Deep Night Season 10: Sarah Sherman

Dale slips into his own glittering animal print leotard for a conversation with Chicago’s comedy sensation, Sarah Sherman (aka Sarah Squirm). Dale caught-up with Sarah during a recent mini-tour across the lands east of Lake Michigan and right before a flurry of New York appearances. The two talk about uncomfortable body stuff, the history of meat performances, sneaky trips to the city by teenagers from Long Island, and connections between noise bands and stand up comedy. Sarah’s show Hell Trap Nightmare is coming to New York in April, and it’s well worth checking out. Dale’s already looking for Easter candy, so he starts the show by leading the listener on a guided meditation of a local convenience store. OPEN YOUR PORTALS!

For more on Sarah visit her website: Helltrap Nightmare is April 20 at Baby’s All Right. Tickets available here:

Photo of Sarah in the original post by Matt Schwerin for the Chicago Reader.

Get to Know Dale’s Deep Night Visitors 3/14

FRIENDS! OPEN YOUR PORTALS! It’s a brand new Deep Night with Dale Live at the Slipper Room. On Weds, March 14th, Dale returns to the stage once more for an all-new show with a fantastic lineup of guests assembled for your enjoyment and enlightenment. At 8pm on that magical evening, all energies converge for a conversation about the dark art of comedy and finding comedy in dark places. Like childbirth!

Dale is joined on this evening’s journey by cartoonist Emily Flake (The New Yorker); comedian Kenice Mobley (2 Dope Queens); creature experts Andrew Tisher and Joe Rumrill (The Special Without Brett Davis/The Chris Gethard Show) and comedy sensation Julia Shiplett (HBO’s Crashing). Plus the entire evening is scored by the fantastic cosmic sounds of Cornelius Loy on the theremin.

Deep Night details:
Weds, March 14th 8pm/Doors at 7pm
$12/10 Tickets, The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Entrance on Stanton
Hour long show – with plenty of drinks in an amazing space that hosts a lot of burlesque.

Get tickets now via this link and experience true joy:
But first – get to know Dale’s Deep Night guests with a few video clips below.

Try not to buy a Sub-Zero product after watching this portrait of New Yorker cartoonist and writer Emily Flake. Dale likes this cause this has fondue in it.

Kenice Mobley! Setting every stage on fire with comedy. A club called Laughs better deliver!

Julia Shiplett is terrific! Here’s a clip of some recent standup.

And these fellas? No one is more knowledgeable about the workings and interpersonal dynamics of the animal kingdom. Andrew Tisher and Joe Rumrill!

And music from Cornelius Loy!

Deep Night Season 10: Maya Deshmukh

Dale triggers a wave of nostalgia by unwrapping a few tasty treats of his youth with his guest, comedian Maya Deshmukh. Maya has a secret identity as a practicing dentist, so Dale was sure to use an extra swig of mouth wash before hitting the mics. Despite Maya’s love of clean teeth, she and Dale indulge heartily in a sugary bit of business as they talk through vivid memories of growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs, moving to New York, eating lots of pasta, and waiting for the Eagles to win the Superbowl. Maya also breaks down what it means to be on a Maude house team at UCB, and dishes on her success with the AzN Pop sketch group and talks about her experience at SF Sketchfest. In 2016 she co-won the UCB Diversity Showcase, and Maya reflects on the impact of participating in that event and the bright future that surely lies ahead. Maya’s spot on Philly accent is featured prominently at the beginning of this episode which delights Dale to no end, plus Dale shares some common sense ideas to solve some pretty big problems.

March 25th – Maya joins forces with former Deep Night guest Anna Roisman for a fashion-themed comedy spectacular at Caveat. Ticket information and more available here. Be sure and follow Maya’s Instagram for lots of pictures of pasta and to see her far flung adventures in warm climates.

Deep Night Season 10: Erin Fein of Psychic Twin

Dale descends to the creative basement within, for a conversation with Erin Fein of the band Psychic Twin. Erin’s debut album Strange Diary was released in 2016 through Polyvinyl Records. Its dense compositions and piercing lyrics captured the emotional upheaval of Erin’s personal life, while signaling the start of a new chapter in her artistic career. Erin and Dale talk about seeking out the light in what seems like unyielding emptiness and going literally underground to find one’s creative voice. Dale can certainly relate to Erin’s path. In Dale’s case it was picking up the microphone after long walks down by the Gowanus, for Erin it was months surrounded by dusty synths in a basement in Urbana, Illinois. With great openness and honesty, the two talk about early influences, choosing the right exo-skeleton, manifesting another self to process grief, and having your signature sound be something associated with your most painful memory. Ultimately, Erin describes a journey not unlike Dale’s, but with more competitive ice skating. Plus Dale shares the story of a recent encounter with a man who may have been a psychic twin from another dimension.

