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Dale Radio Season 7: Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, and Cariad Harmon


Dale chips away at the ice hardening around his hopes and dreams in a fantastic live show with comedians Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, and Julio Torres along with singer/songwriter Cariad Harmon. The five discuss the beautiful possibilities of New York while also covering topics like space travel, hypersleep, dance halls, British footwear, lobbying, sex stuff, Julie Andrews, and working for Panera Bread. With music by Steve O’Reilly.

Be sure and find out more about all of Dale’s guests by visiting their pages or twitter accounts or tracking their online personas somehow. Cariad’s album, Cariad Harmon is available now wherever you get your music. Kaytlin has an unnamed solo show coming up soon so check that out. Matteo is everywhere. Julio is one to watch.

Photo of the group by Jena Cumbo.

Next live show March 24th, 8pm at The PIT, NYC.

Dale Radio Season 7: Welcome to Flu York

Microbial candies for Valentines!

Microbial candies for Valentines!

Dale shrinks himself down to a subatomic level to walk among the microbe colonies and viruses of the subway. He imagines what it would be like to journey through time and space in this mind-bending solo episode. All types of traveling are discussed, from his recent trip to see his ex-wife and perform in San Francisco to his experience retrieving cold medicine for his ailing niece. Dale also includes some great tips for knowing when zombies are nearby and what to wear when visiting a practical city like New York for the first time.

Next this month, Dale has some terrific interviews lined up. Plus he’s doing a guest spot with Jerry Springer and Kevin Nealon on Running Late with Scott Rogowsky on Feb. 11 at UCB Chelsea. Then it’s back to The PIT for Dale Radio Live with guests Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, and Cariad Harmon. February 24th at 8pm for just $10. Get tickets in advance and know joy early!

Dale Radio Season 7: Live from SF Sketchfest w/ Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, Cliff Hengst and More


Dale falls back into the San Francisco groove with a fantastic live show direct from the 14th Annual SF Sketchfest. Accompanied by the DJing skills of the ghost of Bob Ross, Dale and his guests Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, and Cliff Hengst discuss bathroom trysts, sights of MacArthur Park, Food Network all-stars, and the absolute best use of a theater degree. The episode includes a special, once-in-a-decade appearance by Dale’s ex-wife, Ginny. Do these two former lovebirds still have that same spark they did years ago?

Thanks again to Cole, David, and Janet and everyone involved in SF Sketchfest. What an enjoyable show in a beautiful city with the people Dale loves. Special thanks to Erin Perkins and Jon Wolanske for being such tremendous and gifted performers. And thank you, great audiences of San Francisco, Dale hopes to be back in front of you real soon.

Show photos by Cecilia Cacciatore.

Dale Radio Season 7: Randi Lawson


Dale convenes a Continental Congress for two in this wide-ranging discussion with designer, writer, and comedian Randi Lawson. Dale and Randi spent an afternoon in Philadelphia talking about making it as an artist, writing for t-shirts, winning meaningful twitter awards, dressing Zach Galifianakis, and discovering how your body works in the middle of Spencer’s Gifts. Also, Dale finally fesses up to an incident in his youth involving his relentless curiosity and a wave tank.

If you find yourself in the great city Philadelphia, check out Randi and Sidney Gantt hosting Sidekicks: The Comedy Game Show, happening at PHILAMOCA on February 25th, 2015. For more on that show and for more from Randi be sure and follow her on twitter @randilawson.

Next up Dale’s off to the West Coast for a live show at SF Sketchfest on January 27th. Tickets for his show with Big Chef Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, and Cliff Hengst are available here. Then on January 29th he returns to NYC for a little sidekick action on Running Late with Scott Rogowsky at Caroline’s on Broadway. Lots to look forward to, folks! Come out and see Dale live!

Dale Radio Season 7: Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, and Jo Firestone at NYC Podfest


Dale turns to day drinking to make it through another year at the NYC Podfest. This live episode features Dale in conversation with comedy superstars Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, and Jo Firestone. Around a small table in a basement on a wintry Saturday afternoon in Chinatown, the group discusses weekly time capsules, Scott Bakula’s enduring influence, thinning hair tutorials, and the lessons of H.P. Lovecraft. Music by Steve O’Reilly. Generous pour by the lady bartender upstairs.

Please visit all of Dale’s guests various websites to get more information on what they’re doing. It was an absolute joy to have them on this program. And since the show got cut short a wee bit do to powers beyond his control, Dale has reached out to all of them in order to have more in-depth conversations on future episodes. Thanks to the entire NYC Podfest team and Fontana’s Bar for having Dale back.

Dale’s off to San Francisco for the next live show as part of SF Sketchfest! Be sure and catch him on Tuesday, January 27th at 8pm as he anchors the first half of a double bill with sketch comedy legends Killing My Lobster. Dale welcomes guests Big Chef Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, and Cliff Hengst. PLUS a surprise guest from Dale’s past!! One for the ages, folks! Tickets are $20 and available via this link or through SF Sketchfest.

Dale Radio Season 7: Elle King


Dale throws back a whiskey or two in this conversation with singer/songwriter Elle King. From their booth in a mostly empty bar in Bushwick, Dale and Elle talk about this particular moment in her career and how she’s developed her signature sound. The two entertainers swap stories about making sweet music on the banjo, visiting haunted honky-tonks in Kentucky, breaking hearts, and what it was like growing up backstage at SNL.

Be sure and pick up a copy of Elle King’s new album Love Stuff, available for pre-order now on itunes. For tour info, and more about Elle’s previous recordings, visit

Dale Radio Season 7: Grace McLean


Dale wizards his way into a fantastic conversation with the captivating New York-based singer, performer, and composer, Grace McLean. Dale talks to Grace about ill-conceived live television musicals, finding the pocket, looping your voice, acting one’s age, and what it takes to make it in the burgeoning world of Harry Potter-themed musical groups.

It’s not often Dale is genuinely surprised by something, but such was the case during this episode when Grace introduced him to the genre of Wizard Rock. Dale’s hooked on the whole enterprise, and as a bonus we’ve included Snape Seeker, a track from Grace’s amazing WROCK band, Lily & James. To find out more about that effort visit them online via For more on Grace’s many performances, her solo music, and her work with the band Grace McLean and Them Apples visit Grace’s website

The next Dale Radio Live is part of NYC Podfest 2015, Saturday January 10th at 1pm at Fontana’s on the Lower East Side. Tickets are just $5 and Dale’s guests will be Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, and Jo Firestone. An amazing lineup and a great way to kick off Day 2 of the Fest! Get tickets here.