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Dale Radio Season 8: Chris Shockwave Sullivan


Dale lets all the beats drop in this conversation with performer and musician, Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan. As the host of the Shock and Awesome podcast, Shock interviews amazing guests about their experiences and relationship to music. Dale and Shock worked together in the past, but have never had the opportunity to sit down for a spell and talk things through. In this episode, recorded at Harvestworks in NYC, the two discuss the early days of Freestyle Love Supreme, the percussive rhythm of communication, staying decent, and some thoughts on failure. Shockwave is a terrific guy and a tremendous talent with a long history in improv, music, and performance. Dale tries his hand at beatboxing, but decides its best to leave that to the professionals like Shock.

For more on Shockwave listen to his podcast on Headgum, or catch him on SeeSo with Freestyle Love Supreme. Or just sit tight and he’ll be doing something you’re interested in real soon. Special shout outs this episode to Catie Lazarus and the Employee of the Month show; the legendary Our Hit Parade at Joe’s Pub; and of course, some wee show named Hamilton.

Post photo of Shockwave by Hunter Peress.


Dale Radio Season 8: Mary Houlihan


Dale learns about some crucial comedy-making steps in this conversation with comedian and artist Mary Houlihan. Dale waxes nostalgic with Mary as they talk about his former home of San Francisco and all the tech bubbles and pizza slices therein. The two eventually transition to a discussion about Mary’s animated observations, afternoon open mics, New Jersey transit, feelings on dat boi, and what it’s like to audition for the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. The two also speak openly about managing depression and Dale shares his concerns about a family of migrating birds that have invaded the Gowanus Canal. The episode kicks off with a short story of awkwardness on the subway from comedian Julie Kottakis.

For more on Mary Houlihan find her online at Mary cranks out the online content for so why not pay them a visit. For info on what Julie Kottakis is up to visit


Dale Radio Season 8: Hamm Samwich


Dale shakes off a late night in this early morning conversation with Brooklyn-based drag artist and performer Hamm Samwich. Dale and Hamm have been on the same bill in the past, but this was the first time the two sat down and had a real conversation away from the bright lights of small theaters and even smaller dressing rooms. A provocative presence in person and online, Hamm shares some thoughts with Dale about crafting authentic personas, urgent needs at Target, early theatrical experiences, and the ways in which we’re all just polar bears making armor. Hamm can be found performing around the city with regular gigs at Ars Nova in Manhattan and hosting Karaoke on Sundays at This N’ That Bar (TNT), 108 N 6th Street, in Brooklyn. Or find Hamm on Facebook and Twitter.

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Photo of Hamm performing at Joe’s Pub by Sam Varela.


Dale Radio Season 8: The Trumpet Boys


Dale appreciates the appreciation shown by his guests and musical-comedy giants, The Trumpet Boys. This episode goes a long way in establishing the background and personalities of one of today’s hottest and most in-demand horn trios. Fresh off big shows in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles group members Mark, Ian, and Daniel sit down with Dale for a conversation about fame, comedy, pop music, and life in The Constitution State. The episode also includes some clips from The Trumpet Boys’ recent appearance at Joe’s Pub.

The Trumpet Boys are Mark Vigeant, Ian Stroud, and Dan Fox and have a full blown website and everything. Follow their adventures in and out of Connecticut over at . Mark also has a new book out, entitled, Leaves of Grass I Trimmed With The Mower, a Collection of Dad Poems. Seek it out!


Dale Radio Season 8: Dale Remembers Prince


Dale drapes himself in purple ceremonial robes, which he was excited to finally use, and fills his glass with freshly drawn Minnesota lake water for a special show that considers the career of musical legend Prince. Losing purple stuff is a theme throughout this episode as Dale also tries to get his burgundy shoes shined with disastrous results. He weighs in on the riveting Kelly Ripa meltdown and reports back from two very different arts benefits. As a healing gesture for these tough couple of days, Dale includes a moment from the the brilliant Molly Pope singing The Best is Yet To Come. It’s the closing number from the recent Wunnerful Wunnerful show at Joe’s Pub and it gives Dale all the feels.

Special thanks to Leslie Goshko, Andrew Bancroft, Steve O’Reilly, Eric Biondo, and Chris Shockwave Sullivan for nailing that very tricky song with Molly. For more videos of the evening check the Dale Radio YouTube page.


Dale Radio Season 8: Shalewa Sharpe


Dale heralds the arrival of spring in this engaging discussion with New York based comedian, Shalewa Sharpe. The two quickly hit it off over a love of white jelly beans; fear of cooking with science; saying no to snapchat; southern vacation hot spots; and the many rewarding diversions of pre-cable late night television watching. They also cover a portion of Shalewa’s long and winding path to comedy and New York City while anticipating the arrival of her new comedy album, due out in April of 2016.

Today’s episode is brought to you by visit for a free 30-day trial and audio book. Also thanks to our listeners in Settle, over in the UK! Settle sounds like an amazing place and Dale hopes to visit soon! He gathers it’s just south of Giggleswick and north of Wigglesworth. Those towns sound like names for possums wearing bonnets, but ok, UK we love you! For more on Shalewa visit her online at or

Finally get tickets to see Wunnerful Wunnerful! A Retro Variety Show & Tribute to Lawrence Welk at Joe’s Pub at the Public. Best to get em in advance before they’re gone. Come see Dale and Leslie Goshko host a night of a thousand stars (or like 14 of them) with Molly Pope, Salty Brine, Cariad Harmon, Barrie McLain, The Trumpet Boys, Carol Mendes & Artists, Ashley Perez Flanagan, Andrew Bancroft, Shockwave Sullivan, Eric Biondo, and Steve O’Reilly! Plus Shaye Troha and Tonya Glanz! What a fine musical family this is. Tickets available here.

Photo of Shalewa (included in original post) by Mindy Tucker.


Dale Radio Season 8: Ana Fabrega


Dale chats about hats and other things in this character-focused conversation with comedian Ana Fabrega. Dale and Ana delve into the origins of some of Ana’s comedic personas while also touching on the importance of finding one’s people; the strange magic of conjuring truth; and the endless allure of making awesome stuff in Photoshop. Plus a bonus audio character snapshot from New York comedian and actor Jamie Aderski. This episode coincides with the release of IFC’s Boy Band, featuring Ana and a host of other familiar Dale Radio guests. Visit for full episodes.

Ana runs a weekly, ever-changing show at Over the Eight Bar in Williamsburg, so be sure and check that out. You can find out more about that show or other Fabrega endeavors at Ana’s website, For more on Jamie Aderski and where to see her perform, visit her website

Be sure and get tickets to Dale & Co.’s annual celebration of spring and all things Welk with the big Wunnerful Wunnerful production at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater. Tickets are available now, but will probably go fast. So pick some up today!