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Dale Radio Season 8: Live at SF Sketchfest


Dale clears a hole in the fog just large enough for him to slip into another sold-out SF Sketchfest show in San Francisco. With the help of fellow night-owl DJ Hootsy, Dale welcomes an eclectic mix of guests for the first-ever Deep Night with Dale Seever performance. After a video introduction and short makeup tutorial with local drag artist Creme Fatale, Dale delves into the dark corners of the imagination with guests Andy Wright, George Chen, and Ariel Waldman. The four get into radionics, hermits, raves, weird energies, space travel, and comedy in this wide-ranging conversation. Dale’s always happy to be back in SF and thanks everyone who made it out. Bonus character portrait this week from NY-based comedian and storyteller, Val Roder!

Next Deep Night with Dale is February 16th in Los Angeles at the world famous Hammer Museum at UCLA. Conveniently located on the corner of Wilshire and Westwood, this hotspot is going to burn bright as Dale brings a brand new show to LA with guests Kate Berlant, Cyrus Ghahremani, Megan Rosenbloom, DJ Nina Tarr, and more. There will be a bar and parking below the museum. The event is free – so what are you waiting for – start driving over now! See you soon, LA!!


Dale Radio Season 8: New York New Year


Dale toots his mighty horn and wades through a massive balloon drop in celebration of another year in New York. In this solo episode, Dale shares a memory of dancing in Grand Central; describes a difficult paint and wine night in Cincinnati; and explores the ancient history of beavers in Times Square. Dale also plugs two big shows coming up in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Thanks to our sponsor,

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San Francisco!! Dale is coming your way with a big show as part of SF Sketchfest. Dale can’t wait to see you as he brings you a brand new show with guests science hero Ariel Waldman (What’s It Like in Space); comedian George Chen (Sup Doc Podcast); and journalist Andy Wright (Atlas Obscura). Plus music from DJ Hootsy aka Jon Wolanske and a full sketch show Killing My Lobster!! Tuesday, January 19, 8pm at the Eureka Theater, San Francisco. Get tickets!


Dale Radio Season 8: Adam Wade


Dale hangs his gold-toe stockings with care for this wonderful holiday conversation with comedian and storyteller, Adam Wade. Dale and Adam have a lot in common and this episode finds them sitting down and swapping tales of performing in basements; resembling cast members of Ghostbusters; creatively redesigning Port Authority; and putting in the work to make it in showbiz. Adam recently released a terrific storytelling album, The Human Comedy, and Dale asks for a deep dive into the mechanics of putting the album together. Adam not only discusses his process, but shares some early influences that encouraged him to move away from standup and into the world of telling honest stories drawn from real life. In addition, Dale offers a tour of his Christmas decorations and there’s a new character portrait from Los Angeles-based comedian, Claire Downs.

Adam Wade’s album, The Human Comedy is available on or on itunes. Dale can’t recommend this thing highly enough – makes a perfect companion for long rides to see family (or get away from them). Adam performs regularly at The Moth and teaches an extraordinary class at NYC’s Magnet Theater. See him live and know that decent guys still exist out there! Claire Downs can be seen in the online series, These People, available at

Dale’s taking a break for the holidays, but catch him live at SF SKETCHFEST!! Tuesday, January 19th with guests DJ Hootsy, Andy Wright, George Chen, and more!! Tickets are $20 – and for that you get Deep Night with Dale as well as a hilarious set from San Francisco’s comedy legends, Killing My Lobster. Get tickets now before they sell out!

Photo of Adam by the incomparable Mindy Tucker.


Dale Radio Season 8: Bowen Yang


Dale experiments with a potent mixture of science and laughter in a conversation with New York comedian Bowen Yang. Bowen and Dale talk about fantasy ostrich purchases, wealthy older women, getting into character, and the welcome shift toward greater diversity in the entertainment biz. Dale also breaks out a classic Sex and the City impression that he usually reserves for the clubs. With a bonus audio character portrait from Dale’s old high school chum, Justin Jude Carroll.

