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Dale Radio Season 7: Live from SOLOCOM


Dale spoofs a popular murder mystery podcast while asking for your help in solving the riddle of his own life’s downward trajectory. This solo episode includes Dale’s thoughts on colonial candle making, awkward family meals, alien interventions, and other holiday traditions! Dale uses his intro to share some deep feelings, then sets up the full audio from Dale’s wildly popular live appearance in the 2014 SOLOCOM Festival. Happy Misgiving, everybody!

Next up – Dale returns live on January 10th as part of the NYC Podfest! Get tickets now. It’s going to be an amazing show, right after brunch at 1pm in a basement! What kind of whiskey goes with eggs?

Dale Radio Season 7: Betsy Kenney and Dan Fox


Dale couples up with comedy duo Betsy Kenney and Dan Fox. The two talented improvisers join Dale around a table full of handsome pastries in Brooklyn for a conversation about autographed shoes, locally-produced television shows, sad travel agents, David Letterman’s hands, and what it’s like to collaborate with friends who have your back no matter what.

Betsy and Dan are the team behind the comedy supergroup, HANK. Be sure and check out their many online videos on and catch them performing live, in character or as themselves. It’s another interview with two great collaborators. Dale’s beginning to think he ought to get a partner! Of course, he’s been thinking that since the divorce! Enjoy the holidays!

Dale Radio Season 7: Lisa Vikingstad

Lisa is making it happen!

Lisa is making it happen!

Dale tries to recapture the magic of his early days in a conversation with rising comedian and sketch writer, Lisa Vikingstad. Dale wants to know what it’s like to be making comedy as a younger person, and Lisa – like many of her peers – seems to have a lot of things figured out. Over a couple of generous pours of Famous Grouse, the two discuss fending off boredom in high school, Facebook reality shows, surviving sketch comedy, and the many ways in which Dale is similar to Ke$ha.

Follow Lisa Vikingstad on Twitter @lisavikingstad or catch her sometime at The People’s Improv Theater in the house sketch team Totally, Yes!

A reminder that Dale’s doing a first-ever totally alone episode of Dale Radio Live! as part of SOLOCOM 2014. It’s $5, and it happens at The PIT, 123 E. 24th Street, NYC. Find tickets here: Hope to see you as Dale reveals some things about his past that he’s never talked about before!

Dale Radio Season 7: Dale is Naked and Afraid

A moment of pungent reflection. Photo by Leah Rae Zimmerman.

A moment of pungent reflection. Photo by Leah Rae Zimmerman.

Dale relies on nothing but his wits and survivalist training in this solo episode as he tries to make it through a moment of genuine doubt. Staring out on the rows of garbage trucks that block his view of New York harbor, Dale tries to make sense of his lackluster career, shares some backstage secrets, takes inspiration from Auntie Anne’s, and manages to find some things he enjoys. The hidden history of trousers, for instance.

Like Dale on his own? Well, he’s got a big solo show coming up next week, as he debuts an all-new just Dale set as part of the 2014 SOLOCOM solo comedy festival. Tickets are just $5. Dale’s hosting the character night on Nov. 14, then he’ll do his own thing on Saturday, November 15 at 8:50pm in the PIT’s Underground space. More info online here:

Dale Radio Season 7: Josh Gondelman, Janelle James, Amber Nelson & Leslie Goshko

A good looking group! Photo by Rebecca Smeyne.

A good looking group! Photo by Rebecca Smeyne.

Dale illuminates some dark corners in this live episode featuring a dazzling lineup of comedians and storytellers. With the fine and funny group of Leslie Goshko, Amber Nelson, Janelle James, and Josh Gondelman, Dale discusses Methodist sex cults, life in the swamps, kitchen supply costumes for kids, depressing television updates, and we find out about everyone’s favorite cheeses. The show also features a Diff’rent Strokes duet and various takes on life lessons and obsessions. Music by Steve O’Reilly.

Next up Dale can be spotted filling in as a sidekick on the Running Late with Scott Rogowsky program, Thursday, October 30th at Littlefield along the Gowanus. Then he’s hosting a night of character work and doing his own solo show as part of the 2014 SOLOCOM solo comedy festival at The PIT. As usual, be sure and rate or review Dale on itunes or listen in on Stitcher Radio. Lots of great ways to get your weekly Dale fix! We’ll be back in January with full live shows as part of the NYC Podfest and more!

Dale Radio Season 7: Sara Benincasa

Sara has a keen eye for many things!

Sara has a keen eye for many things!

Dale readies himself for an insightful quest in this wide-reaching conversation with comedian, author, host, and writer of things on the internet, Sara Benincasa. Sara welcomed Dale to her East Coast apartment for some naturally-sweetened afternoon tea and a discussion that touched on the many layers of Gamergate; the well-rounded readers of Playboy; the mesmerizing chicken screen at LaGuardia, and the comforting sensation of a homemade smoothie.

Thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Listen to tons of great stuff including (soon) Sara reading her book memoir, Agorafabulous!: Dispatches from My Bedroom for free by visiting and begin your 30-Day trial! How exciting! Dale’s had some relationships that he’d consider a 30-day trial. Those were not free.

Oh, and Dale had it wrong on the Manifesto 1 Year Anniversary Party that Sara’s doing (along with other Friends of the Program Emmy Blotnick, Sue Smith, Dave Hill, and more!) on October 26th. That event is at Littlefield, in Gowanus. Tickets available here.

And by all means, come out and see Dale Radio Live! Weds, October 29th at The PIT in NYC. The show starts at 8pm with guests Josh Gondelman, Janelle James, Amber Nelson, and Leslie Goshko. We’ll have music by Steve O’Reilly and candies from an elephant. Tickets available here:

Dale Radio Season 7: Jacqueline Novak

Photo by Phil Provencio.

Photo by Phil Provencio.

Dale shares some important notions of his own in this conversation with comedian and writer, Jacqueline Novak. Amidst a duo of curious cats poking at Dale’s buttons, Jacqueline and Dale talk rocky encounters with suggestive singing groups, dashed theatrical hopes, stimulating rides on Metro North, casting aside old blazers, and passing the turkey with Lena Dunham.

You can keep Jacqueline’s album in the number one position in all of our hearts, but purchasing Quality Notions on itunes. To see Jacqueline perform visit her site, or follow her on twitter @jacquelinenovak.

And get tickets to see Dale Radio Live on October 29th at The PIT, when he’ll be joined by Josh Gondelman, Janelle James, Amber Nelson, and Leslie Goshko! We’ll also have Steve O’Reilly making the musics. More info and online tix available here.