Deep Night Season 10: Sudi Green

Dale discovers that a tiny nearby state holds some big scary secrets. He shudders with every revelation in this conversation with comedian and SNL writer, Sudi Green. Sudi talks about growing up in Newark, Delaware where tax-free shopping and murderous intentions go hand-in-hand. Sudi shares some stories about taunting teens on the dance floor, being drawn to characters that are a lot like her, and what not to wear for Halloween. There’s a lot of great comedy wisdom in this episode as Sudi talks about observing behaviors that make it into sketches and what happens when a performer breaks on stage. The two also spill the beans on the sexiest animals of all time and Dale invites you to try some of his home-made essential oils.

Sudi Green is a comedian living in Brooklyn and writer for Saturday Night Live. You can see her as the co-host of her sketch/variety show Theme Party. In 2015, Sudi was selected as a Just For Laughs New Face for characters. She is a proud member of sketch groups Pop Roulette, O.S.F.U.G. and alumni of HammerkatzNYU.

The next Deep Night with Dale Live is happening on Weds, November 15 when Dale will be joined by his guests, Lola Kirke, Kiley Lotz, Wanjiko Eke, and Sarah Lazarus. With music by Cornelius Loy. For tickets visit the Slipper Room website:

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Deep Night Season 9: Joe Rumrill

Dale plans a bright future with comedian and writer Joe Rumrill. Dale and Joe meet in a special solstice tent to talk about the many sides of Daffy Duck, punk rock hideouts in Connecticut, schemes for getting your own parade float, and what it means to find one’s place in New York City. Joe’s history with music and good-natured mischief informs his comedy style, as does his love of slightly deranged characters and surreal television moments. Joe reads from his own distorted version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, which is sure to delight and surprise children of all ages. Dale also shares what happens at the annual Gowanus Holiday Gathering, and sends warm wishes to his listeners in advance of the new year.

Follow Joe on twitter @2tonbug or find him performing at Fresh Perspectives, The Special Without Brett Davis, or Cartoon Monsoon with Mary Houlihan. And if anyone has any connections with Windsor, CT marching band, please drop us a line. We need to get Joe in the Macy’s Day Parade!

Photo in original post by Mindy Tucker.

Dale Radio Season 8: Erin Markey

Dale enjoys a confluence of interests and identities in this conversation with the multi-talented, New York-based performer Erin Markey. A consistent presence on various Must-See/Funniest Ever lists, Erin talks with Dale about the origins of her work in performance; her many contributions to the famed Our Hit Parade show at Joe’s Pub; some awful places she’s worked; and some stray thoughts about Charlotte’s Web. If only an intelligent creature would write “Some Podcaster” above Dale’s sleeping trough at night, maybe he’d make it into the new and noteworthy section of iTunes. Another fine episode that helps illuminate the strong work being created at the intersection of comedy and theater. Plus Dale is just back from Idaho where he discovered a new mantra and the power of energy healing!

To see Erin Markey in person, be sure to get to The Duplex on the last Weds of every month for her new show, Erin Markey: Humping a Gatorade Bottle. Tickets are $15, for the 9:30pm show, and they usually sell out, so what are you waiting for?
More info on the show via TimeOut. Be sure to follow along with Erin at

Photo included in original post of Erin by Amos Mac.

Dale Radio Season 8: Mary Houlihan

Dale learns about some crucial comedy-making steps in this conversation with comedian and artist Mary Houlihan. Dale waxes nostalgic with Mary as they talk about his former home of San Francisco and all the tech bubbles and pizza slices therein. The two eventually transition to a discussion about Mary’s animated observations, afternoon open mics, New Jersey transit, feelings on dat boi, and what it’s like to audition for the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. The two also speak openly about managing depression and Dale shares his concerns about a family of migrating birds that have invaded the Gowanus Canal. The episode kicks off with a short story of awkwardness on the subway from comedian Julie Kottakis.

