Deep Night Season 10: Past, Present, and Future Dales

Dale flies solo in this special three-part episode, but he’s never truly alone in the Deep Night. For one, he has you, the eager listener. Two, he’s always conjuring an future for himself with a loving family farming the high seas. And while he tries to stay in the present, he can’t help ruminating on his past lives, and the past lives of those past lives. In other words, it’s a full house in the mind of Dale Seever! This episode features some probably factual things about where we’re headed as a planet, plus an exclusive track from one of Dale’s hot new guided meditation programs. He’s in the woods, and so are you and it’s a little chilly and ARE YOU RELAXED YET?! It’s a fine time this week, with plenty of typical Seever-digressions, and way too many sound effects.

And HELLO! Live in the moment. It’s time for Deep Night with Dale Live! at the Slipper Room on Weds, November 15th 8pm/Doors at 7pm. Tickets are still just $10 in advance/$12 at the door. Get em by visiting: After that Dale heads to New Orleans for the big Hell Yes Fest! Tickets and information on those appearances available via

Deep Night Season 9: Farah Brook

Dale gazes into the swirling mists of his crystal ball, but not even that most reliable method of seeing into the future could predict the enjoyment Dale finds in this conversation with comedian, Farah Brook. Psychic Hotline $1/Min is Farah’s new podcast and it features Farah and her guests phoning in to psychic call centers around the country, seeking genuine responses to whatever is troubling them. Ultimately Farah ends up discovering a great deal about the person on the other end of the line, gaining insight into the life choices that lead to one pursuing their gifts as a medium, and what it’s like to field calls all day from people in need. Dale discusses his own misguided call to a psychic hotline back when he was in college and what a financial trap he found himself in. Dale and Farah also talk about ghosts, strange happenings, broken engagements, and how podcasting might also lend comfort to those in distress.

To subscribe to Farah’s podcast visit itunes and download the latest episodes. Or visit The next live episode of Deep Night is happening on Weds, May 10th with Maeve Higgins, Jason Zinoman, and Ike Ufomadu. For tickets and info on that show visit:

Deep Night Season 9: Live with Michelle Buteau, Daniel Kibblesmith, Vinny DePonto, and Sandy Honig

Dale bends his mind around this magic-filled episode, recorded live at The Slipper Room in NYC. Accompanied by Cornelius Loy on the theremin, Dale conjures a vision of the future in the form of comedian Sandy Honig (Three Busy Debras), who shares some thoughts about what lies ahead. Comedian and writer Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) shows off his latest digital comic book and receives an early wedding gift from Dale. Mentalist Vinny DePonto (Drama Desk Awards) freaks Dale out by reaching into his brain and pulling out a word that only he thought he knew. And finally, the brilliant and hilarious Michelle Buteau (VH1) drops in and bonds with Dale over the freedoms of being a latch key kid and what it’s like to host a low budget talk show.

If you catch Sandy in the present moment, perhaps it’s because she’s taking your picture since she’s a fantastic photographer, or perhaps you’re seeing her perform with the comedy trio, Three Busy Debras. And boy are they BUSY. For Daniel Kibblesmith’s latest comic book, Valiant High, check out the online comics retailer, Comixology. Vinny DePonto is shattering reality and reshaping your mind with his amazing talents in secret shows and guest appearances around New York, so be sure and seek him out. Michelle Buteau…what can we say. Visit her website for more information about her own talk show and the latest stand up dates.

The next Deep Night Live is Weds, March 22nd at 8pm, back at the Slipper Room. We encourage you to get tickets and come out to spend some time with fellow Deep Nighters and get the chance to meet Dale live!

Photo in original post by John Huntington.

Deep Night Season 9: Live From SF Sketchfest With Jenny Zigrino, Phil Ross, and Allie Goertz

Dale marches into the rain-soaked streets of San Francisco for a special live edition of the program at the 16th Annual SF Sketchfest, presented by Audible. As the world crumbles and resistance grows, Dale welcomes three creative and funny individuals for a conversation about the future, the past, and whatever this present moment is shaping up to be. Joining Dale for this sojourn into the Deep Night are comedian Jenny Zigrino; artist and innovator Phil Ross, and comedic musician, Allie Goertz. Dale sets down his protest signs for a moment and takes to the tiny Piano Fight stage in order to tackle the pressing issues of the day including political influence on fashion, homes you can build with mushrooms, and the radical evolution of Bart Simpson. With the musical stylings of John & Also John on dueling guitars, the show covers a lot of Deep Night ground, while getting San Francisco up to speed on the recent changes in Dale’s life.

Thanks for having us, SF Sketchfest! It’s always a treat. And we’ll continue to have some postcards at the next show featuring the illustration by James Boyle, who beautifully rendered Dale and his mystic pigeon brigade. Next live show is Feb. 22! Save the date. We return live to the Slipper Room in NYC!

Photo in original post by Niki Pretti.

A New Era in Broadcasting: Dale Gets His Geek On

Early Geek Girl.

An exciting new partnership is forged! Friends, we’re tickled to announce that ole Dale has signed up to provide exclusive podcast content for the ultra-geeky website, Geek Girl on the Street . I think when you read the words, Geek Girl on the Street, Dale is probably the first (maybe third) thing you think of! Especially if you change the words, “geek” and “girl” to “older fella with thinning hair and a paunch in a green suit”.

This means that once a month, Dale will be sent somewhere into the city of New York to track down pressing items of geeky concern. First up is a trip to the vaunted New York City Comic Con! Dale’s going to be hosting a roundtable of creative thinkers from the comics world and beyond. Guests will include: Bryan Reesman, Jennifer Kate Stuller, Kristin Rielly, Conor McCreery, Anthony Del Col and Andy Belanger, Ethan Kaye, and returning guest, Joel Dovev. It’s gonna be a regular ear-burnin!

Dale’s boning up by reading all of his niece’s X-Men comics from 1990-1998. Here’s hoping there’s some big discussion about Madeline Pryor and Mr. Sinister. Those two were up to something! Dale’s also going to see if he can’t get some good shots with some people dressed as Lara Craft and/or Snarf.

We’ll post the podcast over at the Geek Girls site, so tune in over there! Regular Dale Radio podcasts will keep going, and will remain right here for you to enjoy. Thanks for your continued support in every form!

UPDATE: Sadly Jennifer Kate Stuller will not be joining us. But we’ll pour some beer on the floor in her honor.