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Dale Radio Season 1: Tweeter Sweets

A sunnier day for smells.

Dale dodges raindrops as he explores the sights and smells of Chinatown. Despite his busy schedule he makes time for his pregnant niece, Katrina and her unquenchable thirst for sweets.

Note: Dale is now tweeting at Not sure why you’d want to follow that, but now you have the option.

Dale Radio Season 1: Hot Glued Felt

Maura crafted this pooch out of paper clips and pipe cleaners.

Dale welcomes Crafternoon author Maura Madden for a discussion on delicious things to do at the mall, fun with good looking people, mothers, and tablescaping.

Note: Due to his excited state at the start of the program, Dale forgot to mention this weeks musical shout out. That’s Not My Name is of course the work of chart-topping group, The Ting Tings and we all appreciate the good work they are doing. For more on Crafternoon, including how to buy the book – check out!

Dale Radio Season 1: Bye Bye Barry

Cherry. Just cherry.

Dale tries to sell his most valued possession and learns something about himself at a rest stop in Connecticut.

Note: 1989 Chrysler LeBaron. Low mileage. Best Offer. Minor water damage from Dale’s tears.

Dale Radio Season 1: Like a Moth to the Bunsen Burner

From the Seever Archives of funny fliers!

Dale offers the perfect gift, remembers his time in therapy, and takes in his pregnant niece.

A life altering episode, to be sure!

Dale Radio Season 1: Western Flavorscapes

There's not a lonelier meal than Sloppy Joes for one.

Dale professes his love for a fellow, lonely soul while discussing single mothers, wandering tweens, and the dangers of jet lag.

Dale just landed and the person to his right is calling her loved ones on the cell phone now, to let them know that she will have to call them back in fifteen or twenty minutes, when she is really, finally, off the plane.


Dale Radio Season 1: Post-Show Wrap Up

A clean well-lit place for comedy.

Dale has a wee too much fun after the big show at Housingworks. Thanks to all who came out to a sweaty bookstore full of laughs.

Note: Look for End of the Month Potato recipe posted on the Facebook Group, a Dale original that is sure to delight!

Dale Radio Season 1: Non-Native Species

Florida is just a tough place to be anytime of year.

Dale is back again with some thoughts on Earth Day, pythons, and his special segment, Back to Vietnam with Uncle Dan.

Note: This is a picture of Uncle Dan Seever and his patriotism – which he wears, like all great patriots, to cover up his bald spot. See you at the LIVE SHOW APRIL 28th!