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Deep Night Season 9: Lindsay Goldwert


Dale attempts to soothe our collective unease during this tense election period with an episode focused on balance and value. While the mood outside may be filled with anxiety, in the Deep Night things are safe and warm and the air smells faintly of pumpkin spice. Dale welcomes weary listeners to this place of audio comfort, where he’s joined by fellow podcast host and Libra, Lindsay Goldwert. Lindsay is a journalist, comedian, and creator of SPENT, a weekly financial podcast that explores our complicated, often comical relationship to money. Because we’re all enduring some form of distress, politically or financially, Dale invited Lindsay on to talk through some ways that can help alleviate, or at least distract us, from our suffering. The two discuss the currency of jokes, debate-induced insomnia, and finding solace in true crime stories about human survival.

Lindsay’s podcast SPENT can be found on or on itunes and wherever you access your favorite audio programs. You can also follow Lindsay for great advice and funny takes on the world’s events, by finding her on twitter @lindsaygoldwert .


Deep Night Season 9: Live with Rachel Chavkin, Dan Kennedy, and Rosebud Baker


Dale summons a fantastic hour of entertainment to kick off his first live show of the season. Newly remarried and awakened to his gifts as an energy reader, Dale welcomes a stellar lineup to talk about lost loves, tiny wizards, and the power of astrology. Dale is joined by theater director Rachel Chavkin (Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812); writer and storyteller Dan Kennedy (The MOTH); and comedian Rosebud Baker (SeeSo). Through a special conjuring session performer James Habacker, the founder of the Slipper Room, appears to talk about his new film, The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man and the ethereal sounds of the theremin are provided by virtuoso Cornelius Loy. The entire ensemble pays tribute to Julee Cruise and Twin Peaks with a brief scene from that acclaimed television series.

Dale encourages you to follow the work of all of his Deep Night guests. Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812, directed by Rachel Chavkin opens for previews at the Imperial Theater on Broadway on October 18th. The show also features past guests and friends of the program, Grace McLean and Ashley Perez Flanagan. Dan Kennedy always has something great in the works and you can find him hosting a MOTH event or podcast or writing up a new book of sad recipes for the lovesick among us. And Rosebud Baker is a co-host of the regular Netflix Campfire Podcast. Cornelius Loy performs regularly around New York City – so be sure and track him down.

Photo in original post by John Huntington.


Deep Night Season 9: Tara Clancy


Dale gains a greater understanding of the outer reaches of Queens in this conversation with author, storyteller, and the pride of Broad Channel, Tara Clancy. Tara is a fifth-generation New Yorker who grew up shuttling between her family’s modest homes in Queens and the wealthy enclaves of Bridgehampton, Long Island. In her new memoir The Clancys of Queens, she describes her unique experience with the class divide and honors some of the more outrageous characters of her extended family. Dale and Tara find common ground over their working class roots and panicked visits to the delivery room. Throughout the conversation, Tara reflects on the role of grandparents, truth in storytelling, unsafe junkyard playgrounds, and the unheralded role of working class women in New York.

Tara Clancy is a Moth GrandSlam winner and frequent host of that show’s live events across the country. Clancy has been featured on programs such as NPR’s Snap Judgement, Risk!, and The Story Collider, with writing published in The New York Times, The Paris Review Daily, The New York Times Magazine, and The Rumpus. For more on Tara please visit her website To pre-order or purchase her book, The Clancys of Queens, find it on or at your local bookseller.

Photo in post by Allison Evans.


Deep Night Season 9: Sovereign Syre


Dale conjures a new season of Deep Night by welcoming comedian, writer, and podcaster Sovereign Syre. Sovereign and Dale quickly bond over their mutual experiences starting in comedy, performing naked, and putting one’s creative life first. Based in Los Angeles, Sovereign joined Dale in New York for a talk about transitional, often life-altering moments and how the universe sometimes intervenes with one’s decisions. She reflects on her successful career in adult films and reveals a bit about her writing process as she tackles a multi-volume series of interlocking historical novels. The talk concludes with some thoughts on family and history, including a shared fascination with the mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke.

Sovereign Syre can be found online at where you can also subscribe to episodes of her podcast, Observations with Sovereign Syre. Her variety show, Cobra Juice happens monthly in LA Trepany House at the Steve Allen Theater. Check their website for dates and lineup information.

This episode features the DEEP NIGHT theme by Zach Gabbard and music throughout from the roster at Howler Hills Farm. Season 9 podcast icon and logo designed by illustrator Samantha Mash. This episode was recorded at Harvestworks in NYC.

Photo by Richard Avery.


It’s Deep Night, Do You Know Who Dale’s Guests Are?


Friends! Our energies shall become one! Join Dale for this new chapter in his life and the first episode of our ninth season. We at Dale HQ are beyond excited to see Dale sit down with his fantastic guests. He’s talking to people who identify with various nighttime spirits: mountain pairs, moths, comets, and raging campfires. With the otherworldly accompaniment from theremin virtuoso, Cornelius Loy, Dale welcomes storyteller, author and podcast host, Dan Kennedy; theater director, Rachel Chavkin; comedian and performer Rosebud Baker; and legendary NY singer and actor, Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks)! We’ll also be visited by James Habacker, the impresario in charge of The Slipper Room!

Here’s the info you need to attend:
Deep Night With Dale!
Season 9 Premiere with Julee Cruise, Dan Kennedy, Rachel Chavkin, and Rosebud Baker with music by Cornelius Loy.

