Dale’s rapport with his guests is wonderful, as are the stories of his life he peppers in. All of it is funny and completely unlike any other show taping today.” “There is no doubt that Dale is a character; his mannerisms are outsized and distinctly peculiar, but human and strangely endearing at the same time, like a Daniel Clowes comic. Take the way his vocal chords often constrict, as if wringing the very jokes from his body, giving his delivery a cadence that suggest flop sweat and total mastery in the same breath. In short, Bewley’s Dale is like a modern-day equivalent of Andy Kaufman’s Tony Clifton.” – Ben Cannon LINK

“When Dale finally hits the big time and takes over for Fallon or Colbert, you’ll be able to say that you saw him way-back-when.”“After a hiatus and a bit of personal growth, Dale has resurfaced at the Lower East Side’s more fashionable Slipper Room, slightly less creepy thanks to his recent marriage to the unseen second wife Galinda, topped with a fresh interest in the mystic arts. Entitled Deep Night with Dale, the new show follows a similar format to the Dale Radio of yesteryear, this time with a rotating musical guest and a trio of up-and-coming celebs to be interviewed.” – OPPLAUD LINK

“There are a great many qualities that set Dale Radio apart from other creative interview podcasts, but perhaps the most immediate is the enveloping pleasantness of host James Bewley’s voice.” “As any devoted podcast listener can attest, vocal quality is one of the most unsung yet decidedly important factors governing the ability to enjoy a show. It can seem a superficial measure, of course, as a boring program delivered in perfect, honeyed timbre would be a waste in a Taylor Lautner sort of way. In service of top-quality material, however, it has the ability to elevate. There are a great many qualities that set Dale Radio apart from other creative interview podcasts, but perhaps the most immediate is the enveloping pleasantness of host James Bewley’s voice.” – Ben Cannon LINK

Dale has a quirky sincerity and enthusiasm that stands out to both his listeners and his guests.” “The podcast, taped in front of a live audience, features the musicians, comedians, performers, and filmmakers that make Brooklyn so dynamic and intriguing. Dale Seever, the host, is an intriguing character himself. The alter-ego of the podcast’s creator James Bewley, Dale has a quirky sincerity and enthusiasm that stands out to both his listeners and his guests. James Bewley spoke to us about where Dale came from, what makes the Gowanus so lovable, and the importance of showcasing emerging artists.” – Claire Hannum LINK

BEST FOR FANS OF INCREDIBLE AWKWARDNESS.” “Channeling Alan Partridge by way of The King of Comedy’s Rupert Pupkin, comedian James Bewley has been playing aging, oddball talk-show host Dale Seever since he launched Dale Radio back in 2009. The live podcast (supposedly broadcast from Seever’s basement, in reality the People’s Improv Theater) has seen guests like Bridget Everett and Chris Gethard face Seever’s wonderfully creepy interrogation. – Nick Leftley

As soon as he settled into his musty armchair …it was clear that the crowd was in good hands.” “Simply relaying the exchanges between Dale and his guests doesn’t do his spot-on timing any justice. Just listen to some of the episodes, or at least take my word for it: this guy has a tremendous level of commitment to his character and he skillfully blends improv with scripted material. It also helps that he’s lovable. – Kyle McGovern LINK

It’s like the man is a salesmen from different time, yet he seems so profound when he speaks. “And we’re mixing it up a little bit in that all the guests will stick around and join Dale on the couch. In fact, all his interviews will take place from an increasingly crowded couch instead of remaining safely apart on a comfy chair with a desk. He’s of the people, that guy, and now he’s going to be squished up against them.” – Interview with GYFO LINK

Dale, simply has a propensity for cheap teal business suits and whiskey in all of its forms.”“I do a mix of just Dale, Dale talking to people in their studios and apartments and the live shows. I’ve been doing those since early 2011. I’ve had people that are liquor experts, people that were on SNL, people that are great pie makers in Brooklyn. We’ve had a good mix of Dale eating pie on the radio, which makes a fantastic podcast experience.” – Interview with Phillip Horlings LINK

