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Dale Radio Season 7: Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, and Cariad Harmon


Dale chips away at the ice hardening around his hopes and dreams in a fantastic live show with comedians Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, and Julio Torres along with singer/songwriter Cariad Harmon. The five discuss the beautiful possibilities of New York while also covering topics like space travel, hypersleep, dance halls, British footwear, lobbying, sex stuff, Julie Andrews, and working for Panera Bread. With music by Steve O’Reilly.

Be sure and find out more about all of Dale’s guests by visiting their pages or twitter accounts or tracking their online personas somehow. Cariad’s album, Cariad Harmon is available now wherever you get your music. Kaytlin has an unnamed solo show coming up soon so check that out. Matteo is everywhere. Julio is one to watch.

Photo of the group by Jena Cumbo.

Next live show March 24th, 8pm at The PIT, NYC.

Poster for Spring Shows


Gang, Dale is beyond excited about this poster design we have for the rest of the season. The illustration was done by James Boyle, a talented fella out of Philadelphia. We thought we’d share the evolution of the thing so you could see how it came to be. James nailed Dale’s likeness pretty much from the beginning. We only suggested that he look a little less like Commissioner Gordon – and James delivered.

The first show using this design is tonight – featuring an amazing lineup of guests with comedians Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, along with musician Cariad Harmon. Steve O is going be providing some sweet tunage as well. We hope you’ll join us at 8pm at The PIT Underground space Tuesday, February 24th. Tickets are still available at just $10 a pop – get em here: or at the door!

Here’s the evolution of the design. Some clues to Dale’s life float in that rising water. With at least one Easter Egg for longtime fans! Don’t worry – he may be going under, but it’s not going to get him down!


Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s 2/24 Guests


BRRRRR. Dale’s ready to thaw out with some hot hot comedy in a new Dale Radio Live, direct from The PIT in NYC on Tuesday, February 24th at 8pm. While the mere sight of Dale is often enough to warm your cockles, he’s not taking any chances and has a lineup of fantastic individuals ready to leave little scorch marks all over your mittens with their tremendous talents. On this night, Dale welcomes comedians Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, and Julio Torres, plus a sit down with singer/songwriter Cariad Harmon, and music by our pal, Steve O’Reilly. Feel the heat on your face for just $10!! Get those tickets. But also get to know Dale’s guests with these handy video clips below:

A full set of the amazing Matteo Lane’s stand up live at The Apt show.

A brief but funny clip from Kaytlin Bailey. There’s more on her YouTube site. Check it out.

The singular Space Prince, Julio Torres. He’s been named a Comic to Watch…so watch him!

And the brilliant Cariad Harmon. From Brooklyn via London. Here’s the music video for Wicked Town, a track from her most recent album out now.

So come on down Tuesday night and let’s sweat together in a basement!

Dale Radio Season 7: Welcome to Flu York

Microbial candies for Valentines!

Microbial candies for Valentines!

Dale shrinks himself down to a subatomic level to walk among the microbe colonies and viruses of the subway. He imagines what it would be like to journey through time and space in this mind-bending solo episode. All types of traveling are discussed, from his recent trip to see his ex-wife and perform in San Francisco to his experience retrieving cold medicine for his ailing niece. Dale also includes some great tips for knowing when zombies are nearby and what to wear when visiting a practical city like New York for the first time.

Next this month, Dale has some terrific interviews lined up. Plus he’s doing a guest spot with Jerry Springer and Kevin Nealon on Running Late with Scott Rogowsky on Feb. 11 at UCB Chelsea. Then it’s back to The PIT for Dale Radio Live with guests Matteo Lane, Kaytlin Bailey, Julio Torres, and Cariad Harmon. February 24th at 8pm for just $10. Get tickets in advance and know joy early!

Dale Radio Season 7: Live from SF Sketchfest w/ Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, Cliff Hengst and More


Dale falls back into the San Francisco groove with a fantastic live show direct from the 14th Annual SF Sketchfest. Accompanied by the DJing skills of the ghost of Bob Ross, Dale and his guests Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, and Cliff Hengst discuss bathroom trysts, sights of MacArthur Park, Food Network all-stars, and the absolute best use of a theater degree. The episode includes a special, once-in-a-decade appearance by Dale’s ex-wife, Ginny. Do these two former lovebirds still have that same spark they did years ago?

Thanks again to Cole, David, and Janet and everyone involved in SF Sketchfest. What an enjoyable show in a beautiful city with the people Dale loves. Special thanks to Erin Perkins and Jon Wolanske for being such tremendous and gifted performers. And thank you, great audiences of San Francisco, Dale hopes to be back in front of you real soon.

Show photos by Cecilia Cacciatore.

Dale Radio Season 7: Randi Lawson


Dale convenes a Continental Congress for two in this wide-ranging discussion with designer, writer, and comedian Randi Lawson. Dale and Randi spent an afternoon in Philadelphia talking about making it as an artist, writing for t-shirts, winning meaningful twitter awards, dressing Zach Galifianakis, and discovering how your body works in the middle of Spencer’s Gifts. Also, Dale finally fesses up to an incident in his youth involving his relentless curiosity and a wave tank.

