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Dale Radio Season 7: Randi Lawson


Dale convenes a Continental Congress for two in this wide-ranging discussion with designer, writer, and comedian Randi Lawson. Dale and Randi spent an afternoon in Philadelphia talking about making it as an artist, writing for t-shirts, winning meaningful twitter awards, dressing Zach Galifianakis, and discovering how your body works in the middle of Spencer’s Gifts. Also, Dale finally fesses up to an incident in his youth involving his relentless curiosity and a wave tank.

If you find yourself in the great city Philadelphia, check out Randi and Sidney Gantt hosting Sidekicks: The Comedy Game Show, happening at PHILAMOCA on February 25th, 2015. For more on that show and for more from Randi be sure and follow her on twitter @randilawson.

Next up Dale’s off to the West Coast for a live show at SF Sketchfest on January 27th. Tickets for his show with Big Chef Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, and Cliff Hengst are available here. Then on January 29th he returns to NYC for a little sidekick action on Running Late with Scott Rogowsky at Caroline’s on Broadway. Lots to look forward to, folks! Come out and see Dale live!

Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s Sketchfest Guests!


San Francisco – OPEN YOUR GOLDEN GATES! Dale’s coming back to you with a huge show as part of the 14th Annual SF Sketchfest!! He’s busy getting his baldspot polished and his suit pre-wrinkled – but he wanted to be sure you had a chance to get to know his guests. This show will be a double feature with Dale’s old pals from Killing My Lobster. It’s Tuesday, January 27th, at 8pm at the famous Eureka Theater in downtown SF. Tickets are available but going fast, you can get yours for $20 here.

Dale’s covering all the bases in this mega-live-show welcoming celebrity chef Tom Pizzica; sex columnist and podcast host Siouxsie Q; comedian Kelly Anneken; and visual artist and performer Cliff Hengst. Plus a surprise guest from Dale’s past will make an appearance. Here’s the run down and some clips on each of Dale’s wonderful SF Sketchfest guests!!!

San Francisco’s “Big Chef” Tom Pizzica felt the calling to be a professional chef early on, working in several restaurants as a teenager in his home town of West Chester, PA. Pizzica went to Culinary School in San Francisco in 2003, then honed his culinary skills in some of the city’s top restaurants. In 2006 he relocated to Chestertown, MD to become the executive chef at the Front Room Restaurant at the Imperial Hotel. After three years he found his way back to the Bay Area and was selected as a contestant on season six of The Next Food Network Star. That television competition landed him a gig as the host of the network’s Outrageous Food, wherein he toured the country finding extreme gastronomic experiences. He’s since settled in San Francisco and after years of pop-ups and temporary kitchens, he’s perfected the recipe for a 100% pork belly burger and recently opened the first brick and mortar location of BCT Belly Burgers in SOMA.

Siouxsie Q is the creator and host of the acclaimed podcast “The WhoreCast” showcasing the stories, art and voices of American sex workers. She has appeared as a guest expert on the Savage Love column, and Ira Glass thinks she’s “charming”. She is an adult performer for sites such as, Filly Films, Queer Porn TV, and The Crash Pad Series. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and recently took her podcast to a live audience with “The WhoreCast LIVE!” which launched the San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival.

Oakland-based comedian Kelly Anneken performs standup throughout the Bay Area and is a regular at the Punch Line San Francisco, Cobb’s and Rooster T. Feathers. Kelly has appeared at Iowa’s Green Gravel Comedy Festival and Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival. She has shared a stage with Jim Gaffigan and Anthony Jeselnik at Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival and has appeared “in conversation” with Tig Notaro, Amy Schumer, John Waters, and Carey Elwes. Kelly is also the co-host of the popular Downton Abbey podcast “Up Yours, Downstairs” and official third chair of Game of Thrones recap “Boars, Gore & Swords.” She is also artistic director for feminist sketch troupe Femikaze and managing editor of online humor journal Hobo Pancakes.

Cliff Hengst is an artist based in San Francisco, California. His wall drawings, paintings and performances have been included in numerous exhibitions including the recent Stage Presence at SFMOMA and a series for Machine Project in Los Angeles in collaboration with Southern Exposure in San Francisco which included It’s Not Right But It’s OK, and autobiographical semi-fictionalized disembodied drag double decker bus tour and tribute to Whitney Houston. Working collaboratively with Scott Hewicker, Hengst created Good Times: Bad Trips, a book dedicated to the phenomena of the bad drug trip. Hengst received his B.F.A from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Here are some video clips of Dale’s guests doing what they do.