For more on Bowen, follow him on twitter @bowenyang. For more on Chocobos, play Final Fantasy. This is a link to a picture of one being ridden by a cat…or something. Justin Jude Carroll’s homepage is – be sure and visit and catch him with his new project PWP.

San Francisco! Dale’s comin atcha with a brand new show on Tuesday, January 19th at 8pm at the Eureka Theater. It’s another double header with our old friends at Killing My Lobster. Tickets are sure to sell quickly, so grab some early. This will be a majorly exciting show, Dale guarantees it!


Dale Radio Season 8: Stuffed Bird


Dale stuffs his bird with special audio memories from episodes past. In the midst of celebrating a very Gowanus Thanksgiving, Dale pauses to reflect on conversations with dating expert Rachel Russo; comedy superstar and Metro-North fan, Jacqueline Novak; and with himself as he recounts a very dangerous sounding Seever Harvest Festival. This episode also features a slightly abridged version of the classic holiday moments captured during Dale’s Black Friday Special. Dale and two ladies from his family drive through many parking lot malls in the wee hours in search of bargains and a comfortable place to sleep away from the pungent Hickory Farms display. With a character audio portrait by Baby Pepsee, making her Dale Radio debut!

Happy Holiday weekend, everybody! Hope you have a wonderful time eating and then passing out on a couch or a nice bathroom floor somewhere. If you enjoy this program, rate and review us on itunes and subscribe to Dale’s webseries Opening Bags, on YouTube.


Dale Radio Season 8: Brett Davis

Brett Davis

Dale makes it extra special with comedian and impresario, Brett Davis. Dale is no stranger to hosting gigs and he and Brett bond over their love of being the glue that holds all the comedy together. Brett and Dale also talk about Andy Kaufman’s desk, the villainy of Kelsey Grammer, soothing steel drums, and the mechanics of producing a show on public access. This episode features short audio bits from a variety of SOLOCOM performers including David Lawson, Joanna Shaw Flamm, Lori Hammel, Amanda Miller, Lauren Maul, and Rory Scholl.

Brett Davis is the host and mastermind behind the popular television program, The Special Without Brett Davis. You can watch that every Weds at 11pm on MNN, or catch up on past episodes via the show’s YouTube channel. Each week, Brett appears as one of his alter egos in an entirely new premise, with a cast of recurring characters that contributes to a larger world of lizard people, delusional celebrities, and easily distracted dungeon masters. Brett recently won the coveted Andy Kaufman Award in comedy, and is the co-host of the monthly variety show The Macaulay Culkin Show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, and runs the monthly Lethal Lottery show at Over The Eight in Williamsburg.

SOLOCOM returns for another year of amazing shows by solo performers. Founded by award-winning performer Peter Michael Marino, SOLOCOM runs November 20-22, 2015 at the People’s Improv Theater in New York City. The festival takes over The PIT with more than 120 shows ranging from 15-60 minutes over 3 days. Tickets and information on A festival pass is available for just $25.

If you enjoy this program, rate and review us on itunes and subscribe to Dale’s webseries Opening Bags, on YouTube.

Photo of Brett in post by Andrew Bisdale. Slider image by Mindy Tucker.


Dale Radio Season 8: The Templeton Philharmonic


Dale enters a Tim Hortons state of mind in this episode with The Templeton Philharmonic, an award-winning sketch comedy duo based in Toronto. Fair-haired Gwynne Phillips and raven-locked Briana Templeton sit down with Dale to talk about famous clam drinks of the great north, inspirational vintage photographs, the urge to preemptively apologize, and the sly dagger of Canadian comedy. With a special character snapshot from comedian, writer and founder of Project UROK, Jenny Jaffe.

For more on The Templeton Philharmonic, visit their website and by all means see their show 7pm on Friday the 13th at the Magnet Theater in NYC. Get tickets here and show em New York loves interpretive dance! Jenny Jaffe’s Project UROK is an amazing resource and something Dale highly recommends. Please visit, let people know about it, and spread the word. There are places out there to find assistance and get help!

And if you enjoy quality web programming, why not check out the hot new comedy site, San Frangeles! They’re hosting Dale’s web series, Opening Bags – a series in which Dale opens a new bag every week and tells you all about it! So fun!