Deep Night Season 10: Past, Present, and Future Dales

Dale flies solo in this special three-part episode, but he’s never truly alone in the Deep Night. For one, he has you, the eager listener. Two, he’s always conjuring an future for himself with a loving family farming the high seas. And while he tries to stay in the present, he can’t help ruminating on his past lives, and the past lives of those past lives. In other words, it’s a full house in the mind of Dale Seever! This episode features some probably factual things about where we’re headed as a planet, plus an exclusive track from one of Dale’s hot new guided meditation programs. He’s in the woods, and so are you and it’s a little chilly and ARE YOU RELAXED YET?! It’s a fine time this week, with plenty of typical Seever-digressions, and way too many sound effects.

And HELLO! Live in the moment. It’s time for Deep Night with Dale Live! at the Slipper Room on Weds, November 15th 8pm/Doors at 7pm. Tickets are still just $10 in advance/$12 at the door. Get em by visiting: After that Dale heads to New Orleans for the big Hell Yes Fest! Tickets and information on those appearances available via

Dale Radio Season 3: Scarves and Comfortable Slacks

This fella could make some grantmakers VERY happy.

Dale scares up some thoughts on Halloween, soars across the country in search of gals with cash, and has a late-night breakout session with a bowl of Chicken Teriyaki.

Note: My thanks to Marc Vogl for giving me his slot in the big Grantmaker’s Cabaret in Chicago. I’m hoping that the future holds more gigs where I share the bill with a fella singing showtune parodies about his profession (GRANTMAKER, GRANTMAKER, MAKE ME A GRANT…etc.) and women reading poems about sunsets.

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