For more on Mary Houlihan find her online at Mary cranks out the online content for so why not pay them a visit. For info on what Julie Kottakis is up to visit

Wunnerful Photos by John Huntington

Oh.My.Goodness. What a time we had of it at Joe’s Pub in New York City at the most recent iteration of Wunnerful Wunnerful: A Tribute to Lawrence Welk. This retro variety show had plenty of comedy, characters, and fun to force the temperatures up to sweater vest weather. Our thanks to everyone involved in making this show so much fun to do, especially the cast of Barrie McLain, Tonya Glanz, Shaye Troha, Cariad Harmon, Karlie Bruce, The Trumpet Boys, Ali Coleman, Jack Blackmon, Ashley Perez Flanagan, Salty Brine, and Molly Pope. With choreography of the rat & pizza dance by Carol Mendes & Artists. To our fantastic band led by Andrew Bancroft with Eric Biondo, Steve O’Reilly, and Chris Shockwave Sullivan. And of course, to the co-hostess with the mostess, Leslie Goshko. You’re all radiant creatures filling our joy engines. Thanks to the one and only, Mary Lou Metzger for her video message and support.

Thanks to Joe’s Pub, and to Steve and Mitch for running the thing. To Jhani for being so stellar backstage and putting us all at ease. To everyone Alex, Shanta, Ben, Jon, Yuri, and all the many folks that make Joe’s Pub the finest venue in the city. Thanka youah, thanka youah.

We’ll be pulling a video together soon, but till then, please enjoy this fine photo set culled from the many brilliant photos of John Huntington. For more on John’s work visit his website

Dale Radio Season 8: Ana Fabrega

Dale chats about hats and other things in this character-focused conversation with comedian Ana Fabrega. Dale and Ana delve into the origins of some of Ana’s comedic personas while also touching on the importance of finding one’s people; the strange magic of conjuring truth; and the endless allure of making awesome stuff in Photoshop. Plus a bonus audio character snapshot from New York comedian and actor Jamie Aderski. This episode coincides with the release of IFC’s Boy Band, featuring Ana and a host of other familiar Dale Radio guests. Visit for full episodes.

Ana runs a weekly, ever-changing show at Over the Eight Bar in Williamsburg, so be sure and check that out. You can find out more about that show or other Fabrega endeavors at Ana’s website, For more on Jamie Aderski and where to see her perform, visit her website

Be sure and get tickets to Dale & Co.’s annual celebration of spring and all things Welk with the big Wunnerful Wunnerful production at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater. Tickets are available now, but will probably go fast. So pick some up today!

Dale Radio Season 8: Live with Matt Besser, Kate Berlant, Cyrus Ghahremani, and Megan Rosenbloom

Dale performs some hot judo on the beach for this live edition of Deep Night with Dale direct from the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. In this special super-sized episode, Dale discusses death and comedy with Matt Besser (founding member of UCB, Improv for Humans); comedian Kate Berlant (Netflix Characters, Just for Laughs Festival); composer/musician Cyrus Ghahremani (Kroll Show, Another Period); and medical librarian Megan Rosenbloom (Death Salon founder). Dale and his guests consider forgotten stooges, unusual book binding practices, becoming immortal, gender-fluid gym teachers, and the healing power of crystals. Music throughout the show provided by dazzling DJ/comedian Nina Tarr (Super Deluxe, Basic Flowers). This episode is sponsored by Visit for your free 30-day trial and free audio book download. Live presentation made possible by the Hammer Museum UCLA.

For video of the evening visit the Hammer’s Programming archive online at Be sure and check out Dale’s guests and their many fine pursuits, on SeeSo, Netflix, Comedy Central, in LA and around the country. The next live show is happening Sunday, April 10th at 9:30 as Dale returns to Joe’s Pub in NYC for another celebration of all things Lawrence Welk with Wunnerful Wunnerful! More details and tickets available on the Joe’s Pub website.

Photo by Todd Cheney, courtesy of the Hammer Museum.