Big Chef Tom Pizzica from a few years ago introducing his famous BCT Belly Burgers! Dale enjoys meats!

Here’s the lowdown on Siouxsie Q and her podcast, The Whorecast. Dale will get into it, folks!

A recent stand-up set from stand-up gal, Kelly Anneken. Dale loves how much time she takes at the beginning. Inspired!

And what can you say about master performer Cliff Hengst. He’s a legend in the art community of San Francisco, notoriously hard to get ahold of (but we got him!), and a true visionary. Here’s one of Dale’s favorite things he’s ever seen anyone do, ever.

AND!!! JUST ADDED: DJ BOB ROSS!! He might be dead. But his happy little beatz remain. Can’t wait to have him – or his ghost – spinning music throughout the show. Also thanks to his manager/spirit whisperer, Jon Wolanske for making this possible.


Dale Radio Season 7: Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, and Jo Firestone at NYC Podfest


Dale turns to day drinking to make it through another year at the NYC Podfest. This live episode features Dale in conversation with comedy superstars Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, and Jo Firestone. Around a small table in a basement on a wintry Saturday afternoon in Chinatown, the group discusses weekly time capsules, Scott Bakula’s enduring influence, thinning hair tutorials, and the lessons of H.P. Lovecraft. Music by Steve O’Reilly. Generous pour by the lady bartender upstairs.

Please visit all of Dale’s guests various websites to get more information on what they’re doing. It was an absolute joy to have them on this program. And since the show got cut short a wee bit do to powers beyond his control, Dale has reached out to all of them in order to have more in-depth conversations on future episodes. Thanks to the entire NYC Podfest team and Fontana’s Bar for having Dale back.

Dale’s off to San Francisco for the next live show as part of SF Sketchfest! Be sure and catch him on Tuesday, January 27th at 8pm as he anchors the first half of a double bill with sketch comedy legends Killing My Lobster. Dale welcomes guests Big Chef Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, and Cliff Hengst. PLUS a surprise guest from Dale’s past!! One for the ages, folks! Tickets are $20 and available via this link or through SF Sketchfest.



Dale is thrilled to be bringing the podcast to good looking audiences in two of his favorite cities this month! Things get underway this Saturday, January 10th at Fontana’s Bar (in the basement, natch!) as part of the wonderful NYC Podfest! The only podcast festival in NY. Dale’s making his second appearance in the fest and he’s bringing a great lineup of all-star comedy makers – with guests Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, and Jo Firestone. Music, of course by Steve O’Reilly! We’ll get going at 1pm and not stop till we’ve had the most fun ever. Or probably after an hour. Cause there are other acts! The whole PodFest is a marvelous affair with superstars Todd Barry, Wyatt Cenac, Kevin Allison, Yo La Tengo, Sasheer Zamata, Susie Essman, Kurt Metzger, Jessica Williams, Bridget Everett, and more taking the stage at one time or another to cast away. Come for Dale, but stay for all of it – truly an exceptional time that is way more fun in person! Tickets are $5. If you buy em in advance, Dale’s stock rises with the producers! Get on it! This is the link: !

Then Dale hops on a plane to sail out West to the Left Coast for his sophomore appearance at SF Sketchfest! Truly, one of Dale’s yearly highlights is being able to do this show in a city that he adores. For this episode he’s assembled a packed panel representing all the things he loves about the Bay Area: food, sex, comedy, and art! (And maybe, just maybe, a visit from an old flame!) Dale is excited to sit down with “Big Chef” Tom Pizzica (Belly Burger, Food Network), Siouxsie Q (SF Weekly, The Whorecast, Kelly Anneken (Moontower Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival), and Cliff Hengst (SFMOMA, Machine Project, and fella I once saw entertain a crowd wearing a branch from a tree).
The show is a double bill with Dale’s old pals at Killing My Lobster. It starts at 8pm at the famed Eureka Theater. Ticket link is here: SF SKETCHFEST TICKETS $20!

And yeah – here’s the gorgeous poster we had made by talented illustrator, Annie Carbo! She’s Canadian! Doesn’t Dale look smart straddling those two cities? It was the best of times it was the worst of times (in his trousers)!

