown. Drawing on that experience, Anna tells Dale how to properly tip his way into a better table and how much cash he should be willing to fold into a handshake. She also lends insight some of what women have to put up with in comedy and shares some fond memories of performing in the soon-to-close UCB space in Chelsea. Oh, and Dale has a few ideas on how to improve this whole holiday season thing. As a bonus this episode has a shocking relative-reveal twist at the end!

Dale’s hitting SF Sketchfest in January! Save the date: January 13, 5:30pm at Piano Fight. Deep Night returns live to San Francisco with Kulap Vilaysack, Becky Braunstein, and the witches from Astral Projection Radio. Plus music from Yea-Ming and The Rumours! Free show but make your reservations today!

Deep Night Season 9: White Elephant

Dale fastens his astral body buckles in preparation for another trip around our life-giving sun. It’s a bold New Year in the Deep Night, and it might end up like a White Elephant exchange with no one getting what they wanted, or things could really work out for once. Dale tries to remain optimistic as he reflects on his recent holiday travels to Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s always a thrill for him to visit with old friends; enjoy the sites of local shopping establishments; and sneak in a few performances at rest stops and flea market food courts for surprised but appreciative audiences. A lot has been said about death and awfulness that came with 2016, but it hasn’t been said by Dale. Until now. From his walks among nature trails that run parallel to ancient burial grounds to his time spent listening to quality religious music while getting money out at the ATM , Dale offers some lightness and encouragement to those who feel adrift in this new year. After what has been an enormous pile of sad, Dale tries to find tiny, infinitesimal, almost invisible glimmers of hope in the persistence of life. Dale also discusses the sudden loss of his betta fish and shares his thoughts about trying not to laugh in an extremely uncomfortable situation. Plus info about his return to SF Sketchfest!

Want to see Dale live and join him in the Deep Night? Now you can. Especially if you’re in San Francisco in January! On Saturday, January 21, at 4:30pm, Dale beckons you to the Deep Night as he welcomes guests Jenny Zigrino, Allie Goertz, Philip Ross, and more to a special live edition of the program as part of SF Sketchfest. This marks Dale’s fourth trip to the festival and it’s always a delight. This show is FREE and packed with cosmic goodies, with talk about the future, magic, music, and comedy. With performances throughout by Bay Area bassist and improviser, Lisa Mezzacappa. A show for the ages. Information can be found on the official SF Sketchfest website here:

Deep Night Season 9: Joe Rumrill

Dale plans a bright future with comedian and writer Joe Rumrill. Dale and Joe meet in a special solstice tent to talk about the many sides of Daffy Duck, punk rock hideouts in Connecticut, schemes for getting your own parade float, and what it means to find one’s place in New York City. Joe’s history with music and good-natured mischief informs his comedy style, as does his love of slightly deranged characters and surreal television moments. Joe reads from his own distorted version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, which is sure to delight and surprise children of all ages. Dale also shares what happens at the annual Gowanus Holiday Gathering, and sends warm wishes to his listeners in advance of the new year.

Follow Joe on twitter @2tonbug or find him performing at Fresh Perspectives, The Special Without Brett Davis, or Cartoon Monsoon with Mary Houlihan. And if anyone has any connections with Windsor, CT marching band, please drop us a line. We need to get Joe in the Macy’s Day Parade!

Photo in original post by Mindy Tucker.

Dale Radio Season 8: Adam Wade

Dale hangs his gold-toe stockings with care for this wonderful holiday conversation with comedian and storyteller, Adam Wade. Dale and Adam have a lot in common and this episode finds them sitting down and swapping tales of performing in basements; resembling cast members of Ghostbusters; creatively redesigning Port Authority; and putting in the work to make it in showbiz. Adam recently released a terrific storytelling album, The Human Comedy, and Dale asks for a deep dive into the mechanics of putting the album together. Adam not only discusses his process, but shares some early influences that encouraged him to move away from standup and into the world of telling honest stories drawn from real life. In addition, Dale offers a tour of his Christmas decorations and there’s a new character portrait from Los Angeles-based comedian, Claire Downs.

Adam Wade’s album, The Human Comedy is available on or on itunes. Dale can’t recommend this thing highly enough – makes a perfect companion for long rides to see family (or get away from them). Adam performs regularly at The Moth and teaches an extraordinary class at NYC’s Magnet Theater. See him live and know that decent guys still exist out there! Claire Downs can be seen in the online series, These People, available at

Dale’s taking a break for the holidays, but catch him live at SF SKETCHFEST!! Tuesday, January 19th with guests DJ Hootsy, Andy Wright, George Chen, and more!! Tickets are $20 – and for that you get Deep Night with Dale as well as a hilarious set from San Francisco’s comedy legends, Killing My Lobster. Get tickets now before they sell out!

Photo of Adam by the incomparable Mindy Tucker.

Dale Radio Season 5: A Seever Christmas

The Seever Star. Legend says it leads wise men to whiskey!

Dale invites the listener over to his place for a tour of the Seever family holiday decorations and tales of Christmases past. Delight as the ole fella whisks you around his one-bedroom-Gowanus-adjacent apartment recounting festive rodents, ball-it-yourself conifers, and the kindness of twitter followers.

Happy Holidays to all from the entire Dale Radio Family!

Note: Peggy Olson is also in that Frosty Returns movie. It makes no sense.

Dale Radio Season 4: Sibyl Kempson & Dana Rossi

Dana, Sibyl and Dale in vivid holiday colors!

Dale trims his tree in this live taping from the Brooklyn Lyceum. Featuring delightful conversations with playwright Sibyl Kempson and writer/performer Dana Rossi. Discussion topics include Pocono memories, sensual enhancements and heartbreak on roller skates. Musical beats by Andrew Beccone.

That great nog recipe can be found by clicking here.

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AND OH MY GOODNESS!! Next live show is January 19, 7pm, at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Guests will include Marc Horowitz, from and Mary Lou Metzger, from the Lawrence Welk Show!! Music by the UCLA Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Kenny Burrell. Live mixology by Daniel Lee. FREE!