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Dale Radio Season 7: Dale Asks Four Questions


Dale props the door open for a ghost to join him at supper in this solo episode, where truth be told, he probably asks more than four questions. He also recorded this podcast lying down, so there’s that. As spring finally arrives, Dale reflects on his spiritual beliefs, biblical subway rides, and time traveling mentors. He also offers thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the big show at Joe’s Pub this last week, and offers some thoughts on how to solve the drought in California.

Next Dale Radio Live is Tuesday, April 28th at The PIT in NYC. Come see Dale discuss bed bugs and comedy with Doogie Horner, Mehran Khaghani, Anna Callegari, and science writer (and bed bug expert) Brooke Borel! Dale’s skin is crawling just thinking about this one. Sleep with your eyes open, folks! And get tickets here.

Dale Radio Season 7: Rebecca Vigil


Dale panics in a very slow cab as he makes his way to Astoria for a conversation with comedic improviser and musical talent, Rebecca Vigil. Dale and Rebecca met backstage of the Running Late with Scott Rogowsky program, which as it turns out, is very appropriate given how late Dale was in reaching Rebecca’s apartment. Once inside and from the comfort of her couch, the two discuss winning big, auto-correcting one’s life choices, and the joys of temporary employment.

Don’t miss Rebecca in her improvised musical at The PIT, April 28th. But if you do miss it, that’s probably because you were seeing Dale Radio Live on the same night in the basement of the same place. NYC! So full of excitement. And also – don’t forget to check out Dale’s tribute to Lawrence Welk, Wunnerful Wunnerful! at Joe’s Pub on Saturday, April 11th at 9:30. Get tickets in advance for the best seats via this link.

Dale Radio Season 7: Bridget Everett, Nore Davis, Joe Randazzo, and Naomi Ekperigin


Dale loosens things way up, just in time for spring in a spectacular live show recorded at The PIT in NYC. Dale welcomes a sensational lineup of guests, including Bridget Everett (Inside Amy Schumer), Nore Davis (Comedy Central), Joe Randazzo (The Onion), and Naomi Ekperigin (Broad City) for a wide-ranging conversation about day old bagels, how to succeed in comedy, the allure of Yonkers, performing at Carnegie Hall, and clothing with a mind of its own. Music by Andrew Bancroft and Ashley Perez Flanagan of the hot new band Moondrunk.

Whatta time! Be sure and follow all of Dale’s guests online; seek out Joe’s new book, Funny On Purpose; and make plans to catch Dale & Leslie Goshko, along with a cast of brilliant performers, as they take on the world of Lawrence Welk in the new variety show, Wunnerful Wunnerful! Don’t miss the debut performance at Joe’s Pub in NY, Saturday, April 11th at 9:30pm. Get tickets now and ensure a good seat.

Photo of the group by Jena Cumbo.

Dale Radio Season 7: Reformed Whores


Dale goes in the backdoor (and up five flights of wooden stairs) to reach the comedy boudoir of musical duo, Reformed Whores. Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame welcome Dale to spread out on their spacious couch next to a sweet and slumbering pussy. The trio have a steamy exchange that covers slippery bathroom floors, wild late night calls, intimate meetings in Los Angeles, and the delicate exploration of one’s instrument. Listeners may need a shower and a smoke after this one!

Reformed Whores join Dale on April 11th at Joe’s Pub in NYC for Wunnerful Wunnerful!, a show that pays tribute to the magic and influence of the Lawrence Welk program. Tickets are $20 and some great seats are still available via the Joe’s Pub site, or on The ladies will be playing live as part of the Bad Assery Women & Comedy Conference at the Bell House – with many friends of this program – in Brooklyn, so check listings for that. The Whores’ album Ladies Don’t Spit is available on itunes, or wherever you find great music and their second album will be out later this year.

Dale Radio Season 7: Dale Sees a Hawk


Dale thaws out as spring approaches. A return to the midnight recording sessions of earlier seasons, this episode finds Dale alone in the dark, sharing his thoughts on rising sea levels, classic TV space adventures, art therapy, birds of prey, and two big upcoming live shows. He also dives into the e-dale inbox to respond to some items from eager listeners.

Next Dale Radio Live is Tues, March 24th 8pm at The PIT Underground. Dale’s guests will be Bridget Everett, Joe Randazzo, Nore Davis, and Naomi Ekperigin. Get tickets in advance or at the door, just $10. We’ll have a good time in a basement. As always.

Photo: The baddest hawk there ever was. Not the one Dale saw, but the one he admires most. From Buck Rogers.

Dale Radio Season 7: Isaac Oliver


Dale wades through a hundred puddles of slush and takes the longest train ride of his life to arrive at the spacious uptown writer’s retreat of humorist, playwright, and performer Isaac Oliver. Over some freshly brewed coffee, Dale and Isaac discuss romantic telegrams, haunted residencies, glittery myspace posts, and the unending quest for intimacy. Isaac’s book, Intimacy Idiot comes out in June, and it’s surely something you’ll want to be intimate with all summer.

In addition to submitting your pre-orders for Isaac’s book, why not go ahead and secure some tickets for the next Dale Radio Live on Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm at NYC’s The PIT. Dale’s guests will be Bridget Everett, Joe Randazzo, Nore Davis, and Naomi Ekperigin. That is some top flight comedy, folks. Plus – Dale might wear a new tie! Lots to look forward to. Dear snow, please stop!

Dale Radio Season 7: Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, and Cariad Harmon


Dale chips away at the ice hardening around his hopes and dreams in a fantastic live show with comedians Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, and Julio Torres along with singer/songwriter Cariad Harmon. The five discuss the beautiful possibilities of New York while also covering topics like space travel, hypersleep, dance halls, British footwear, lobbying, sex stuff, Julie Andrews, and working for Panera Bread. With music by Steve O’Reilly.

Be sure and find out more about all of Dale’s guests by visiting their pages or twitter accounts or tracking their online personas somehow. Cariad’s album, Cariad Harmon is available now wherever you get your music. Kaytlin has an unnamed solo show coming up soon so check that out. Matteo is everywhere. Julio is one to watch.

Photo of the group by Jena Cumbo.

Next live show March 24th, 8pm at The PIT, NYC.