Dale Radio Season 7: Elle King


Dale throws back a whiskey or two in this conversation with singer/songwriter Elle King. From their booth in a mostly empty bar in Bushwick, Dale and Elle talk about this particular moment in her career and how she’s developed her signature sound. The two entertainers swap stories about making sweet music on the banjo, visiting haunted honky-tonks in Kentucky, breaking hearts, and what it was like growing up backstage at SNL.

Be sure and pick up a copy of Elle King’s new album Love Stuff, available for pre-order now on itunes. For tour info, and more about Elle’s previous recordings, visit




Start the New Year right with Dale Radio Live at the 2015 NYC Podfest. Dale is thrilled to be featured once again in NYC’s only podcast festival and is happily kicking off Day 2 of the fest with a fantastic lineup of people probably just stumbling in from brunch. Tickets are $5 for a show packed with talent. So save the date, buy tickets in advance via this link, and plan to come down to the basement at Fontana’s Bar on the Lower East Side, 105 Eldridge Street (between Broome and Grand) and we’ll show you a good time. The show is Saturday, January 10th at 1pm. Music by Steve O’Reilly.

More on Dale’s guests:
Max Silvestri (The Feed, Billy on the Street, Big Terrific)
Max Silvestri is a comedian, writer and actor living in Brooklyn, NY. New York Magazine called him one of the “Ten Comedians People Find Funny,” and Paste Magazine featured him as one of their ten favorite comics. Max has appeared on Comedy Central’s @midnight, VH1, and History. Max is a co-host of The Feed, on FYI, A+E’s new lifestyle network, alongside Marcus Samuelsson and Gail Simmons. He has worked as a writer on FUSE’s Funny or Die Presents: Billy on The Street and Comedy Central’s Onion SportsDome, and regularly contributes as a writer for places including, Food & Wine Magazine, GQ, and Grantland. Along with Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman, Max created the beloved weekly show Big Terrific, which has been named New York Magazine’s Best Stand-up Show.

Akilah Hughes (MTV, YouTube, HelloGiggles)
Akilah Hughes is a writer, stand-up, and UCB-trained improviser, with a loyal following on YouTube (Smoothiefreak). She is a producer for MTV and a frequent contributor to HelloGiggles, SheKnows, and Refinery29. She maintains the comprehensive and funny blog, It’s Akilah, Obviously.

Joel Kim Booster (Risk! Storytelling, Night Train With Wyatt Cenac)
Joel Kim Booster is a Chicago bred, Brooklyn-based comedian and writer who has performed all over the country. Locally, he has appeared on such shows as RISK!, Comedy as a Second Language, and Night Train with Wyatt Cenac. He also co-wrote and guest starred in the critically acclaimed webseries Kam Kardashian.

Jo Firestone (WFMU, Punderdome 3000, UCB)
Jo Firestone is a comedian based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the producer and host of a handful of ongoing comedy events throughout the city, including the annual “NYC Inner Beauty Pageant”, the monthly dating show, “Friends of Single People”, and the monthly pun competition, “Punderdome 3000″, which she co-hosts with her dad. Jo can also be seen at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre performing with the Lloyd team, Witch, and hosting The Incredible Game Show Showcase the first Friday of every month at midnight at UCB Chelsea. Jo can also be heard hosting the weekly “Dr. Gameshow” every Monday at 7pm EST at WFMU.

No other afternoon basement podcast is going to be this much fun!

Dale Returns to SF Sketchfest!

Did you miss him?

Did you miss him?

OH MY GOODNESS!! San Francisco, dry yourselves off! Dale is coming back to the Bay he adores as part of the 14th Annual Sketchfest. He’ll once again be opening for his old sketch comedy pals from Killing My Lobster at the Eureka Theater – almost on the water!! The show starts at 8pm on Tuesday, January 27th. Dale’s guests include “Big Chef” Tom Pizzica (Big Belly Burger), Siouxsie Q (Whorecast, SF Weekly), comedian Kelly Anneken (Up Yours Downstairs, SF Punchline), Cliff Hengst (SFMOMA, Machine Project) and more!

We’ll send out some more details soon, but for now – just imagine Dale sitting in his robe listening to this track over and over again as he makes a wreath of flowers to cover up his bald spot! SEE YOU SOON, SF!!