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Deep Night Season 10: Dale Sees His Shadow Self

Dale sinks down into an frightening pool of personal despair following a recent trip to Austin, where he faced some angry birds in a parking lot and had a little too much late night ice cream from the food truck. He tries to put some distance between his mysterious shadow self and reclaim his usual optimistic disposition, not unlike a late-April daffodil pushing its way through the cold damp soil in search of the warmth of that elusive, springtime sun. While trying to come to terms with a creative and emotional block, his thoughts wander to his own elaborate plans for the end of his life; how scared he is of computer animation; and how lovely it used to be when there was a salad bar in every restaurant, even the bad ones. The universe is full of black holes, and this episode may be one of them.

Deep Night Season 10: Jim Tews

Dale sketches out a fine conversation with comedian and cat lover, Jim Tews. Dale and Jim discover they had similar upbringings full of flea markets, marching bands, and questionable parenting choices involving vans. The two take a Deep Night dive into the finer points of Jim’s summer gig as a caricature artist at a Pennsylvania theme park. They also discuss Jim’s time spent guarding the Northern Border in Cleveland and talk through a recent project involving the founder of MyPillow. Jim shares what it was like to compete on Last Comic Standing and how he turned a cat blog into a best seller. Over the course of the episode Dale suggests some essential truths about his guest and they end with some thoughts on meditation and keeping in shape. Plus Dale sails into some new scholarship with a recently revealed item about those new-age-loving Vikings.

Comedian and writer Jim Tews is the creator of the New York Times Bestseller “Felines of New York.” He made his stand-up television debut on Last Comic Standing and was featured in an episode of Louie. Previously he was one of 2011’s New Faces at Just For Laughs Montreal and has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, as well as SF Sketchfest. His recent comedy album “I Was In Band” debuted at #3 on the iTunes comedy charts. He performs regularly in New York at the Comedy Cellar, UCB, and many other venues around town.

Deep Night Season 10: Dale Thinks About Joining a Cult

Dale finds out that his wife Galinda has left the apartment leaving him alone for an undetermined amount of time. Operating from this dark and lonely place, Dale struggles to find something to occupy his time while keeping his long simmering anger in check. He considers joining a cult; revisits some classic video game characters of his youth; and imagines what would happen if he passed on then miraculously came back to life and opened up a franchise restaurant. Dale also reports back from his recent experience at the holistic healing center where he got punctured and cupped and explains the ways in which certain crystals can enhance one’s love life. Plus Dale pines for the boho lifestyle he keeps seeing on Instagram. Who are these folks in the big hats?

Next live show is May 16th at the Slipper Room. Save the date!

Deep Night Season 10: Sarah Sherman

Dale slips into his own glittering animal print leotard for a conversation with Chicago’s comedy sensation, Sarah Sherman (aka Sarah Squirm). Dale caught-up with Sarah during a recent mini-tour across the lands east of Lake Michigan and right before a flurry of New York appearances. The two talk about uncomfortable body stuff, the history of meat performances, sneaky trips to the city by teenagers from Long Island, and connections between noise bands and stand up comedy. Sarah’s show Hell Trap Nightmare is coming to New York in April, and it’s well worth checking out. Dale’s already looking for Easter candy, so he starts the show by leading the listener on a guided meditation of a local convenience store. OPEN YOUR PORTALS!

For more on Sarah visit her website: Helltrap Nightmare is April 20 at Baby’s All Right. Tickets available here:

Photo of Sarah in the original post by Matt Schwerin for the Chicago Reader.

Deep Night Season 10: Live with Emily Flake, Kenice Mobley, Tisher and Rumrill, and Julia Shiplett

Dale reckons he’d find a lot of important answers inside a black hole, if only he could poke his noggin in one for a moment or two… Once he gets done waxing about the cosmos, Dale welcomes a fantastic lineup of guests to ponder life and comedy here on earth. This week Dale’s guests include cartoonist Emily Flake; comedian and movie-lover Kenice Mobley; two fellas sharing many bad ideas Joe Rumrill and Andrew Tisher; and the very funny star of HBO’s Crashing (for one episode) Julia Shiplett! Plus strange sounds from the multiverse from thereminist, Cornelius Loy. Dale chats everyone up about exclusive islands, manic robots, and how podcasts are becoming the new punk rock.

Photo in original post by Rebecca Greenfield.

Deep Night Season 10: Wendi Starling

Dale brews some bathtub kombucha in preparation for a energizing conversation with comedian and fellow podcaster, Wendi Starling. Wendi is not known for holding back, so she and Dale get into some heavy business right from the get go. Suffering from allergies and recovering from a late night in a smoke-filled bar, Wendi traces her journey from hallucinatory, sleep deprived days growing up in Orange County to her current life pursuing comedy and other money making adventures in New York. The two talk candidly about being bi-polar, the ways podcasting has helped Wendi’s stage sets, and how sex work is similar to managing the cheese counter at Whole Foods. Dale talks about his early exposure to the female form and recounts a recent interaction with a weird looking rodent.

For more on Wendi – visit or follow her on twitter @wendistarling. Tune into Wendi’s podcasts The Oldest Profession and Jammerz on Apple Podcasts or wherever you enjoy such things.

Deep Night Season 10: Gas Station Vortex

Dale comes face to face with a negative energy vortex thanks to a necessary stop at a gas station outside of Atlanta. In this solo episode, Dale is just back from helping his wife Galinda with her nationwide healing practice, and he recalls some of the awkward times he’s had on the road dealing with the after-effects of cleansing rituals. He discovers a well-kept secret in Taos and realizes that shapeshifters must account for most of the Earth’s population. Plus Dale offers some tips on how to make the most of a healing bath while on a tight budget and lends some deep night thoughts about the universe.

Dale’s hosting a special RSVP (Real Sexy Variety Party) at the Arlo Hotel in on Friday and Saturday March 9 & 10th – with burlesque, beatboxing, and ventriloquism on the bill. Tickets are still available for a very intimate evening in New York. Info here: Then he gears up for another Deep Night with Dale Live at the Slipper Room. Weds, March 14th at 8pm – Dale’s live with a great lineup of talented comedians. Info here: