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Dale Radio Season 8: Erin Markey


Dale enjoys a confluence of interests and identities in this conversation with the multi-talented, New York-based performer Erin Markey. A consistent presence on various Must-See/Funniest Ever lists, Erin talks with Dale about the origins of her work in performance; her many contributions to the famed Our Hit Parade show at Joe’s Pub; some awful places she’s worked; and some stray thoughts about Charlotte’s Web. If only an intelligent creature would write “Some Podcaster” above Dale’s sleeping trough at night, maybe he’d make it into the new and noteworthy section of iTunes. Another fine episode that helps illuminate the strong work being created at the intersection of comedy and theater. Plus Dale is just back from Idaho where he discovered a new mantra and the power of energy healing!

To see Erin Markey in person, be sure to get to The Duplex on the last Weds of every month for her new show, Erin Markey: Humping a Gatorade Bottle. Tickets are $15, for the 9:30pm show, and they usually sell out, so what are you waiting for?
More info on the show via TimeOut. Be sure to follow along with Erin at

Photo included in original post of Erin by Amos Mac.


Dale Radio Season 8: Jo Firestone


Dale fits more pieces into his personal life puzzle thanks to a return visit from comedian Jo Firestone. One of the city’s most prolific performers, Jo shares some insights into her life as a comedy writer and producer. Dale and Jo also discuss the reason for wax museums, good ways to spend an afternoon, Jo’s radio program Dr. Gameshow, sick days, secrets held in women’s bodies, and the mysterious functions of the human brain. At one point Dale completely loses it, while Jo accurately describes a common problem for casual jigsaw enthusiasts. This episode is sponsored by

Jo is a writer on The Chris Gethard Show which airs on Fusion. Chris and Dale took a ride through New Jersey not long ago in the Spending Time With webseries, but you can find Chris and Jo together Thursday, June 23, at The Bell House in Brooklyn (near the Gowanus!) trying to make each other feel weird as past of FIREGETH. Tickets are available at


Dale Radio Season 8: So Moved


Dale reflects on the recent tragedy in Orlando and offers some words of support to his friends in the LGBTQ community. Dale takes a cue from his Quaker forefathers and breaks his silence to share some thoughts on tolerance, respect, and love. Rather than write a long post on his Facebook wall, he speaks directly and from the heart in this solo episode. He also recounts some early experiences with jealousy that maybe he should work on in a truth circle.

A podcast might not be the most effective tool for showing the full depth of our support, but we here at Dale HQ want our gay friends to know that we care about them and love them very much. Reach out, show compassion, demonstrate kindness. Only through action can we make a difference.


Dale Radio Season 8: Alix Lambert


Dale dodges haunted carriages in New Orleans and returns to New York in time for a conversation with artist and filmmaker, Alix Lambert. Dale and Alix have a great deal in common, as both possess a great curiosity about the human spirit. The two sit down for a discussion that focuses on Alix’s film and photographic work, with an emphasis on the ways in which her artistic output portrays individuals sealed off from society, giving voice to those unable to speak out about their experiences. Alix’s work encourages a thoughtful view on the complexity of crime and how an entire society can turn its back on a person in need. Alix has captured and written about some fascinating real-life characters which she and Dale talk about at length as well as her work in television, comedy, and the visual arts.

The new edition of Alix Lambert’s photo book The Mark of Cain is available via Perceval Press It’s an extraordinary work, as is Alix’s film of the same title. Look for Alix’s films including Bayou Blue and Mentor, on itunes or other streaming services.


Dale Radio Season 8: Luisa Diez


Dale shines his conversational spotlight on a little-known role within the comedy community, that of a comedy booker. Dale welcomes the exceptionally talented Luisa Diez to the program to explore what a booker does and how one goes from being trained as an artist and anthropologist to being responsible for organizing some of the best nights of stand up in the city. Luisa has long possessed a great fondness for stand up comedy, something she discovered as a young person growing up in Miami, where she would stay up to watch late night television just to catch stand up clips and see old comedy specials. Luisa and Dale discuss her fascinating personal journey while touching on the profound weirdness of Florida, comparing artists and comedians, finding hidden rooms of the Guggenheim, and what it really takes to get into those big comedy festivals. Lots of great insights in this comedy-centric episode.

Stay up to date on Luisa’s advice and find out when her next show is happening by following her on twitter, @luisadieznuts. To listen to Luisa’s family history with cartels in Colombia, give a listen to Ari Shaffir’s interview with her on the Skeptic Tank podcast.

Post photo of Luisa by Mindy Tucker.


Dale Radio Season 8: Chris Shockwave Sullivan


Dale lets all the beats drop in this conversation with performer and musician, Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan. As the host of the Shock and Awesome podcast, Shock interviews amazing guests about their experiences and relationship to music. Dale and Shock worked together in the past, but have never had the opportunity to sit down for a spell and talk things through. In this episode, recorded at Harvestworks in NYC, the two discuss the early days of Freestyle Love Supreme, the percussive rhythm of communication, staying decent, and some thoughts on failure. Shockwave is a terrific guy and a tremendous talent with a long history in improv, music, and performance. Dale tries his hand at beatboxing, but decides its best to leave that to the professionals like Shock.

For more on Shockwave listen to his podcast on Headgum, or catch him on SeeSo with Freestyle Love Supreme. Or just sit tight and he’ll be doing something you’re interested in real soon. Special shout outs this episode to Catie Lazarus and the Employee of the Month show; the legendary Our Hit Parade at Joe’s Pub; and of course, some wee show named Hamilton.

Post photo of Shockwave by Hunter Peress.


Dale Radio Season 8: Mary Houlihan


Dale learns about some crucial comedy-making steps in this conversation with comedian and artist Mary Houlihan. Dale waxes nostalgic with Mary as they talk about his former home of San Francisco and all the tech bubbles and pizza slices therein. The two eventually transition to a discussion about Mary’s animated observations, afternoon open mics, New Jersey transit, feelings on dat boi, and what it’s like to audition for the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. The two also speak openly about managing depression and Dale shares his concerns about a family of migrating birds that have invaded the Gowanus Canal. The episode kicks off with a short story of awkwardness on the subway from comedian Julie Kottakis.

For more on Mary Houlihan find her online at Mary cranks out the online content for so why not pay them a visit. For info on what Julie Kottakis is up to visit