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Meet The Wunnerful Companions

Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Folks. Fire up the bubble machines, we’re only a week away from a brand new ANT Fest edition of Wunnerful Wunnerful. This show is coming together beautifully, and we’re eager to share it with you on June 25th at 7pm. I hope you’ve gotten your tickets – if not – reserve some NOW via this link.

We’ve been running profiles of some of the musical numbers in the show over on the Facebook page, but we wanted to take a moment here and acknowledge a group of gentlemen who along with Leslie Goshko on the piano, bring the whole show to life. One of them in particular, is our Dale Radio musical director, Mr. Steve O’Reilly. Now we have a long running gag on the show wherein Dale doesn’t let Steve O get much in word wise. But Steve O has tremendous things to say – and truthfully he’s been with Dale since the very beginning prompting, cajoling, and making things better all around. No one has believed more in the project or given such tough love to Dale in his dark moments. In addition to his sage counsel, Steve O composes music, plays guitar, and is generally up for anything. He is also a talented writer and director working on a brand new webseries featuring lots of Dale Radio faves (and maybe even a cameo by a familiar face here or there!).

Steve O is leading the new band for this iteration of Wunnerful Wunnerful, a group we’re calling The Wunnerful Companions, because they are! And we’re so fortunate to have Steve O on board, cause he’s a genius on the guitar and we already have a powder blue suit in his size. But mostly the genius part!

Joining Steve O is Dan Menke, a talented drummer and comedian, with whom Dale had a delightful chat last season. You can listen to that here. He’s the man behind the puppet talk show host, Arty Need.

Also in the group is Jeffrey Scherer, a regular improviser and comedian you can catch on the house teams over at The PIT. He’s also an accomplished screenwriter with a few award-winning scripts under his belt. We don’t want to know what else is under that belt, we just hope he brings his bass with him so we can rock out to some choice easy-listening tunes.

We can’t wait to introduce you to The Wunnerful Companions in person when we do the show next week!! Get those tickets before they sell out! Wouldn’t that be wunnerful?!



While the season may be over, the Dale memories live on. Largely in video and in a series of handwritten notes stuffed into old whiskey bottles that lie submerged in the summer muck of the Gowanus. But how about that video? We’ve uploaded full clips from most of this season, including our spectacular live finale with Aparna Nancherla, Emma Willmann, Maria Heinegg, and Josh Sharp. Steve O’Reilly is in the mix, too – making sweet musical love and never speaking a word.

Take a gander at our video page and see what the audio podcast looks like. Thrilling stuff!!

And here’s a bit of breaking news! Dale’s debut at Caroline’s comedy club in Manhattan was captured on hi-definition video cassettes transferred to 16mm and then put onto a DVD that was then ripped to a hard drive and uploaded to YouTube, America’s video leader, for all to enjoy. Here’s Dale making his fifth appearance on the Running Late with Scott Rogowsky program, lending some insight into his passion for urban gardening.

Good stuff! Remember the sunscreen out there!

Wunnerful Wunnerful! Summer Flings Edition at ANT FEST 2015!


Fire up the bubble machine!! Dale and his dear friend Leslie Goshko are once again paying homage to the man with the baton, Lawrence Welk in an all-new Wunnerful Wunnerful! This time we’re floating into the Ars Nova and celebrating the wonder and heartbreak of summer flings as part of the amazing theater festival, ANT FEST. And what a treat we have in store for you! We’ve assembled a new cast, with some returning favorites, and our matching suits have all been steam cleaned for maximum entertainment!

Leslie Goshko (Sideshow Goshko) is going to be back on the keys with some new tunes. Songstress Ashley Perez Flanagan (Moondrunk) returns with another hot vocal number to keep you sweating through those summer nights. Country music darlings Marie and Katy from Reformed Whores will perform a cautionary tale about love in the modern age. Steve O’Reilly is heading up the band featuring drum wizard Dan Menke (Arty Need Show, Buck Nelson) and Jeff Scherer (The BTK Band) on bass.

This go round, we’ll have lots of new faces as well. First off we’re pleased to welcome filmmaker, musician, and all around genius of an artist, Cory McAbee to the Wunnerful family. Cory is the man behind the films American Astronaut, Crazy & Thief, and Stingray Sam. He’s also the founder of Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club, with branches in every corner of the globe.

We’ll get people moving with a scorching dance number from rising NY sensation Abigayle Horrell (NYU). This is what Bobby and Cissy would like to be doing, if they lived in New York City and taught fitness classes.

We’ve added a new Champagne Lady to our roster of talented young people. Julia Anrather is an up-and-coming actor/musician and she’s going to bring the night home with a heartbreaking little diddy. Just like Norma Zimmer used to do.

Audiences told us they wanted more accordion and we listened. So we’ve brought on the talented accordion player and accomplished street performer, Melissa Elledge to join the show. She’ll use her instrument to show you what falling in love sounds like! Dale tried that once!