In short? Whatever the gamut is, Dale Seever laughs at it and runs, with mirth, past its borders.” “But few podcasters win that prized cult following, and fewer still can attract the offbeat and interesting guests that inspire a prized cult following. Dale Seever is that cult-following-inspiring podcaster. His lively shows can cover subjects like ‘holiday nog’ and ‘quality ’70s menswear’ and ‘time travel’ and ‘fame’ and ‘burritos,’ just to cherry-pick from his site. Alysia Gray Painter LINK

The most successful basement talk show hosted by a fictitious person in New York, Deep Night with Dale welcomes rising cultural figures, comedians, and artists to sit down, have a drink and talk about characters and the creative process. Hailed as a “warped Johnny Carson” and “brilliant” with a “voice like a shoulder squeeze,” Dale has been a “critics’ pick” multiple times over, delighting crowds with his never-give-up-pursuit of modest stardom for more than a decade. The largely improvised, hour-long live podcast taping features live music and plenty of hard candy and booze to make it feel like your favorite uncle landed a late night gig. Dale Radio has been featured in multiple editions of SF Sketchfest and the NYC Podfest, and has been featured at Joe’s Pub, Ars Nova, Union Hall, and the UCLA Hammer Museum.

The origins of Deep Night with Dale date back to San Francisco, where Dale’s alter ego, performer James Bewley, developed the character in collaboration with writer/actor Erin Perkins in between rehearsals for a show with the sketch comedy group, Killing My Lobster. With Perkins performing as Dale’s wife, Ginny, the two played under the name, The Man/Woman Show at multiple venues around the city, before Dale settled into solo hosting duties for a monthly comedy and variety night in the Mission. In 2008, Bewley moved to New York and a year later launched Dale’s original podcast, Dale Radio. Initially recorded to fill a short commute on the subway, the podcast episodes have expanded from 10 minute solo efforts to the hour-long live shows and pre-recorded interviews that comprise the bulk of Dale’s current output, now under the title, Deep Night. In 2013, in collaboration with producer Julie Miller, Bewley released Spending Time With… a webseries starring Dale doing unlikely things with Chris Gethard, Sasheer Zamata, Eleanor Friedberger, Jamie Shupak, and Cory McAbee. In 2016, following an encounter with an energy healer, the show re-launched in its ninth season as Deep Night with Dale, allowing Bewley to infuse the show with his own interest in the occult and mystical powers.

Recent guests on the podcast include Matt Besser, Nikki Glaser, Lola Kirke, Bridget Everett, Kate Berlant, John Early, Max Silvestri, Alison Becker, Michelle Buteau, Cole Escola, Ilana Glazer, Jessi Klein, Jean Grae, Elle King, The Handsome Family, Aparna Nancherla, Seaton Smith, Janine Brito, Eliot Glazer, Jackie Kashian, Beth Lisick, Joe Randazzo, Naomi Ekperigin, Rosebud Baker, Phoebe Robinson, Dan Kennedy, Janelle James, Josh Gondelman, Sara Benincasa, Molly Pope, Jacqueline Novak, Bowen Yang, Brett Davis, Carmen Lynch, Reformed Whores, Akilah Hughes, Wanjiko Eke, Catie Lazarus, Julio Torres, Anna Drezen, Shalewa Sharpe, Maeve Higgins, Ike Ufomadu, Joanna Rothkopf, Vinny DePonto, Daniel Kibblesmith, Jena Friedman, Nore Davis, Murray Hill, Awkwafina, Jo Firestone and many, many other talented individuals.

James Bewley is a performer and writer whose work has been presented as part of the Soundtrack Series, Tom Shillue’s A Funny Story, Dead Darlings, How I Learned Series, Literary Death Match, Punch Up Your Life, PS122’s COIL Festival, Real Characters, Showgasm, Split Personality, Two for the Show, and Yum’s the Word. He has appeared as a podcast guest on Beginnings, The Mundane Festival, and The Sharon Spell Show and is a regularly featured player on Running Late with Scott Rogowsky. He trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles and is a former member of the San Francisco sketch comedy group, Killing My Lobster. Bewley is a co-creator and voice talent for the cult-favorite webseries, Strindberg and Helium, which received a top prize at the Guggenheim/YouTube Biennial in 2010. He is currently a Senior Program Officer at the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.


Photo by Sandy Honig.

Photo by Sandy Honig.

Photo by John Huntington.

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