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Deep Night Season 9: Live with Janine Brito, Joanna Rothkopf, Jamilah King, and Lily Herman

Dale celebrates the end of another season with a special all-politics edition of the program, co-presented with B.L.O.W. (Brooklyn Ladies of Winning the Vote). Recorded live at the Slipper Room in New York City before a packed house, Dale tries to understand what’s going on in Washington, DC and what it means for the rest of us. To help him along, Dale assembles an all-star panel of writers and comedians who follow, report on, and provide context for the current administration and the strange times we live in. Comedian Janine Brito; Managing Editor of Jezebel, Joanna Rothkopf; Senior Staff Writer for, Jamilah King; and Teen Vogue’s Lily Herman join Dale for a lively and timely discussion about culture, feminism, resistance, and college pizza. With music throughout by thereminst, Cornelius Loy. The event benefits Brand New Congress, which aims to put progressive, non-party-machine candidates forward for public office. For more on Brand New Congress visit their website Look for the tenth season of Deep Night to begin in September, 2018.

Thanks to all for a great season and to everyone who has tuned in or come out to the live shows to lend your support. Special thanks to B.L.O.W. for making this live season finale, such a memorable and exciting one.

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Who Will Join Dale in the Deep Night 6/21?

Watergate was lucky to have Deep Throat, and with whatever is going on in Washington these days, we’re fortunate to have a refuge in the DEEP NIGHT! On a special live season 9 finale of the program, Dale’s rolling up the sleeves of his political turtleneck and diving all the way into Russian ties, Comey tapes, and ties held together with tape. Not even Keebler Elf Cos Play enthusiast Jeff Sessions could interrupt the delightful conversation about to take place at the Slipper Room on Weds, June 21st. You’re invited to join in as B.L.O.W. (Brooklyn Ladies of Winning [the vote]) presents a night of comedy, catharsis and laughter in support of Brand New Congress. Special guests include: Janine Brito (comedian, Take My Wife, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell); Joanna Rothkopf (Managing Editor, Jezebel, Co-Host of Jezebel’s Big Time Dicks podcast); Jamilah King (senior staff writer for; and Lily Herman (journalist, Teen Vogue). With the ethereal sounds of theremin player, Cornelius Loy.

Tickets for this event are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Proceeds from the evening will support Brand New Congress, a movement to run 400+ non-partisan candidates for Congress in 2018 in a unified campaign behind one plan to rebuild the economy, repair our communities and radically reform our institutions.

Below are some video and audio clips of our guests so you can get to know them in advance of the big night. But first, here’s the info you’ll need to attend:
Deep Night Gets Political – Presented by B.L.O.W.
Hosted by Dale Seever with special guests Janine Brito, Joanna Rothkopf, Jamilah King, and Lily Herman.
With music on the theremin by Cornelius Loy
Wednesday, June 21st, 8pm Show/Doors at 7pm
The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington St
Tickets $15 in advance/$20 at the door Proceeds benefit Brand New Congress

Janine Brito is a talented stand-up now based in Los Angeles, who is making a return appearance on the Deep Night stage. She’s recently been writing for a number of projects most of which we can’t mention yet – and she’s appearing on the upcoming season of the SeeSo comedy series, Take My Wife. Here’s an audio bit as Janine drops in on our friends, 2 Dope Queens!

The Managing Editor of the essential, Joanna Rothkopf is a critical voice in our political discourse. She is a gifted comedic performer who hosts the popular Drunk Science series at Littlefield and has graced the stages of The PIT, UCB, and other fine venues. As far as podcasts go, she hosts one of the better titled programs about politics, Big Time Dicks. Here’s a link to a recent interview with Elizabeth Warren.

Jamilah King is a Senior Staff writer for, where she covers politics, culture, and more. Immediately after the election she offered some thoughts on what had just happened.

One of the great joys of the last few months has been the emergence of Teen Vogue as a source for solid political journalism. Lily Herman has been a part of that effort and has also gained a lot of attention for her active and informative twitter feed. For a list of recent articles for Teen Vogue visit the following link:

Deep Night Season 9: Colby Minifie

Dale glides through the mystical portal of the Deep Night once more for a conversation with actor Colby Minifie. Currently performing as Tess in the Broadway revival of Six Degrees of Separation, Colby is a gifted young actor with an already formidable resume. She was recently in the blockbuster New York production of Long Days Journey Into Night with Michael Shannon and Jessica Lange. She also played the slightly off-kilter neighbor Robyn in the Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones. Dale and Colby talk about those specific experiences, along with what it was like growing up in New York with so much of her activity focused in the grimy, overcrowded streets of Mid-town. Dale reflects on his own connection to John Guare’s masterful work, including his possible distant familial relationship to Colby’s co-star, Allison Janney. Colby reveals a bit about the process of building a stage family and her profound respect for the written word. Both Colby and Dale share a love of the theater and the underlying structures that make great performances possible. The two offer some deep night thoughts on compassion, characters, and somewhat inevitably, covfefe.

