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Dale Radio Season 8: Brett Davis

Brett Davis

Dale makes it extra special with comedian and impresario, Brett Davis. Dale is no stranger to hosting gigs and he and Brett bond over their love of being the glue that holds all the comedy together. Brett and Dale also talk about Andy Kaufman’s desk, the villainy of Kelsey Grammer, soothing steel drums, and the mechanics of producing a show on public access. This episode features short audio bits from a variety of SOLOCOM performers including David Lawson, Joanna Shaw Flamm, Lori Hammel, Amanda Miller, Lauren Maul, and Rory Scholl.

Brett Davis is the host and mastermind behind the popular television program, The Special Without Brett Davis. You can watch that every Weds at 11pm on MNN, or catch up on past episodes via the show’s YouTube channel. Each week, Brett appears as one of his alter egos in an entirely new premise, with a cast of recurring characters that contributes to a larger world of lizard people, delusional celebrities, and easily distracted dungeon masters. Brett recently won the coveted Andy Kaufman Award in comedy, and is the co-host of the monthly variety show The Macaulay Culkin Show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, and runs the monthly Lethal Lottery show at Over The Eight in Williamsburg.

SOLOCOM returns for another year of amazing shows by solo performers. Founded by award-winning performer Peter Michael Marino, SOLOCOM runs November 20-22, 2015 at the People’s Improv Theater in New York City. The festival takes over The PIT with more than 120 shows ranging from 15-60 minutes over 3 days. Tickets and information on A festival pass is available for just $25.

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Photo of Brett in post by Andrew Bisdale. Slider image by Mindy Tucker.


Dale Radio Season 8: The Templeton Philharmonic


Dale enters a Tim Hortons state of mind in this episode with The Templeton Philharmonic, an award-winning sketch comedy duo based in Toronto. Fair-haired Gwynne Phillips and raven-locked Briana Templeton sit down with Dale to talk about famous clam drinks of the great north, inspirational vintage photographs, the urge to preemptively apologize, and the sly dagger of Canadian comedy. With a special character snapshot from comedian, writer and founder of Project UROK, Jenny Jaffe.

For more on The Templeton Philharmonic, visit their website and by all means see their show 7pm on Friday the 13th at the Magnet Theater in NYC. Get tickets here and show em New York loves interpretive dance! Jenny Jaffe’s Project UROK is an amazing resource and something Dale highly recommends. Please visit, let people know about it, and spread the word. There are places out there to find assistance and get help!

And if you enjoy quality web programming, why not check out the hot new comedy site, San Frangeles! They’re hosting Dale’s web series, Opening Bags – a series in which Dale opens a new bag every week and tells you all about it! So fun!


Dale Radio Season 8: Out of Body Travel

Dale Has an Out of Body Experience

Dale books a ticket for some out of body travel on the astral plane in this solo episode. Alone in the dark, Dale ponders his recent sadness, changes along the Gowanus Canal, conveys his enthusiasm for budget shopping, and shares a story about securing a fishing license from a woman who was probably a zombie. The show features our season theme by Chris Shockwave Sullivan and a short audio character snapshot from performer and Dale Radio producer, James Bewley.

Be sure and watch Dale’s new web series, Opening Bags, available on the new comedy platform or on Dale’s Youtube channel. This episode is sponsored by, for a free 30 day trial and audio book download, visit Lots to choose from there, including many books about having out of body experiences. Read by experts who may or may not be in their own bodies. James Bewley has two shows coming up, November 12 he’ll be on The Jenny Rubin Show at the HiFi Bar in NYC, then on November 24th he’s on the bill of the next Bitchcraft at The Duplex. For more on James, visit


Dale Radio Season 8: Shauna McGarry

Writer Shauna McGarry

Dale wards off evil Hollywood spirits by welcoming Shauna McGarry to the program, in an episode recorded within a weirdly decorated and most definitely haunted, Los Angeles hotel room. Shauna is a brilliant television writer who has worked on the hit shows 24, Dexter, Anger Management and now is on staff for a new show set to debut on NBC’s streaming service, See So. Dale and Shauna met during classes at UCB, but never really had a chance to sit down and walk through her impressive career path. The two make the most of this moment as Shauna shares stories of her family’s long history in LA; connecting with Miranda July; what it’s like to work in the writers rooms for such massively popular shows; and her unique experience writing for such specific and flawed characters. Featuring our theme by Chris Shockwave Sullivan and a Halloween-themed audio character snapshot at the top of the program from NY comedian Alison Zeidman.

