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Deep Night Season 9: Live with Michael Kupperman, Kyle Ayers, Shalewa Sharpe and Glockabelle


Dale counts his many, many blessings during this generously-portioned, live Thanksgiving Eve edition of the program. From the world famous Slipper Room in NYC, Dale offers some thoughts on the bones in our bodies and shares the best way to prepare river meats for your next Gowanus-inspired holiday meal. As the Deep Night rolls on, Dale welcomes comedian Shalewa Sharpe for some tales about cookie trays and misguided balloon choices; comedian Kyle Ayers gets a surprise tarot reading and makes Dale uncomfortable with some sex talk; and then graphic novelist and great comedy mind Michael Kupperman talks terrible heroes, kid wizards, and stolen banisters. Featuring energizing music by the amazing Glockabelle and a bit of impressive character work from the entire group as Dale insists on another foray into the world of Deep Night Theater. On this episode: Handsome Gordon and the Space Explorers!

For more on Glockabelle’s touring schedule and where to purchase her EP, Wolf BBQ, visit Shalewa’s comedy album, Stay Eating Cookies, can be found on itunes. Kyle Ayers is taping a half hour at Union Hall on Dec. 1, but you can also visit his website for any other upcoming show info, Michael Kupperman’s internet portal is located aptly enough at and Dale encourages you to pick up any one of his fine books either through online outlets or at your local book merchant.

The next Deep Night live is on Weds January 11th, when Dale’s guests at the Slipper Room will be comedy superstar Michelle Buteau, mindreader Vinny DePonto, and others with a special conjuring with Sandy Honig of the Three Busy Debras.

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Deep Night Season 9: New Realities


Dale awakens in his Himalayan Sleeping Cocoon to discover a new reality awaits him after a bruising recent election. He and Galinda are doing their best to center themselves as the floor below them feels like quicksand. How could they have been so wrong? Well, they were and now they have to live with it. Dale tries to distract himself from the situation by recounting three recent trips involving Westworld-like robot repairs, puffin fanciers of Alaska, and a fond farewell held in Philadelphia.

Join Dale and his guests for a soothing Thanksgiving Eve special, live from the Slipper Room in NYC! Wednesday, November 23 at 8pm/doors at 7pm. Tickets are $10/12 and available here to spend time with comedy greats Michael Kupperman, Kyle Ayers, and Shalewa Sharpe. Featuring music by Glockabelle.

Remember to review and rate the program on itunes, it really does give Dale hope.


Deep Night Season 9: Marie Faustin


Dale trudges through the emotional and literal gloom of post-election dismay in NYC and finds a pulsing spark of hope in his conversation with comedian, YouTube star, and radio host, Marie Faustin. Marie is the first person Dale’s encounters after a sleepless night watching the results come in and they discuss their immediate reaction to what’s just been decided for the country. The two brighten things up considerably by tracing Marie’s path to comedy, including her childhood in NY, long hours spent in Haitian church services, carefully packaged food, stolen lotions, and a constant refrain of people telling her, “Hey you’re funny, you should be a comedian!” Plus, Dale learns a lot about hair! Dale ends up inspired by Marie and her work and feels ever so slightly better about where things are headed.

Tune in to Marie’s radio program Tall Tales in the Big City, Thursdays from 7-8pm on 99.5FM (or Marie is a comedian and storyteller who has been featured in GQ Magazine, MTV, Refinery29, EliteDaily and a variety of other digital platforms. She co-hosts The Warm Up, a monthly show at Karma Lounge in NYC at 8pm on the second Saturday of every month. She is also the co-host of Oxygen’s Very Real Talk and performs all over the city weekly.

The next live Deep Night is happening at The Slipper Room, Weds November 23, at 8pm with doors at 7pm. Tickets available in advance or at the door. Joining Dale will be Michael Kupperman, Kyle Ayers, and Shalewa Sharpe with music by the wonderful Glockabelle.


