Deep Night Season 10: Past, Present, and Future Dales

Dale flies solo in this special three-part episode, but he’s never truly alone in the Deep Night. For one, he has you, the eager listener. Two, he’s always conjuring an future for himself with a loving family farming the high seas. And while he tries to stay in the present, he can’t help ruminating on his past lives, and the past lives of those past lives. In other words, it’s a full house in the mind of Dale Seever! This episode features some probably factual things about where we’re headed as a planet, plus an exclusive track from one of Dale’s hot new guided meditation programs. He’s in the woods, and so are you and it’s a little chilly and ARE YOU RELAXED YET?! It’s a fine time this week, with plenty of typical Seever-digressions, and way too many sound effects.

And HELLO! Live in the moment. It’s time for Deep Night with Dale Live! at the Slipper Room on Weds, November 15th 8pm/Doors at 7pm. Tickets are still just $10 in advance/$12 at the door. Get em by visiting: After that Dale heads to New Orleans for the big Hell Yes Fest! Tickets and information on those appearances available via

Dale Radio Season 7: Dan Menke & Arty Need


Dale pulls some strings to get underground with Dan Menke, creator of the Arty Need Show. Arty is a dandy crank of a puppet who hosts his own talk show in the back of a bowling alley. Dan is an upstanding individual with a long career in comedy and viral videos. Dale and Dan talk about classic chat shows, the influence of David Letterman, Amish comics, and the mysterious thrills of Cincinnati. Arty jumps in for a moment to talk about his life in the dark black bag of the entertainment business.

Dale’s Season 7 Finale is May 26th at The People’s Improv Theater at 8pm. With a new lineup featuring Aparna Nancherla, Emma Willmann, Josh Sharp, and Maria Heinegg! Steve O’Reilly is on guitar and Dale’s there to talk through his feelings. Time Out says Dale Radio is the “Best for Fans of Incredible Awkwardness!” OKAY!! That oughta sell some tickets! See you then!

Dale Radio Season 7: Welcome to Flu York

Microbial candies for Valentines!

Microbial candies for Valentines!

Dale shrinks himself down to a subatomic level to walk among the microbe colonies and viruses of the subway. He imagines what it would be like to journey through time and space in this mind-bending solo episode. All types of traveling are discussed, from his recent trip to see his ex-wife and perform in San Francisco to his experience retrieving cold medicine for his ailing niece. Dale also includes some great tips for knowing when zombies are nearby and what to wear when visiting a practical city like New York for the first time.

Next this month, Dale has some terrific interviews lined up. Plus he’s doing a guest spot with Jerry Springer and Kevin Nealon on Running Late with Scott Rogowsky on Feb. 11 at UCB Chelsea. Then it’s back to The PIT for Dale Radio Live with guests Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, and Cariad Harmon. February 24th at 8pm for just $10. Get tickets in advance and know joy early!

Dale Radio Season 7: Elle King


Dale throws back a whiskey or two in this conversation with singer/songwriter Elle King. From their booth in a mostly empty bar in Bushwick, Dale and Elle talk about this particular moment in her career and how she’s developed her signature sound. The two entertainers swap stories about making sweet music on the banjo, visiting haunted honky-tonks in Kentucky, breaking hearts, and what it was like growing up backstage at SNL.

Be sure and pick up a copy of Elle King’s new album Love Stuff, available for pre-order now on itunes. For tour info, and more about Elle’s previous recordings, visit

Dale Radio Season 6: Crista Freeman & Jess Eddy of Phin & Phebes

Jess and Crista like ice cream almost as much as Dale!

Jess and Crista like ice cream almost as much as Dale!

Dale melts into an inspiring conversation with Crista Freeman & Jess Eddy, founders of Phin & Phebes ice cream. The trio talk about starting the company, the artistry of inventing new flavors, fond memories of Ice Cream University, and exploring the romantic possibilities of mouthfeel. Need a way to cool down this summer? Grab a pint (or two) of Phin & Phebes and enjoy!

Dale thanks Crista & Jess for having him to their lovely HQ and for the delicious treats bestowed upon him. You too can enjoy a cool time with Dale at the next Dale Radio Live on Weds June 25th! This amazing season winds to a close in New York City’s PIT Underground at 8pm. Take the 6 train or a cab to 123 E. 24th Street, and we’ll be down under the bar. Tickets are still available online or at the door. Dale’s guests will be Nikki Glaser, Jean Grae, Streeter Seidell, and Jessica Delfino – music by Steve O’Reilly. Come celebrate another fantastic year of Dale Radio! OH MY GOODNESS!!

Dale Radio Season 6: Rob Michael Hugel

We spent time in Rob's kitchen!

Rob in the very room we were in!

Dale waits for a healthy brunch delivery with director and comedian Rob Michael Hugel. In this engaging episode recorded in Rob’s kitchen, the two discuss the origins of Rob’s hit video series I Hate Being Single, the magic of the French horn, the trouble with celebrities using Foursquare, and the search for the Real Rob on YouTube and in real life.

Be sure and visit Rob’s YouTube Channel – – to view all of Rob’s many exceptional video projects.

The next Dale Radio Live is happening on May 14th at 8pm at The PIT Underground. Dale will talk comedy, music and naughty bits with an amazing lineup of guests that includes Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha! Tickets still available via this link.

Dale Returns to Running Late March 26th

1991-1999 were great years for this show.

1991-1999 were great years for this show.

Some of you folks are aware that from 1991-1999, Dale Seever was the original host of the popular New York talk show, Running Late with Scott Rogowsky. Once they found Scott, management decided that it just made sense to have him host the show and gave Dale the boot. At the end of the day and after much reflection and counseling, Dale took this as a positive sign and he can now say that without a doubt, losing that gig was the best thing that ever happened to him. Those were some amazing times and on March 26th at 8:30pm, for the first time in fifteen years, he’s been invited back to the Running Late studio to share stories and laughs with the new crew and put the past behind him.

Along with Dale’s special appearance, Scott will be welcoming guests Pharoahe Monch (Hip Hop Legend), Jessica Williams (The Daily Show, GIRLS), Bill Carter (The New York Times), and Adam Lowitt (also of The Daily Show).

Tickets can be purchased via this link. The event happens at Littlefield, in Brooklyn, 622 Degraw St. between 3rd and 4th Aves. Fans of the old Running Late with Scott Rogowsky starring Dale Seever and new followers of the current Running Late with Scott Rogowsky should definitely turn out. A great night along the Gowanus.