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Deep Night Season 9: Live with Hadiyah Robinson, Maggie Serota, Alex English, and Shannon Taggart

Dale appears mysteriously in all your family photos in order to send this special message from the Deep Night. Recorded before an enthusiastic crowd at the Slipper Room in New York City, this live episode explores the fascinating world of American Spiritualism and its various rituals with a lineup of illustrious and learned guests. The evening begins with Dale describing his personal vision of the Deep Night, then Dale welcomes researcher and photographer Shannon Taggart for an overview of spirit photography and seances. Like a spoon bent with your mind, the conversation tightens around itself as Dale also invites comedian Alex English, writer Maggie Serota, and comedy superstar Hadiyah Robinson to the padded chairs. Through the lens of ghostly visitors and impending death, the discussion veers off in many unexpected directions to include such subjects as sleep paralysis, the Philly Phanatic, floating Ouija boards, New Edition, and the hidden history of Detroit. Ethereal and appropriate music throughout the evening provided by Cornelius Loy on the theremin.

To support the publication of Shannon Taggart’s book, SÉANCE: Spiritualist Ritual and the Search for Ectoplasm visit . To tune into Hadiyah Robinson’s Black A$$ podcast, find it on itunes or via her site Alex English can be found performing stand up all over NYC. Read more from Maggie Serota on twitter or via Death and Taxes Magazine. Cornelius Loy will be performing, along with many other fine theremin players as part of the Theremin Society’s Sunday Theremin Soiree, April 9 at the Slipper Room. Tickets and information for that show are available here:

The next Deep Night live show is May 10th at the Slipper Room with another fantastic lineup of guests! Stay attuned!

Oh, and if you enjoyed this episode, might we also suggest taking a listen to Dale’s conversation with Colin Dickey, author of Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places.

Photo in original post by John Huntington.

Deep Night Season 9: Jes Tom

Dale skitters over the icy sidewalks of New York for another visit to the Deep Night studios. Once there, he meets up with talented comedian, Jes Tom. Dale and Jes share a love of San Francisco and both have spent afternoons in that city under a cold gray blanket of fog wondering about their capacity to love. Dale discovers his inner cyborg and the two take on the incredibly problematic practice of cinematic whitewashing in Hollywood. The two also talk about comedic trajectories, letting the air out of progressive bubbles, stage combat of a different sort, and killing it onstage in front of a giant, somewhat ominous video projection.

Jes Tom has performed in all five boroughs of New York City, as well as at colleges and conferences spanning the frigid American northeast. Jes tells jokes in venues of all sorts, from hipster bar basements to historic performance spaces such as Caroline’s on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poets Café, The Town Hall, and The Friar’s Club. Jes debuted their first full length solo show, FRESH OFF THE BANANA BOAT, to a sold out audience at Dixon Place’s HOT! Festival in 2014. Jes developed & performed a satirical performance piece titled JOKE’S ON YOU as a featured artist of La MaMa’s SQUIRTS: New Voices in Queer Performance curated by Dan Fishback in January 2016. Jes’ first 30 minute comedy special, Cold Brew, was recorded live in August 2016 at Astoria’s QED: A Place to Show and Tell. For an amazing evening of comedy featuring Jes and a lot of other great comedians, get to the Brooklyn Museum on March 23rd for The Brooklyn Comedy Marathon. Information up on the Brooklyn Museum site,

Next DEEP NIGHT Live is happening on Wednesday, March 22nd at 8pm at The Slipper Room in NYC. A terrific lineup of comedians, artists, and writers will join Dale as he continues his year of mystical thinking. Deep Night guests include Hadiyah Robinson, Maggie Serota, Alex English, and photographer Shannon Taggart. Plus music from Cornelius Loy. Tickets are $12/10 and available at the door or online.

Who Will Join Dale in the Deep Night 3/22?