Check out Dale live for a special Deep Night Gets Political edition of the program. It’s happening Weds, June 21st at 8pm and it’s a benefit for Brand New Congress! Co-Organized with BLOW (Brooklyn Ladies of Winning the Vote), the show happens at The Slipper Room and features conversation with journalist Lily Herman (Teen Vogue, Allure); comedian and writer Mitra Jouhari (The President Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee); and more! With music by Cornelius Loy. Tickets are $15 and available in advance via the Slipper Room’s website. See you for our Season Finale in the Deep Night!

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Deep Night Season 9: Superfund Shaman

Dale celebrates his succulents and loosens his meditation cloak as it turns out he’s at the white hot center of the new shaman trend. With the end of another podcast season drawing near, Dale reflects on some highlights of the last year including his well-received cameo on HBO’s Crashing, his experiences chasing voice over gigs, and being lonely backstage with Dick Cavett. Because he’s been staying up too late and paid a lot of extra money for Showtime, Dale also shares some thoughts on the return of Twin Peaks and tries for the umpteenth time to get that story straight. He talks about a successful turtleneck swap, meeting new people, the influence of Phil Hartman, and his ever more powerful bond with his wife and partner, Galinda.

A special thanks to everyone who came out to experience the Deep Night in person in San Francisco and New York. Thanks also to Dale’s extraordinary guests (so far!). The following have all spent time sharing their regrets and revelations with Dale: Sovereign Syre, Tara Clancy, Rachel Chavkin, Dan Kennedy, Rosebud Baker, James Habacker, Lindsay Goldwert, Colin Dickey, Scout Durwood, Marie Faustin, Michael Kupperman, Kyle Ayers, Shalewa Sharpe, Glockabelle, Mo Fry Pasic, Joe Rumrill, Catie Lazarus, Nina Tarr, Jenny Zigrino, Phil Ross, Allie Goertz, Joel Kim Booster, Greg Hildreth, Lisa Rosman, Michelle Buteau, Daniel Kibblesmith, Vinny DePonto, Sandy Honig, Jes Tom, Hadiyah Robinson, Maggie Serota, Alex English, Shannon Taggart, Melissa Febos, Farah Brook, Michael Chernus, Dave Mizzoni, Maeve Higgins, Jason Zinoman, Ike Ufomadu, and Amy Zimmer. Plus the fantastic Cornelius Loy who provided such beautiful theremin music for our live shows. That’s a lot of talent folks. If you missed an episode – go back and give em a listen.

SPECIAL SUMMER BONUS SEASON FINALE ALL POLITICAL EPISODE COMING TO NYC JUNE 21! We’ve got a special episode coming up on Wednesday, June 21st at 8pm at the Slipper Room in NYC. This is a benefit episode for the organization Brand New Congress. Look em up – they’re doing great things. And the night is being co-produced with the exceptional new action group, BLOW (Brooklyn Ladies of Winning the vote). We’ll have comedians, presidential historians, and journalists on the panel as we talk about whatever the heck horrible thing has happened at 5pm that night. Mitra Jouhari (The President Show), Lily Herman (Teen Vogue), and more will join Dale in the swampy terrain of the political Deep Night. Plus music from Cornelius Loy. For more info or to purchase tickets click here.

Photo in original post by John Huntington.

Deep Night Season 9: Live with Maeve Higgins, Jason Zinoman, Ikechukwu Ufomadu, and Amy Zimmer

Dale tunes into the strange frequencies that make late night talk shows so compelling on this special live episode of Deep Night, recorded at the Slipper Room in NYC. The garrulous guru of gab begins the evening with a conjuring thanks to ancient instructions sent via the all-seeing Zardulu. Spooked by his own powers, he ends up summoning comedian Amy Zimmer who demonstrates her own considerable mystic abilities that quite simply have to be seen to be believed. Dale then speaks with the New York Times comedy critic, Jason Zinoman, whose new book Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night, is a terrific look back through the influential years of the Late Night with David Letterman program and a guide to its enduring comedic legacy. Rising comedian and late night impresario Ike Ufomadu drops in for some deep night thoughts about his unique approach to hosting and some of the theatrical essentials of late night TV. Comedian, writer, and all around delight Maeve Higgins joins the group to dish on the high-flying life of a podcast host and share some of the things she’s learned about American history, ancestry, and more. This Deep Night episode also features music on the theremin by Cornelius Loy.

To buy Jason’s book Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night visit your local bookstore, or choose convenience and make your purchase at a reputable online resource like this one. Catch Ike Ufomadu at Joe’s Pub or elsewhere around town by staying up to date with his appearances via his website Maeve Higgins hosts the fabulous podcast Maeve in America: Immigration in Real Life and co-hosts Star Talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Find both on itunes or whatever podcast platform is best for you. Amy Zimmer performs regularly throughout NYC, but you can follow her on Twitter @oneamyzimmer.

