Deep Night Season 10: Julia Wertz

Dale takes a break from his elaborate solstice preparations for a conversation with cartoonist and graphic novelist, Julia Wertz. Dale invites Julia to talk about her new book, Tenements, Towers, and Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City, which is an extraordinary, eclectic, ambitious work full of beautiful drawings of New York as it once was and as it appears in the present day. Like Dale, Julia enjoys a good historical tangent, and the book contains numerous insightful digressions into the personalities and peculiarities that continue to shape modern city life. Having a touch of seasonal sadness this time of year, Dale maybe picks up on maybe too much emptiness in some of Julia’s work, but the two have a fine conversation about spending time alone and growing up among the strange architecture in old buildings. Plus a deep dive into the ancient messages of hot springs, an update on the wildfires, and Dale recounts his first visit to Manhattan.

To purchase Julia’s latest book, Tenements, Towers, and Trash – visit a fine bookstore in your neighborhood before it becomes a New York Sports Club, or order online and watch your mailperson wince as they carry it up the steps. Julia is also selling original pages from the book and they are amazing and beautiful and you should get one. Lots of great gift ideas here in the Deep Night Holiday nook! Visit Julia’s website for more.

Dale Radio Season 7: Isaac Oliver


Dale wades through a hundred puddles of slush and takes the longest train ride of his life to arrive at the spacious uptown writer’s retreat of humorist, playwright, and performer Isaac Oliver. Over some freshly brewed coffee, Dale and Isaac discuss romantic telegrams, haunted residencies, glittery myspace posts, and the unending quest for intimacy. Isaac’s book, Intimacy Idiot comes out in June, and it’s surely something you’ll want to be intimate with all summer.

In addition to submitting your pre-orders for Isaac’s book, why not go ahead and secure some tickets for the next Dale Radio Live on Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm at NYC’s The PIT. Dale’s guests will be Bridget Everett, Joe Randazzo, Nore Davis, and Naomi Ekperigin. That is some top flight comedy, folks. Plus – Dale might wear a new tie! Lots to look forward to. Dear snow, please stop!

Dale Radio Season 6: Dan Wilbur

Dan in action, letting people know it's ok to lead a book-free life!

Dan in action, letting people know it’s ok to lead a book-free life!

Dale learns how not to read on a visit to the spooky, cobweb-strewn apartment of comedian Dan Wilbur. Dan and Dale get into some nerdy business discussing the dark side of ancient Greeks, the brutality of Nancy cartoons, something to do with video games, and finding love via accidental texts.

Be sure and seek Dan out in his many stand-up appearances around town, or catch his weekly show, Lasers in the Jungle at UCBeast every Thursday at 7:30. You can also dip into Dan’s latest podcast effort, Two Book Minimum, which has some live events where you can witness the magic of podcasting first hand. More info on Dan Wilbur at his website, and you can purchase the book that’s changing the nation, How Not To Read, available via many fine sources. That’s a lotta links, gang. Get on it! Oh, and here’s the info on media maven Anya Garrett, who also chimes in throughout the episode!

Also – remember – the next live Dale Radio show is happening at Union Hall, Monday, October 21 with Ophira Eisenberg, Leah Bonnema, and the founders of The, Sarah Pappalardo & Beth Newell. Music and quizzing by Steve O’Reilly. Here’s the link for tickets, which can be bought in advance or at the door.

Dale Radio Summer Bonus: A Visit with Andrew Beccone

Andrew helps out at the Y.

Dale sets off some fireworks by revisiting a classic from years ago featuring an interview with Andrew Beccone, founder of Brooklyn’s Reanimation Library. Previously unavailable on iTunes, this gem of a podcast hints at the strong bonds that would later develop between Beccone and Seever. A little something to keep you going till the new season starts in a few weeks. Happy America, America!

Note: This was before the enhanced podcasts came into play, so this is audio only. Remember how crazy that period of our history was? When you had to just listen to stuff? Ugh.