Friends! It’s…spring? Sort of? Well, it’s always a comfortable spring-like 72 degrees in the DEEP NIGHT! Put on a windbreaker and join us on Wednesday, March 22nd at 8pm at the Slipper Room in NYC as we journey to the DEEP NIGHT once more with another exceptional live presentation. Dale’s prepared his vessel for a fine evening, one that will begin with a visit from noted researcher and photographer Shannon Taggart. Shannon knows an awful lot about seances and mediums and conjuring, so we’ll see how far Dale Seever is from the denizens of Lily Dale, New York, the town where Spiritualism first took hold in America. Then, assuming we’ve made contact with the other side, Dale welcomes comedians Hadiyah Robinson (The Nightly Show) and Alex English (Night Train) along with journalist Maggie Serota (Death & Taxes) for an exploration of the strange goings on in this and other realms. Plus ethereal music from theremin master, Cornelius Loy! We’re conjuring a wonderful show for you to enjoy. Tickets are $10/12 and better if you get em in advance!

Below you’ll find some info about each of Dale’s Deep Night guests!

But first, here’s the info you’ll need to attend:
Deep Night Live with Hadiyah Robinson, Maggie Serota, Alex English, and Shannon Taggart
With music by Cornelius Loy
Wednesday, March 22nd, 8pm Show/Doors at 7pm

The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington St
Tickets $10 in advance/$12 at the door $25 VIP Seating Available

The hilarious Hadiyah Robinson talking about dating after a certain age! Dale has his toolbelt ready at all times!

Maggie Serota wrote about Philly sports fans for Rolling Stone. She writes about a lot of other things, too, for a great many publications, but Dale will always love her for her work with the Philly Phanatic.
Philly Fantastic
“Philly sports fans have a reputation. They’re loud. They’re drunk. They’re occasionally violent. It’s possible that a Philly sports fan might not even realize that a teen running out on the field mid-game until he’s tasered into submission by a security guard is unusual behavior until one leaves their hometown.” CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE.

Comedian Alex English, making his debut on Night Train with Wyatt Cenac and killing it.

Photographer and researcher Shannon Taggart has been investigating American Spiritualism and seances for more than sixteen years. She’s publishing a new book of her work and experiences entitled SÉANCE: Spiritualist Ritual and the Search for Ectoplasm. The photographs are beautiful and her work is remarkable. Here’s a short video produced in support of the publication.

All this plus music on the theremin from the singular Cornelius Loy. JOIN US!

Deep Night Season 9: Land of the Lost

Dale reports back from a recent trip to the blustery, dust-covered plains of Kansas and Nebraska in this solo episode. Off to the Midwest to assist his wife Galinda with her energy healing workshops, Dale discovers a lot about himself during the extensive downtime between clients. A simple jaunt to a vintage gas station turns traumatic and Dale remembers why he prefers pants with fewer pockets. Suddenly without his trusty navigational gadgets, a wandering Dale tunes into the news to keep him company only to end up confounded by the President’s fashion choices and begins to question whether this person has just completely lost it or is on to something. Maybe there is a missed opportunity for a clothing line at Office Max? Dale also reflects back on eight years of doing this show and what new adventures are still ahead for him. Plus he goes courting agents and offers a few thoughts on wealth. Of which he has none thanks to doing his taxes early.

Next Deep Night live is Weds, March 22nd at 8pm at The Slipper Room in NYC. With special guests Nicole Silverberg, Alex English, and seance photographer Shannon Taggart. Tickets and more information available over at the Slipper Room’s website or on

Deep Night Season 9: Live with Michelle Buteau, Daniel Kibblesmith, Vinny DePonto, and Sandy Honig

Dale bends his mind around this magic-filled episode, recorded live at The Slipper Room in NYC. Accompanied by Cornelius Loy on the theremin, Dale conjures a vision of the future in the form of comedian Sandy Honig (Three Busy Debras), who shares some thoughts about what lies ahead. Comedian and writer Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) shows off his latest digital comic book and receives an early wedding gift from Dale. Mentalist Vinny DePonto (Drama Desk Awards) freaks Dale out by reaching into his brain and pulling out a word that only he thought he knew. And finally, the brilliant and hilarious Michelle Buteau (VH1) drops in and bonds with Dale over the freedoms of being a latch key kid and what it’s like to host a low budget talk show.

If you catch Sandy in the present moment, perhaps it’s because she’s taking your picture since she’s a fantastic photographer, or perhaps you’re seeing her perform with the comedy trio, Three Busy Debras. And boy are they BUSY. For Daniel Kibblesmith’s latest comic book, Valiant High, check out the online comics retailer, Comixology. Vinny DePonto is shattering reality and reshaping your mind with his amazing talents in secret shows and guest appearances around New York, so be sure and seek him out. Michelle Buteau…what can we say. Visit her website for more information about her own talk show and the latest stand up dates.

