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Dale Radio Season 6: Nikki Glaser, Jean Grae, Streeter Seidell, and Jessica Delfino

The gang's all here! Photo by Jena Cumbo.

The gang’s all here! Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Dale sends off another sensational year of the podcast in this special season finale episode recorded live June 25th, 2014 at The PIT in NYC. Dale welcomes comedian Nikki Glaser, hip-hop star Jean Grae, comedian Streeter Seidell, and NY Funny Song Fest creator Jessica Delfino for a laugh-filled conversation that touches on shameful secrets, veterans of Maine, Garfield’s pals, hand goatees, and the beauty of saying yes to everything. As a bonus, Jessica shares a hilarious song off her new album Songs to Make War To and Steve O’Reilly provides music throughout.

All of these guests are amazing and have tons of great things going on. Please be sure and check out Jessica’s album, which you can download via this link. Get into Jean Grae’s fantastic sitcom, Life with Jeannie at Nikki can be seen in many places, but maybe not Florida anytime soon, her website is And Streeter’s podcast Talk of Shame is up here. Follow them all on twitter and you will not be disappointed.

Thanks to everyone who made this such a great season!! Be sure and give us a rating and review on itunes. Enjoy the summer! We’re back with a new season at The PIT on Weds, September 24th at 8pm. See you then!

Dale Radio Season 6: Katharine Heller

Katharine Heller and Dale enjoy some time together!

Katharine Heller and Dale enjoy some time together!

Dale provides a generous pour of personal information in this conversation with talented comedian and actor Katharine Heller, host of the storytelling podcast Tell The Bartender. The two saddled up to Katharine’s kitchen table/bar and talked about Dale’s royal ties to London, riding in sidecars, the hassle of muddling, and breakdancing in the Bronx.

Be sure to check out and subscribe to Katharine’s podcast, Tell the Bartender. And see one of her live shows when they come around!

Dale is live Weds, June 25th at 8pm at the PIT with a terrific season finale show. For tickets and information, follow this link.

Dale Radio Season 6: Crista Freeman & Jess Eddy of Phin & Phebes

Jess and Crista like ice cream almost as much as Dale!

Jess and Crista like ice cream almost as much as Dale!

Dale melts into an inspiring conversation with Crista Freeman & Jess Eddy, founders of Phin & Phebes ice cream. The trio talk about starting the company, the artistry of inventing new flavors, fond memories of Ice Cream University, and exploring the romantic possibilities of mouthfeel. Need a way to cool down this summer? Grab a pint (or two) of Phin & Phebes and enjoy!

Dale thanks Crista & Jess for having him to their lovely HQ and for the delicious treats bestowed upon him. You too can enjoy a cool time with Dale at the next Dale Radio Live on Weds June 25th! This amazing season winds to a close in New York City’s PIT Underground at 8pm. Take the 6 train or a cab to 123 E. 24th Street, and we’ll be down under the bar. Tickets are still available online or at the door. Dale’s guests will be Nikki Glaser, Jean Grae, Streeter Seidell, and Jessica Delfino – music by Steve O’Reilly. Come celebrate another fantastic year of Dale Radio! OH MY GOODNESS!!

Dale Radio Season 6: Best Deals in the Seven Kingdoms

Deep discounts on Ironborn cookware!

Deep discounts on Ironborn cookware!

Dale sails through an animated map of his own life in this solo episode of Dale Radio. Dale reflects on an amazing sixth season and stirs up some excitement for his future. He may not have to fight off any mammoth-riding giants anytime soon, but he has been waging an ongoing battle with damp socks for the better part of two weeks. He also talks about poorly planned worm festivals, what it’s like to hang backstage with Steve Buscemi, and the simple joys of riding in a taxi after a show.

Don’t miss the sensational season six live finale! Weds, June 25th, 8pm at The PIT Underground! Dale’s guests will be Nikki Glaser, Jean Grae, Streeter Seidell, and Jessica Delfino! Music by Steve O’Reilly! Tickets available via this link.

Dale Radio Season 6: Rachel Rosenthal

Rachel raps with Dale.

Rachel raps with Dale.

Dale drops a beat then picks it back up again in this conversation with improviser and comedian Rachel Rosenthal. Dale and Rachel talk about regrettable late night hash tags, time-traveling short distances, hoarding bridesmaid dresses, and enjoying the view from the ground floor.

Catch up with Rachel via her website ( or get some sweet Bridesmaid tips via June is a great time to be a Bridesmaid – so be sure you have all the info you need! The bridesmaid at Dale’s wedding collapsed the party tent during a stripper pole demonstration gone awry. She’s now a sandwich engineer at Subway in Cape Coral, Florida. Say hello if you’re down that way!

If you’re seeing this on Weds, May 28th, 2014 – Dale will be doing a guest spot on the Running Late with Scott Rogowsky Program at Littlefield in Brooklyn. Some amazing people on that lineup. Check it out.

Dale Radio Season 6: Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha

Another great live show! Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Another great live show! Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Dale picks up the pieces of his broken, whiskey-soaked heart in this special live episode, recorded on May 14, 2014 at The PIT in NYC. Dale welcomes guests Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, and DJ Rekha for a conversation on basement music, failed marriages, dad fashion, sweat, and the swingin drug scene in London circa 1997. Music by Steve O’Reilly.

Bonus! This episode has an interactive component for you, the home/subway listener. It’s Dale’s Drinking Game of Thrones! Fans of the HBO program about dragons and unclothed people in dire situations will find lots of hidden references to that show in this episode. Every time you hear one, have a drink!

The guests on this live episode of Dale Radio have lots going on that the listener can participate in as well. Dave Hill’s the host of the amazing The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, broadcast every Tuesday from 9pm – 12am on WFMU. Laura Prangley will once again be your guide for the Late Night Uncorked Comedy nights at City Winery with two shows on June 7th and July 19th. Giulia Rozzi is performing around town and around the country all the time – but she’s also a part of a terrific new web series called Seeing Other People – you can support that effort here. And DJ Rekha is hosting the phenomenal Basement Bhangra dance party at Le Poisson Rouge, on June 5th. Tickets and info available here.

So many greats! Come on out and celebrate the final live show of the star-studded Season 6, Wednesday, June 25th at 8pm at The PIT. Tickets are $8/$10. Dale’s guests will be Nikki Glaser, Jean Grae, Streeter Seidell, and Jessica Delfino!

Dale Radio Season 6: Megan Neuringer

Megan and Macarons!

Megan and Macarons!

Dale orders up a small latte and a vanilla macaron in this bustling café chat with comedian and actor, Megan Neuringer. Dale is convinced that this is Megan’s moment and the two of them talk careers, feeding chicken to the stars, what it’s like to navigate pilot season, and family vacations in suspect hotel rooms.

You can catch Megan in her regular stand-up appearances and frequent guest spots on @Midnight on Comedy Central. Her webseries Escape from Brooklyn can be found here. Our thanks to Megan and a special shout out to the pastry-loving Magic the Gathering Players sitting behind us. Follow Megan on twitter at @MeganNeuringer .