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Dale Radio Season 6: Mindy Tucker

Photo of Mindy by: Mindy Tucker & Megan Urie.

Photo of Mindy by Mindy Tucker & Megan Urie.

Dale archives a beautiful evening spent in the company of photographer, Mindy Tucker. For the past six years, Mindy has documented the comedy scene in New York. In doing so, she’s become an integral part of the community, annually producing the highly anticipated annual publication, Year in Comedy. Dale sat down on Mindy’s couch to discuss her origins in Alabama, the initial rush of picking up a Pentax K-1000, the advantages of accepting an invitation, and the wisdom gleaned from her unique perspective on the comedy community.

To see Mindy’s work – just take a look at most every comedian’s headshots or publicity photos – or you can also check out her website. The Year in Comedy is available here.

The next Dale Radio Live is May 14th at The PIT. Dale’s producer James Bewley will be appearing on Thursday, April 24th as part of Tom Shillue’s Funny Story at the Brooklyn Brewery. Storytelling, laughter and beers. What more could you want? All for a reasonable $10 price. Come on out and see this talented youngster tell a tale from his past. Tickets here. Other guests include the very talented Ronica Reddick, Dion Flynn, Kelly Kinsella, Ross Hyzer, and host Tom Shillue. Going to be a great night!

Dale Radio Season 6: Night Fliers

So many good things happened in basements!

So many good things happened in basements!

Dale clears out the clutter in this solo episode recorded during the Great Tax Day Seder Snowstorm of 2014. Engaged in a bit of personal spring cleaning, Dale talks about his ongoing efforts this season to win the President’s physical fitness challenge, merge his talents with innovative technology groups, protect Pepsee from night terrors, and defend the imaginative possibilities of basements.

The next Dale Radio live show is Weds, May 14th at 8pm in The PIT’s Underground space (a fantastic basement). Dale’s guests will be Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha! Ticket info via this link. Oh, and if you want a t-shirt – just send me your address and I’ll get one out to you. One size for all! Dale’s contact is daleradio at gmail (you know the rest).

Dale Radio Season 6: Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Maris Kreizman, and Cocoon Central Dance Team

What a group! Photo by Jena Cumbo.

What a group! Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Dale radiates with wonder and delight in the company of so many talented performers featured on this live episode, recorded April 2nd at The PIT in New York City. Dale and his guests Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Maris Kreizman, and Cocoon Central Dance Team (Sunita Mani, Eleanore Pienta, and Tallie Medel) talk about comical hair extensions, mixing it up with technology, printing out the internet, and what it’s like to speak in a single voice when you’re really three people in gold track suits.

For more on all of Dale’s guests, be sure and visit their websites: Phoebe Robinson (, Livia Scott (, Maris Kreizman (Slaughterhouse 90210), and Cocoon Central (Cocoon Central Dance on Tumblr).

Next Dale Radio Live is Weds, May 14 when Dale’s guests will be: Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha. Tickets available here or at the door.

Dale Radio Season 6: Lauren Maul

Lauren Maul enjoys a chat with Dale.

Lauren Maul enjoys a chat with Dale.

Dale disappears into the world of characters developed by his guest, comedian Lauren Maul. Dale and Lauren spend the afternoon eating strange crackers in an art studio in Brooklyn, where the two discuss comical worship, cabaret witchcraft, walls of post-it jokes, and what can happen when you let your child pretend they’re a puppy that lives in a cupboard. Spoiler alert: Good things!

Two big live episodes are coming up in NYC at The PIT – April 2nd with Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Maris Kreizman, and Cocoon Central Dance Team and May 14th with Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha! Get tickets while you can and be sure to hang out with Dale after the shows.

Dale Radio Season 6: Alison Leiby & Alyssa Wolff

Alyssa and Alison.

Alyssa and Alison.

Dale leans way in during this conversation with comedians and writers Alison Leiby & Alyssa Wolff. The trio discuss useful advice for single ladies, boozy brunch dates, alluring stage personas and the fine art of parody writing. Alison and Alyssa also talk about their recent e-books, Marry Smart…or DIE! and Lean Over: Women, Work, and Women’s Work.

Alison and Alyssa’s books can be found on Amazon here and here. You can also find them both on twitter @AlisonLeiby & @alyssawolff – especially late at night, and in close proximity to hair touchers.

The next DALE RADIO LIVE! is April 2, 8pm at The PIT with Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Maris Kreizman, and Cocoon Central Dance Team. Music by Steve O’Reilly. Get tickets here. It’s going to be a blockbuster.

Dale Radio Season 6: Doogie Horner

Doogie explains it all.

Doogie explains it all.

Dale assumes a lot about a place he’s never really lived, in this conversation with comedian and artist, Doogie Horner. Over some strong black coffee in Sunnyside, Doogie and Dale discuss backyard airports, phunny phacts about Philadelphia, accurate color choices, dueling Wikipedia Browns, and how to deal with canine hecklers. With a special appearance and heavy breathing by Doogie’s fluffy pal, Toby.

Follow Doogie on Twitter @doogiehorner for current live shows and appearances. For more info on his books, short stories, and sketches, visit his website

The next Dale Radio Live is April 2, 8pm at The PIT. Dale’s guests will be Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Liz Danzico, and Maris Kreizman. With an special performance by Cocoon Central Dance Team and music by Steve O’Reilly. Just $5 for a whole lotta show! Tickets available in advance via this link.

Dale Radio Season 6: Sharon Spell

Photo of Sharon Spell by Mindy Tucker.

Photo of Sharon by Mindy Tucker.

Dale slips into a comfortable hoodie of a conversation with comedian and variety show host, Sharon Spell. Sharon makes it over to Dale’s place on a wintry afternoon for a conversation about grief, stuffed monkeys, wild turkeys, and the artistic journey from Mississippi to New York.

Sharon is the host of monthly comedy and variety extravaganza, The Big Shrink at UCBeast. She also helms her own podcast, the aptly named and thoroughly delightful Sharon Spell Show. For more on Sharon follow her on twitter or visit her website,

On Weds April 2nd, Dale Radio returns live to The PIT underground with another amazing lineup of talented and funny individuals including Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Liz Danzico, Maris Kreizman and featuring a very special appearance by the Cocoon Central Dance Team! Oh my goodness, folks, get your $5 tickets now via this link.