Deep Night Season 10: Sudi Green

Dale discovers that a tiny nearby state holds some big scary secrets. He shudders with every revelation in this conversation with comedian and SNL writer, Sudi Green. Sudi talks about growing up in Newark, Delaware where tax-free shopping and murderous intentions go hand-in-hand. Sudi shares some stories about taunting teens on the dance floor, being drawn to characters that are a lot like her, and what not to wear for Halloween. There’s a lot of great comedy wisdom in this episode as Sudi talks about observing behaviors that make it into sketches and what happens when a performer breaks on stage. The two also spill the beans on the sexiest animals of all time and Dale invites you to try some of his home-made essential oils.

Sudi Green is a comedian living in Brooklyn and writer for Saturday Night Live. You can see her as the co-host of her sketch/variety show Theme Party. In 2015, Sudi was selected as a Just For Laughs New Face for characters. She is a proud member of sketch groups Pop Roulette, O.S.F.U.G. and alumni of HammerkatzNYU.

The next Deep Night with Dale Live is happening on Weds, November 15 when Dale will be joined by his guests, Lola Kirke, Kiley Lotz, Wanjiko Eke, and Sarah Lazarus. With music by Cornelius Loy. For tickets visit the Slipper Room website:

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Dale Radio Season 8: Out of Body Travel

Dale Has an Out of Body Experience

Dale books a ticket for some out of body travel on the astral plane in this solo episode. Alone in the dark, Dale ponders his recent sadness, changes along the Gowanus Canal, conveys his enthusiasm for budget shopping, and shares a story about securing a fishing license from a woman who was probably a zombie. The show features our season theme by Chris Shockwave Sullivan and a short audio character snapshot from performer and Dale Radio producer, James Bewley.

Be sure and watch Dale’s new web series, Opening Bags, available on the new comedy platform or on Dale’s Youtube channel. This episode is sponsored by, for a free 30 day trial and audio book download, visit Lots to choose from there, including many books about having out of body experiences. Read by experts who may or may not be in their own bodies. James Bewley has two shows coming up, November 12 he’ll be on The Jenny Rubin Show at the HiFi Bar in NYC, then on November 24th he’s on the bill of the next Bitchcraft at The Duplex. For more on James, visit

Dale Radio Season 7: Dale is Naked and Afraid

A moment of pungent reflection. Photo by Leah Rae Zimmerman.

A moment of pungent reflection. Photo by Leah Rae Zimmerman.

Dale relies on nothing but his wits and survivalist training in this solo episode as he tries to make it through a moment of genuine doubt. Staring out on the rows of garbage trucks that block his view of New York harbor, Dale tries to make sense of his lackluster career, shares some backstage secrets, takes inspiration from Auntie Anne’s, and manages to find some things he enjoys. The hidden history of trousers, for instance.

Like Dale on his own? Well, he’s got a big solo show coming up next week, as he debuts an all-new just Dale set as part of the 2014 SOLOCOM solo comedy festival. Tickets are just $5. Dale’s hosting the character night on Nov. 14, then he’ll do his own thing on Saturday, November 15 at 8:50pm in the PIT’s Underground space. More info online here:

Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s 10/29 Guests!

A truly great lineup for the big show!

A truly great lineup for the big show!

My goodness! In just one week, Dale returns to The PIT Underground to host another thrilling live episode of the show The New York Times calls, “infectious!” In the spirit of the season, Dale’s scared up some terrific talent to join him below the sidewalks of New York for a slightly intoxicated take on the creative process. On Weds, October 29th, Dale welcomes his guests for the evening: comedian and writer Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Modern Seinfeld); comedian Janelle James (Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival); comedian Amber Nelson (Just for Laughs, UCB); and storyteller Leslie Goshko (Sideshow Goshko, Huffington Post). And as always, Dale will have the fearless Steve O’Reilly playing music. In order to get to know our guests in advance, why not check out some videos snatched from around the internets and provided below.