If you find yourself in the great city Philadelphia, check out Randi and Sidney Gantt hosting Sidekicks: The Comedy Game Show, happening at PHILAMOCA on February 25th, 2015. For more on that show and for more from Randi be sure and follow her on twitter @randilawson.

Next up Dale’s off to the West Coast for a live show at SF Sketchfest on January 27th. Tickets for his show with Big Chef Tom Pizzica, Siouxsie Q, Kelly Anneken, and Cliff Hengst are available here. Then on January 29th he returns to NYC for a little sidekick action on Running Late with Scott Rogowsky at Caroline’s on Broadway. Lots to look forward to, folks! Come out and see Dale live!

Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s Sketchfest Guests!


San Francisco – OPEN YOUR GOLDEN GATES! Dale’s coming back to you with a huge show as part of the 14th Annual SF Sketchfest!! He’s busy getting his baldspot polished and his suit pre-wrinkled – but he wanted to be sure you had a chance to get to know his guests. This show will be a double feature with Dale’s old pals from Killing My Lobster. It’s Tuesday, January 27th, at 8pm at the famous Eureka Theater in downtown SF. Tickets are available but going fast, you can get yours for $20 here.

Dale’s covering all the bases in this mega-live-show welcoming celebrity chef Tom Pizzica; sex columnist and podcast host Siouxsie Q; comedian Kelly Anneken; and visual artist and performer Cliff Hengst. Plus a surprise guest from Dale’s past will make an appearance. Here’s the run down and some clips on each of Dale’s wonderful SF Sketchfest guests!!!

San Francisco’s “Big Chef” Tom Pizzica felt the calling to be a professional chef early on, working in several restaurants as a teenager in his home town of West Chester, PA. Pizzica went to Culinary School in San Francisco in 2003, then honed his culinary skills in some of the city’s top restaurants. In 2006 he relocated to Chestertown, MD to become the executive chef at the Front Room Restaurant at the Imperial Hotel. After three years he found his way back to the Bay Area and was selected as a contestant on season six of The Next Food Network Star. That television competition landed him a gig as the host of the network’s Outrageous Food, wherein he toured the country finding extreme gastronomic experiences. He’s since settled in San Francisco and after years of pop-ups and temporary kitchens, he’s perfected the recipe for a 100% pork belly burger and recently opened the first brick and mortar location of BCT Belly Burgers in SOMA.

Siouxsie Q is the creator and host of the acclaimed podcast “The WhoreCast” showcasing the stories, art and voices of American sex workers. She has appeared as a guest expert on the Savage Love column, and Ira Glass thinks she’s “charming”. She is an adult performer for sites such as, Filly Films, Queer Porn TV, and The Crash Pad Series. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and recently took her podcast to a live audience with “The WhoreCast LIVE!” which launched the San Francisco Sex Worker Film and Arts Festival.

Oakland-based comedian Kelly Anneken performs standup throughout the Bay Area and is a regular at the Punch Line San Francisco, Cobb’s and Rooster T. Feathers. Kelly has appeared at Iowa’s Green Gravel Comedy Festival and Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival. She has shared a stage with Jim Gaffigan and Anthony Jeselnik at Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival and has appeared “in conversation” with Tig Notaro, Amy Schumer, John Waters, and Carey Elwes. Kelly is also the co-host of the popular Downton Abbey podcast “Up Yours, Downstairs” and official third chair of Game of Thrones recap “Boars, Gore & Swords.” She is also artistic director for feminist sketch troupe Femikaze and managing editor of online humor journal Hobo Pancakes.

Cliff Hengst is an artist based in San Francisco, California. His wall drawings, paintings and performances have been included in numerous exhibitions including the recent Stage Presence at SFMOMA and a series for Machine Project in Los Angeles in collaboration with Southern Exposure in San Francisco which included It’s Not Right But It’s OK, and autobiographical semi-fictionalized disembodied drag double decker bus tour and tribute to Whitney Houston. Working collaboratively with Scott Hewicker, Hengst created Good Times: Bad Trips, a book dedicated to the phenomena of the bad drug trip. Hengst received his B.F.A from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Here are some video clips of Dale’s guests doing what they do.

Big Chef Tom Pizzica from a few years ago introducing his famous BCT Belly Burgers! Dale enjoys meats!

Here’s the lowdown on Siouxsie Q and her podcast, The Whorecast. Dale will get into it, folks!

A recent stand-up set from stand-up gal, Kelly Anneken. Dale loves how much time she takes at the beginning. Inspired!

And what can you say about master performer Cliff Hengst. He’s a legend in the art community of San Francisco, notoriously hard to get ahold of (but we got him!), and a true visionary. Here’s one of Dale’s favorite things he’s ever seen anyone do, ever.

AND!!! JUST ADDED: DJ BOB ROSS!! He might be dead. But his happy little beatz remain. Can’t wait to have him – or his ghost – spinning music throughout the show. Also thanks to his manager/spirit whisperer, Jon Wolanske for making this possible.