NEXT LIVE SHOW! Deep Night with Dale: Political Edition, Wednesday, June 21st 8pm at The Slipper Room. A benefit for Brand New Congress, organized by BLOW (Brooklyn Ladies of Winning the Vote).

Photo in original post by John Huntington.

Deep Night Season 9: Dave Mizzoni

Dale rouses himself from a week-long meditation session with a clear vision of something that he never truly realized. Until this episode, Dale had not acknowledged what an important role NYU plays in shaping and fueling the comedy world of New York. With NYU’s massive presence, it’s no wonder the city is so well populated with such a large number of gifted performers and creators, many of whom have appeared on this program, including today’s Deep Night visitor, comedian Dave Mizzoni. Dave grew up in Rhode Island and started acting at a young age. He had a memorable audition with Oskar Eustis, performed in countless theatrical productions, and found his way to NYU’s acclaimed Tisch School of the Arts. He gained valuable insight and critical guidance from mentors at the school, including the late theater artist and composer Liz Swados. Dave emerged from that program with a solid skillset as a performer; skills he uses to inform his stand up and his work with the musical comedy ensemble, Pop Roulette. The group is responsible for some very funny viral videos which musically skewer everything from unwieldy neck wear to the dragon loving queen on Game of Thrones. Dale and Dave spend a long time exploring their mutual affection for the Ocean State and the beautiful strange music of the Providence accent. For you serious Prov-Heads tuning in, don’t worry…Roger Williams, Buddy Cianci, and Filene’s Basement all get significant shout outs. In addition to loving Rhode Island, Dave’s a super fan of Ms. Britney Spears, which prompts a few questions from Dale about fame and what we do with it.

For more on Dave Mizzoni, and where the next Pop Roulette show might be springing up, visit his website: To book your next getaway to Cranston, RI visit “We’re on the Move!” – which is a funny slogan for a town, but ok.

The next Deep Night Live is coming up – Weds, May 10th, at 8pm at the world famous Slipper Room on the Lower East Side. For tickets and information about Dale’s amazing lineup of guests, visit

Who Will Join Dale in the Deep Night 5/10?

The ninth wondrous season of the program has almost reached its end, and we’re celebrating with another live edition of the program at the world famous Slipper Room in NYC. On Weds, May 10th at 8pm, Dale will explore the legacy of late night TV and the challenges of hosting a successful talk show in this discussion with critic and New York Times columnist, Jason Zinoman. Jason’s new book, Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night is essential reading for anyone who grew up on or was influenced by the former weatherman from Indiana and his Stupid Pet Tricks, Monkey Cam, and Larry “Bud” Melman. One performer exploring the tropes and format of late night tv is comedian Ike Ufomadu, currently in residence at Joe’s Pub with his show, Nightcap. Dale welcomes Ike to talk about his personal relationship to giants like Carson, Paar, and Sajak. We’ll also explore the international perspective on the host position with podcasting superstar and all-around amazing comedian, Maeve Higgins. Maeve’s show Maeve In America is a timely and hilarious glimpse into immigration, comedy, and living in New York. Plus, thrill to the sounds of the magical theremin as played by the brilliant Cornelius Loy. Below are some video and audio clips of our guests so you can get to know them in advance of the big night.

But first, here’s the info you’ll need to attend:
Deep Night Live with Jason Zinoman, Maeve Higgins, and Ike Ufomadu.
With music on the theremin by Cornelius Loy
Wednesday, May 10th, 8pm Show/Doors at 7pm

The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington St
Tickets $10 in advance/$12 at the door $25 VIP Seating Available


First up, Jason Zinoman recently sat down with fellow podcaster, and someone who has turned down Dale plenty of times, Marc Maron on his popular program, WTF. This was a double-bill with Hank Azaria, who is also very funny, but skip ahead to Jason’s bit and you’ll hear about his life, and a little bit about his long-standing fascination with the Late Night with David Letterman program. Marc’s interview with Jason starts around the 30 min mark.

Maybe you’ve seen her on Inside Amy Schumer, or a live version of the hit podcast Star Talk with Eugene Mirman and Neil deGrasse Tyson, or performing stand up around the world at festivals and comedy events. She’s a global phenomenon. So many people have compared Dale to Garrison Keillor over the years, that it seems only fitting to include a video clip of Maeve on the Keillor-less Prairie Home Companion. It’s like late night tv for older people. In that it happens on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, right before supper.

Ike Ufomadu has been reinterpreting and reinventing the late night format for the last few years. He’s been in residence at Joe’s Pub with Ike at Night, his take on a late night broadcast. On this episode, Ike discusses his thoughts on Letterman retiring, and has some fun imagining a replacement.

And because who doesn’t love a shirtless theremin player, here’s Cornelius Loy making music out of energy waves. This show has it all, folks!