For tickets to the live show you can get em at the door or you can purchase them in advance by clicking here.

On to the guests! First up – here’s Josh Gondelman in a short clip from his gig at Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

Enjoy comedian Janelle James in this stand up clip talking about eating rubber, brownies, and having friends who are single. Dale ate a pot brownie once. He’s still a little paranoid around hot tubs because of it!

Like Dale, comedian Amber Nelson has a love of wild characters and a natural ease in front of the camera. Here’s a fine interview with her which features a lot of her running with hot coffee and talking about the nursing home circuit – something Dale’s pretty familiar with!

Storyteller and piano party host, Leslie Goshko is just fantastic. Dale secretly loves all 80s TV theme songs and this is Leslie’s take on a bunch of his favorites. There’s lots of other videos of Leslie telling stories and playing music and all that, but Dale has this one bookmarked in his browser and won’t let us post anything else. So…here it goes:

We’re tellin ya – this is going to be a blockbuster of a show! Get those tickets and prepare for a great time Weds, October 29th, 8pm at The PIT, NYC. We’ll have some terrific show posters to give away as well. See you there!!

Dale Radio Season 6: Dan Wilbur

Dan in action, letting people know it's ok to lead a book-free life!

Dan in action, letting people know it’s ok to lead a book-free life!

Dale learns how not to read on a visit to the spooky, cobweb-strewn apartment of comedian Dan Wilbur. Dan and Dale get into some nerdy business discussing the dark side of ancient Greeks, the brutality of Nancy cartoons, something to do with video games, and finding love via accidental texts.

Be sure and seek Dan out in his many stand-up appearances around town, or catch his weekly show, Lasers in the Jungle at UCBeast every Thursday at 7:30. You can also dip into Dan’s latest podcast effort, Two Book Minimum, which has some live events where you can witness the magic of podcasting first hand. More info on Dan Wilbur at his website, and you can purchase the book that’s changing the nation, How Not To Read, available via many fine sources. That’s a lotta links, gang. Get on it! Oh, and here’s the info on media maven Anya Garrett, who also chimes in throughout the episode!

Also – remember – the next live Dale Radio show is happening at Union Hall, Monday, October 21 with Ophira Eisenberg, Leah Bonnema, and the founders of The, Sarah Pappalardo & Beth Newell. Music and quizzing by Steve O’Reilly. Here’s the link for tickets, which can be bought in advance or at the door.

Dale Radio Season 4: Lizabeth Rossof

Dale made this pen sketch of Liz from memory during his commute on the F train.

Dale paints a masterful audio portrait of himself during this interview with San Francisco-based visual artist, Lizabeth Eva Rossof. The two discuss springtime in New York, hot tubbin in Marin, sexy windbreakers, and how to get the highest quality copy of the Mona Lisa for your home.

Liz will be talking about her Xiamen project at NYU, in the Barney Building on Monday April, 16th at 5pm. Happy hour for some, art lecture time for others. For more about Master Copy you can visit the project website. While attending the lecture, mention you heard about it on Dale Radio and you may win a chance to put your hand in a box! And don’t fret if this takes a while to play on the site, be patient – the enhanced podcasts sometimes take a bit to load -but good Lord, they’re terrific when they get going! You can also get em on iTunes to do some deep listening later. Enjoy!

Dale Radio Season 3: Scarves and Comfortable Slacks

This fella could make some grantmakers VERY happy.

Dale scares up some thoughts on Halloween, soars across the country in search of gals with cash, and has a late-night breakout session with a bowl of Chicken Teriyaki.

Note: My thanks to Marc Vogl for giving me his slot in the big Grantmaker’s Cabaret in Chicago. I’m hoping that the future holds more gigs where I share the bill with a fella singing showtune parodies about his profession (GRANTMAKER, GRANTMAKER, MAKE ME A GRANT…etc.) and women reading poems about sunsets.

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