Deep Night Season 9: Scout Durwood


Dale blazes through a terrific episode with actor and comedian, Scout Durwood. One of the stars of the new MTV series Mary + Jane, Scout visits Deep Night to talk about her role on the show; her career in music and comedy; and her experience of life in Los Angeles and how that differs from her time in New York. Dale and Scout get along famously and in the course of their wide-ranging conversation the two discuss terrible edibles, backstage burlesque, unreal reality, empowering alter egos, and the path from Miss USA to MTV. Plus a Gowanus update and a weed-inspired tune from Howler Hills Farm. Join Dale and Scout as they travel through…the DEEP NIGHT.

Mary + Jane airs on the MTV Mondays at 10pm and then again on Hulu. Scout plays the character Jordan, who along with her roommate and friend, Paige, played by Jessica Rothe, embark on a new business delivering marijuana to customers in LA. For more on the program visit For more on Scout, find her online at Her new album is on its way soon on the Blue Elan label, so keep an ear and eye out for that.


Deep Night Season 9: Colin Dickey


Dale investigates the curious conditions that make ghost stories so pervasive in American culture with author, Colin Dickey. Colin’s new book Ghostland: American History in Haunted Places is a cross-country journey through the nation’s most infamous haunted structures. Dale and Colin discuss his first-hand accounts of the locations he’s visited, from the storied Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, to the truly terrifying Moundsville Prison in West Virginia, and the floating coffins of New Orleans. Dale’s spent some time in a few of these eerie places and he shares his own experience spending the night at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles and recalls checking into a motel full of sadness on the outskirts of Reno. Are ghosts really out there, or is it just a faulty heating unit? Join Dale and Colin as they enter the DEEP NIGHT to find out.

Colin Dickey’s Ghostland can be purchased on Amazon or wherever books are sold. For more on Colin and information about his other terrific books, including the one discussed about the stolen heads of famous people, visit his website


Deep Night Season 9: Lindsay Goldwert


Dale attempts to soothe our collective unease during this tense election period with an episode focused on balance and value. While the mood outside may be filled with anxiety, in the Deep Night things are safe and warm and the air smells faintly of pumpkin spice. Dale welcomes weary listeners to this place of audio comfort, where he’s joined by fellow podcast host and Libra, Lindsay Goldwert. Lindsay is a journalist, comedian, and creator of SPENT, a weekly financial podcast that explores our complicated, often comical relationship to money. Because we’re all enduring some form of distress, politically or financially, Dale invited Lindsay on to talk through some ways that can help alleviate, or at least distract us, from our suffering. The two discuss the currency of jokes, debate-induced insomnia, and finding solace in true crime stories about human survival.

Lindsay’s podcast SPENT can be found on or on itunes and wherever you access your favorite audio programs. You can also follow Lindsay for great advice and funny takes on the world’s events, by finding her on twitter @lindsaygoldwert .


Deep Night Season 9: Live with Rachel Chavkin, Dan Kennedy, and Rosebud Baker


Dale summons a fantastic hour of entertainment to kick off his first live show of the season. Newly remarried and awakened to his gifts as an energy reader, Dale welcomes a stellar lineup to talk about lost loves, tiny wizards, and the power of astrology. Dale is joined by theater director Rachel Chavkin (Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812); writer and storyteller Dan Kennedy (The MOTH); and comedian Rosebud Baker (SeeSo). Through a special conjuring session performer James Habacker, the founder of the Slipper Room, appears to talk about his new film, The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man and the ethereal sounds of the theremin are provided by virtuoso Cornelius Loy. The entire ensemble pays tribute to Julee Cruise and Twin Peaks with a brief scene from that acclaimed television series.

Dale encourages you to follow the work of all of his Deep Night guests. Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812, directed by Rachel Chavkin opens for previews at the Imperial Theater on Broadway on October 18th. The show also features past guests and friends of the program, Grace McLean and Ashley Perez Flanagan. Dan Kennedy always has something great in the works and you can find him hosting a MOTH event or podcast or writing up a new book of sad recipes for the lovesick among us. And Rosebud Baker is a co-host of the regular Netflix Campfire Podcast. Cornelius Loy performs regularly around New York City – so be sure and track him down.

Photo in original post by John Huntington.