The next Deep Night Live is Weds, March 22nd at 8pm, back at the Slipper Room. We encourage you to get tickets and come out to spend some time with fellow Deep Nighters and get the chance to meet Dale live!

Photo in original post by John Huntington.

Deep Night Season 9: Lisa Rosman

Dale replaces his personal projector bulb for an illuminating conversation with film commentator and writer, Lisa Rosman. Perhaps it’s the post-V-Day glow, but Dale and Lisa bond quickly over their fondness of perfect cinematic moments and inspired sequences like those found in All That Jazz or In the Mood For Love. The two discover that they also have similar perspectives on faith, cosmic energies, and one’s presence in the universe. Lisa sums up Dale amazingly accurately based only on his favorite motion pictures and shares some stories about her experience as a co-host on NY1’s Talking Pictures on Demand. Dale offers a few thoughts on the many celebrities he has known/served wine to as a caterer and the two discuss the past year in movies in advance of the Academy Awards.

Lisa Rosman has reviewed film for such publications as Marie Claire, Salon, Vulture,, Time Out New York, Premiere, indieWire, LA Weekly, iVillage, and Us Weekly. She has appeared on CBS News, ABC Radio, the Oxygen Channel, TNT, the IFC, HuffPost Live, AOL Build, and Wisconsin and Cape Cod Public Radio. From 2003-2005, she served as the Brooklyn Rail’s film editor and, from 2005-2009, as Flavorwire’s film editor. She also ran the film blog The Broad View from 2005-2008. In 2012 she was honored as one of Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year for her relief work in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Currently, she appears weekly on the NY1/Spectrum national film review show Talking Pictures, and is a reviewer and essayist for Signature. She is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

Follow Lisa on Twitter or on her blog, Signs & Sirens and watch for her reviews on Talking Pictures On Demand.

Want to see Dale Live? Come on out, Weds February 22nd at 8pm for DEEP NIGHT LIVE at the Slipper Room on the Lower East Side! Tickets are $10/$12 and worth getting in advance. Dale’s guests will be comedian Michelle Buteau, Daniel Kibblesmith, Vinny DePonto, and Sandy Honig. With music from thereminst Cornelius Loy! A fine evening of comedy, ghosts, spirits, and mind reading.

Who Will Join Dale Live in the Deep Night 2/22?

Friends! Love and fear are in the air, which must mean that it’s time for another visit to the DEEP NIGHT! Finish those Valentine’s candies and unwrap an evening of bliss with our talented guests on Wednesday, February 22nd at 8pm at the Lower East Side’s infamous house of ill repute, The Slipper Room. Dale’s talking to a wonderful panel of terrific individuals including comedian Michelle Buteau (VH1); writer Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert); mentalist Vinny DePonto (Drama Desk Award Nominee); and a conjured visit from comedian Sandy Honig (Three Busy Debras). With ethereal music from theremin master, Cornelius Loy! This show is a killer, and every seat is a good one. Tickets are $10/12 and better if you get em in advance!

Below you’ll find some info about each of Dale’s Deep Night guests!

But first, here’s the info you’ll need to attend:
Deep Night Live with Michelle Buteau, Daniel Kibblesmith, Vinny DePonto, & Sandy Honig
With music by Cornelius Loy
Wednesday, February 22nd, 8pm Show/Doors at 7pm
The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington St
Tickets $10 in advance/$12 at the door $25 VIP Seating Available

Michelle Buteau is a fabulous host and comedian. Maybe you’ve seen her on VH1 or Fox? Well here she is on Comedy Central doing a half hour. Do you enjoy the beach?

Daniel Kibblesmith is a comedian and writer who’s had a series of amazing, unreal jobs. His current stint is as a writer for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where he gets to create things like this. Which is not so bad.

A peak behind the curtain with mentalist Vinny DePonto as he prepares for an evening of mystery.

Vinny DePonto . A Magician Prepares from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

Sandy Honig is a rising star and while we can’t get enough of her Ice Cram video, Dale wanted to share a recent stand up set as well.

Sandy Honig-HD from New American Comedy on Vimeo.