For more on Psychic Twin, visit or keep an eye out for her touring schedule, especially if you are in LA. Upcoming shows include appearances at SXSW and a show at The Peppermint Club with Monogem and others. Link for that show is here:

Deep Night Season 10: Mitra Jouhari

Dale seizes the comet-like opportunity to talk with comedian and actor Mitra Jouhari. Mitra joined Dale in the Deep Night studios to discuss carefree days in the wilds of Southern Ohio; pulling off a huge show at Carnegie Hall; and landing gigs working for places like Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, The President Show, and Miracle Workers. Mitra was also featured in the award-winning film, The Big Sick and can be seen regularly at comedy venues in NY with shows like It’s a Guy Thing and with the comedy trio, Three Busy Debras. The two also talk politics including the ongoing effects of the harmful and misguided travel ban, plus Dale reports on his experience as a protestor walking in the Women’s March. The episode wraps with some thoughts on self-care and the benefits of talking things out. Oh, and CATS, Dale and Mitra also talk about CATS, because Dale is just wild for that dumb, beautiful thing.

Photo of Mitra in original post by Sandy Honig.

Deep Night Season 10: Live with Kate Willett and Friends Who Folk

Dale strums his psychic banjo and summons almost everyone he thought would appear for another live edition of the program. This show is a lesson in sometimes things don’t go as planned and also sometimes people cancel as the show is happening. It’s all part of the unbridled Deep Night experience. This magical realm is full of surprises and this night is no different. Luckily, Dale is aided throughout the evening by his exceptionally talented guests, comedian Kate Willett (Netflix, Comedy Central) and Friends Who Folk (Ars Nova, The New Yorker). Kate and Dale pull an especially bad tarot card which may have been a kind signal that things were going to go in a new direction. They also talk about living in polyamorous communes and bad sex in tents, because of course they have that in common. Friends Who Folk offer not one, not two, but three amazing songs, as the show hurdles toward its conclusion. The duo, comprised of Rachel Wenitsky (Reductress) and Ned Riseley (Six Degress of Separation) also share some of their thoughts about the modern folk scene and the things that go wrong when you drink from a gourd. Plus – listen for the big reveal of Dale’s bedazzled turtleneck. And special thanks to our sponsors, The Gowanus Souvenir Shop.

Kate Willett just landed a 15 minute comedy special on Netflix, so catch her around town or on tour as she hones her material for that. Friends Who Folk perform regularly in NY and have recently launched their own website with info and touring dates. Thanks to all who came out to The Slipper Room for another cleansing dip in the vast and unpredictable, Deep Night.

Photo in original post by Rebecca Greenfield. For a full set of photos from the live show click here.

Deep Night Season 10: Live from SF Sketchfest with Michelle Buteau, Becky Braunstein, and Astral Projection Radio

Dale sounds his personal fog horns, and sends out a mighty call throughout the hills and valleys of San Francisco to alert its residents of his arrival, for a fifth appearance at SF Sketchfest. Flying out via mystic portal by way of Delta’s Economy Plus, Dale is joined on the Piano Fight stage by comedian and actor Michelle Buteau; comedian Becky Braunstein, and Shewolfe & Beatrix, the hosts of the popular occult internet broadcast, Astral Projection Radio Hour. Dale enlightens the audience as to the true source of a crystal’s power, while showing off a succulent he bought in Japantown and a tiny owl sculpture purchased from a giftshop carved into an ancient redwood. Dale and his guests get into some pretty explicit conversations right from the get-go in an episode that finds Dale also revealing his breakfast ayahuasca routine, visits to Target stores in strange cities, fending off wildlife in Alaska, and what to pack in one’s end-of-life kit. Music provided by Yea-Ming and The Rumours, whose new single Baby Blue, is out now. Thanks to everyone who came out for a packed house and to the always fabulous organizers of SF Sketchfest.

Be sure to tune into Astral Projection Radio over on, where you can listen to the entire past archive of witchy-sounds and thoughts about death rituals. Download and follow Yea-Ming and The Rumours on Bandcamp. Michelle and Becky are probably doing a show right now – so go find em and support your local comedy festivals.

Photo in original post and on the past shows photo page by Melissa Dale Neal.