Wednesday, September 28th 8pm/Doors at 7pm
Tickets are $10 (advance)/$12 (at the door) with $25 VIP seating available.
Ticket link is here:

Now some video clips that give a sense of Dale’s guests and their work:
Julee Cruise has lent her voice and skills as a character actor to many fine productions. Dale promises not to only focus on one of his favorites, that of the Roadhouse Singer from Twin Peaks, but he did have many wonderful evenings playing this song through his car stereo while looking at the stars and then getting very scared of the dark. You remember this one:

Dan Kennedy is a master storyteller and writer. He’s the host of numerous MOTH live slams and events around the country as well as the host of the acclaimed MOTH Podcast. Dale recommends subscribing to that show if you haven’t already. Lots of great stories and a fine way to make your commute more enjoyable. Here’s a story from Dan that Dale is fond of:

Rachel Chavkin is the artistic director of the theater collective TEAM. In that role she’s created many outstanding new works for the stage. One of those projects, Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, was championed and developed with the help of our friends at Ars Nova in NYC and is now about to make its Broadway debut. Here’s a very informative look at the show:

Comedian Rosebud Baker is a favorite of Dale’s, since she also happens to be among the more mystically-minded in the comedy circuit. She can read the heck out of a deck of tarot cards and is sure to teach Dale a thing or two about the spirit realm. She’s also a co-host of the Netflix Campfire podcast. Here’s a stand up set from earlier this year:

And our band leader for the evening – and band for that matter, is the talented virtuoso of the theremin, Cornelius Loy. Here’s Loy demonstrating the wonderful instrument that Dale is wild for:


Deep Night Debuts at The Slipper Room 9/28


Dale has all seven chakras lit up in anticipation of bringing the Deep Night program to the world famous Slipper Room in New York City’s celebrated Lower East Side. Wednesday, September 28th, the doors open at 7pm for the 8pm season nine premiere of the long-running, most unusual talk show. Dale’s had a busy summer, getting remarried, discovering his healing energies, and getting a whole new wardrobe (at the insistence of his new wife). So look for a very mystically-minded Dale to open up some real energy vortexes with his fabulous guests. All for just $10. Get tickets!

These guests. Folks. I tell ya. These are some guests. Rachel Chavkin? Oh she’s just the director of a little soon-to-be-Broadway smash, Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812. We think after her appearance on Deep Night, she’ll probably want to add one more name to that title. (Dale. She’ll want to add Dale.) Mr. Seever is so excited to talk to Rachel in the days before this show opens. We’ll post a profile of Rachel and the other guests soon, so you know what you’re in for. But it’s terribly exciting – and something Dale does well – to capture talented people right as they break into the big time. Rachel is accomplished in many other theatrical endeavors, and we’ll be sure to cover them on the 28th at 8pm at THE SLIPPER ROOM!

Did we mention you can get tickets? You can do that by clicking here!

What about Dan Kennedy? He’s the host of The MOTH podcast and a very funny and compelling writer. Dan and Dale will get into some great story swapping during the evening. Dale’s also pleased to welcome the talented Rosebud Baker, a comedian in New York who is the co-host of the Netflix Campfire Podcast and appears regularly around town at The Stand and Caroline’s. This show will also feature a special guest conjured from the ether. WHAT KNOWLEDGE CAN WE GAIN!! So stay tuned for more about that as the week goes on.

We may also get a visit from James who runs The Slipper Room, and has really transformed it into a dream destination for variety shows, burlesque, vaudeville, comedy, and more. We cannot wait to take the stage. JUST LOOK AT THAT STAGE! And and and…we have music all evening from the marvelous maestro of the theremin, Cornelius Loy. A THEREMIN!! An instrument of magic and science!

Ok. More about this show will be rolled out all week. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic season! Get some tickets. Tell your friends. Join us in the DEEP NIGHT!
Tickets Tickets Tickets!!


Dale Radio Season 8: Dale Jumps Ship


Dale concludes his eighth enlightening season, with a few thoughts on responsibility and what’s ailing the world at this moment. While ever-optimistic about the future (and about to enter a deep freeze for the summer months), Dale begins to wonder about the dangers of building a new Noah’s Ark in coal mining country; what it means to include dinosaurs on that Ark; the puzzling absence of people of color in the fantasy realm; and ways we can all do better to affirm our ally status to those in need of support. He also reports back from a major podcast festival in Chicago and thanks his many guests and listeners who have joined him throughout the season. This episode features short musical clips from Alexa Wilding’s latest EP Wolves, available via itunes or other fine purveyors of musical offerings.

Dale loves bringing the work of these talented individuals to you and he hopes you’ll enjoy checking out their work and supporting their many creative endeavors. Buy their books, see their movies, watch their shows, listen to their podcasts, and download their albums. You can’t go wrong with this group!

Thanks to all who contributed on air and behind the scenes for Season 8 including Harvestworks, Chris Shockwave Sullivan, Jenny Fine, Mindy Tucker, San Frangeles, Steve O’Reilly, SF Sketchfest, Joe’s Pub, the Hammer Museum UCLA, George Nachtrieb, Creme Fatale, and Katrina, Pepsee, and the extended Seever family. Thanks also to our sponsors

Special thanks to everyone who recorded a fine and funny and oftentimes sad, character portrait at the top of many of the shows this season including those told by Val Roder, Jenny Rubin, Alison Zeidman, Jamie Aderski, Julie Kottakis, Andrew Bancroft, Leslie Goshko, Claire Downs, Justin Carroll, Baby Pepsee, SOLOCOM performers (David Lawson, Joanna Shaw Flamm, Lori Hammel, Amanda Miller, Lauren Maul, and Rory Scholl), Jenny Jaffe, Daniel Lee, and Juliana Brecher.

The new season of Dale Radio emerges in September. Till then…have a great summer! Send pics!