And oh…my. Do you enjoy good music sung by talented ladies? How about Karys Rhea, Ilana Webber, and Christina Connerton, the girls from the band, PEP? This trio of melody makers is going to steam things up with a song about knowing your limits and ways to avoid things ending badly…by never pursuing them to begin with!

Finally, we’re tickled to welcome a promising young person with some golden pipes to the Wunnerful clan, a fella by the name of Josh Sharp, who recently appeared on the Dale Radio program and is a singer, comedian, and funny film maker you may have seen around UCB or in his group Dennie and Sharp. He’s got a terrific number lined up about a love that dare not speak its name.

This is all happening at ANT FEST. Tickets are just $15 in advance or $20 at the door. You can get some here. Probably best to do so before they go away. This is a festival that knows how to sell tickets. The NY Times says: “Like a variety show by way of ‘Waiting for Guffman.'” Which is pretty close!

AND BONUS! Dale will perform a short set as part of the always fantastic, career defining SHOWGASM Thursday, June 4th, 9pm at Ars Nova, hosted by mega-star John Early with DJ Hamm Samwich. Not to be missed, folks! Tickets here.

Dale Radio Season 7: Aparna Nancherla, Emma Willmann, Josh Sharp & Maria Heinegg


Dale rewards fans of incredible awkwardness in this final show of his seventh sensational season. Comedians Aparna Nancherla, Emma Willmann, Josh Sharp, and Maria Heinegg join Dale for a wide ranging conversation full of personal anecdotes and mostly true tales of their lives in comedy. Live from the The PIT Underground in NYC, the four discuss airport massage parlors, favorite short-term Presidents, HR nightmares, and true crime in America’s Vacationland.

Thanks for a wonderful season everyone! The entire season is available on itunes, or you can find the full archive of shows up on the main site, just click on Past Seasons. Till next time…

Photo of the group (minus Aparna who had to dash out early) by Jena Cumbo.

Dale Radio Season 7: Dan Menke & Arty Need


Dale pulls some strings to get underground with Dan Menke, creator of the Arty Need Show. Arty is a dandy crank of a puppet who hosts his own talk show in the back of a bowling alley. Dan is an upstanding individual with a long career in comedy and viral videos. Dale and Dan talk about classic chat shows, the influence of David Letterman, Amish comics, and the mysterious thrills of Cincinnati. Arty jumps in for a moment to talk about his life in the dark black bag of the entertainment business.

Dale’s Season 7 Finale is May 26th at The People’s Improv Theater at 8pm. With a new lineup featuring Aparna Nancherla, Emma Willmann, Josh Sharp, and Maria Heinegg! Steve O’Reilly is on guitar and Dale’s there to talk through his feelings. Time Out says Dale Radio is the “Best for Fans of Incredible Awkwardness!” OKAY!! That oughta sell some tickets! See you then!

Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s Season 7 Finale Guests!



One week from today, Dale bids farewell to the seventh sensational season of Dale Radio. Whatta year it’s been! Dale’s gotten to mix it up with some of his favorite NY performers; found closure with his ex-wife; awkwardly mixed it up with fellow comedians at three big festivals; and garnered some nice reviews in the national press. He’s talked to bed bug experts, break up experts, sex experts, and major recording stars, but fear not, he’s still in a basement, keeping it…well, real isn’t the right word.

The point is, who knows what the future holds for ole Dale, but in the short term, he promises to deliver a fantastic show on Tuesday, May 26th at 8pm at The PIT Underground with a dream line-up of guests, comedians Aparna Nancherla, Emma Willmann, Maria Heinegg, and Josh Sharp. Steve O’Reilly is making music and there will be give aways, surprises, and hard candies for all. If you only see one talk show hosted by an older fella wearing a teal suit on Tuesday, make it this one. Tickets are $10 and available here.

In advance of the big show – get up to speed on Dale’s guests with these video clips:

Aparna Nancherla is traveling around the world – including a stop on the Live Wire program!

Emma Willmann has pretty good luck with dating:

Maria Heinegg kills it on twitter with tales from an exciting life as a stand up!

Gosh, this Albert Klein Writing workshop looks good! Thanks, Josh Sharp!

Video Clips of our April Live Show


Man with a movie camera, Bill Scurry has done it again – capturing some great angles of Dale’s various baldspot wigs from our recent live show on hi-definition video. And we’ve made it available to you free of charge on our video page and on Youtube. If you missed being there, we discussed bed bugs, brokers, back surgery, and Boston with guests Doogie Horner, Mehran Khaghani, Anna Callegari, and Brooke Borel. There’s nothing like the live shows, folks! Come on out to our final one of the season on May 26th at 8pm with Aparna Nancherla, Emma Willmann, Charla Lauriston, and Josh Sharp! Whatta show we’re gonna have! Tickets available here.

This is the bed bug section with Brooke Borel in case you were eager to get right to the most squeamish part of the show!