Shauna McGarry is the co-host of the popular storytelling series Radio Picture Show, which brings together some great comedians and story slingers for tales inspired by sound or pictures. If you’re in Los Angeles, be sure and check out the show. The new project from Shauna will premiere on See So, NBC’s new comedy-centric streaming service launching in early 2016. Our audio character bit – just in time for Halloween is from the dazzling Alison Zeidman. Alison has an ongoing show at the venerable Creek and the Cave in Long Island City, called Dark Spots (Dale’s had some of those!). The next one is coming up on November 7th and you can get tickets for that via this link. On Friday, October 30th, she’ll also be co-hosting The Banter Show, also at The Creek. Tickets for that show are available here.


Dale Radio Season 8: Cole Escola

Dale Radio Welcomes Cole_Escola

Dale takes a peek behind the curtains and under the wigs for this revealing conversation with chameleon-like performer and comedian Cole Escola. Over some early morning coffee-cart coffee and donuts, the two talk about children’s theater, solo sketch comedy, probably gay presidents, Bernadette Peters’ love of animals, and what happens when you spend a lot of time with an alter ego. Featuring a very special slice-of-life moment from Joyce Conner and a new audio character portrait from Andrew Bancroft.

Watch Cole Escola on Hulu’s Difficult People, or catch him live in his solo sketch show The First Gay President at The Duplex, October 23rd. Stay up to date with Cole’s next performances over at Cole’s website. And if you have not watched his Mom Commercial, run and do that first.

Andrew Bancroft is part of the band Moondrunk, and they’ve got a spooky new music video available on YouTube and they’re running a Kickstarter for their new album. Andrew and Ashley from the band were both part of our Welk Tributes in 2015 and are both amazing folks. Think about helping them out if you can! And a hearty thank you to Harvestworks for their assistance with this episode.

Photo of Cole by Allison Michael Orenstein.


Dale Radio Season 8: Lady Rizo

Lady Rizo Talks to Dale Radio

Dale succumbs to the charms of international cabaret sensation and Grammy-winning chanteuse, Lady Rizo. In a small recording studio in SoHo, the two seasoned entertainers discuss giving birth (to both alter egos and actual babies), backstage antics with Barry Humphries, political shenanigans in DC, Nina Simone, and a shared love of live performance. Featuring Dale’s reflections on his own recent birthday and an audio character portrait from Daniel Lee. Births, deaths, and entertaining royalty! My goodness, this one has it all.

Lady Rizo can be found dazzling audiences in live shows around the world. We included a short clip of her song Ink Dip from the album Violet, available on itunes. Be sure and visit her website for the very latest. Or follow her on twitter @LadyRizo. Daniel Lee’s new web series Ask a Celebrity Anything is available now on YouTube. Chris Shockwave Sullivan’s podcast Shock and Awesome is going strong on If you’re listening to Dale Radio on iTunes, be sure and rate and review the show.


Dale Radio Season 8: Kate Scelsa


Dale jumps onboard the stardom express in this conversation with author and performer Kate Scelsa. While talking about Kate’s new book, Fans of the Impossible Life, the two discover they have a great deal in common. Maybe that’s why they’re always up late faving each other’s tweets! Dale and Kate discuss fathers, parallel dimensions, hoarding tendencies, the trouble with teen vampires, writing from the margins, creaky but influential musicals, and the enduring greatness of enduring Gatsby.

Kate’s writing for theater has been presented at New York institutions Dixon Place, Galapagos, and the SoHo Playhouse. She has been a member of the Elevator Repair Service theater company since 2002, and spent most of 2004-2012 traveling the world performing “Gatz,” an eight hour long show that uses the entire text of The Great Gatsby.

You can purchase Kate’s book on Amazon or in many fine bookstores. Her website is Thanks also to Jenny Rubin and Shockwave for the contributions, and as always – the fine music of Steve O’Reilly. Remember to visit Dale’s sponsors, Audible and start your free audio book trial at

Photo of Kate by Hunter Canning.