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Deep Night Season 9: Nina Tarr


Dale hopes to one day release this conversation on crystal-clear vinyl, to make it as highly-sought after as LA-based comedian and DJ, Nina Tarr. Nina was in New York City recently doing some music and comedy sets around town, so Dale asked if she’d stop by the Deep Night studios for a talk about her career and her trajectory. Born in Orange County, Nina started collecting vinyl records early in life, seeking them out at thrift stores and local record shops. With punk as her gateway music, she quickly built an impressive collection of vintage and rare recordings, then started sharing them at parties and Southern California clubs winning over enthusiastic, if inebriated audiences. During this discussion with Dale, Nina talks about the ways in which her affinity for playing music intersects with her desire to create a unique comedic voice. The two also cover adventures in moving vehicles shaped like body parts; killing it with the elementary school set; and making videos at a breakneck speed for the folks at Buzzfeed. An inspiring conversation that can only take place…in the DEEP NIGHT.

For more on Nina and to find out where she’s spinning discs or slinging jokes, visit her website San Francisco – Dale’s headed your way for the big show on January 21st at 4:30pm. Be sure and reserve some free tickets and join Dale as he brings a fantastic all new show to the City by the Bay. More info on


Deep Night Descends on SF Sketchfest!


Friends, Dale is thrilled to be making his fourth appearance at the always spectacular SF Sketchfest. On Saturday, January 21, at the world famous PIANO FIGHT theater space, Dale welcomes a solid lineup of funny and inventive people. The Deep Night comes alive when Dale sits down with comedian Jenny Zigrino (Bad Santa 2, Conan); comedic musician and podcast host Allie Goertz (Everything’s Coming Up Podcast, New York Funny Songs Fest); and artist and inventor Philip Ross (Co-Founder of Mycoworks). Plus music from the amazing Lisa Mezzacappa. These are people who give Dale hope for brighter days ahead!

In order to prepare your vessels for the Deep Night journey, here are a few video samples that give some insight into the work of Dale’s guests. GET TO KNOW THEM! And then secure your FREE tickets to the show by visiting the SF Sketchfest website.

Deep Night with Dale live from SF Sketchfest is happening Saturday, Jan. 21, 4:30pm
Piano Fight, 144 Taylor Street, SF

Jenny Zigrino is a very funny comedian and actor who has been delighting audiences in Boston, NY, and LA for some time. She’s been making the leap to the big screen with star turns in the comedies, Fifty Shades of Black and Bad Santa 2. Here’s a clip of Jenny’s stand up from some show on TBS hosted by a lanky redheaded fella.

Allie Goertz knows a lot about music, The Simpsons, pop culture, and satirical song writing. Since releasing her first crowd-sourced album Cossbysweater in 2013, Allie has been touring the country opening for and playing alongside her favorite musicians and comics. She runs the social media side of the @midnight tv program for Comedy Central and co-hosts a popular podcast all about The Simpsons. Showing her love for another animated series, Rick and Morty, Allie produced an entire album devoted to songs inspired by the show. The first music video of which is Dance Bitch.

Phil Ross is an important and fascinating artist in San Francisco who has found inspiration and promise in the possibilities of mushrooms. Will we all live in mushroom-based homes sitting on mushroom chairs? Probably! Dale can’t wait to slip into some fresh loafers courtesy of Phil Ross and Mycoworks.

And finally – Lisa Mezzacappa is one of the most prolific and engaging bassists in the country, and an important part of the Bay Area improvisational scene. Dale’s pleased to welcome Lisa back to the show – she composed the theme song for the podcast back in Season 4. Here she is at a performance from a few years ago. Perfect music for opening up a portal in your mind and traveling through the DEEP NIGHT!


Deep Night Season 9: Catie Lazarus


Dale hoists his sails for some good ole fashioned talkshow host-to-talkshow host ribbing, as he welcomes comedian and writer Catie Lazarus. Catie is the mastermind behind Employee of the Month, the wildly popular live show and podcast, and she joins Dale in the Deep Night to talk about what it’s like to sit opposite some of the brightest minds in popular culture. The two also discuss meaningless awards; bad dating techniques; department stores; getting the most out of your stolen money at CVS; and how to pursue fun no matter what. With lots of quality sexual and/or seafaring metaphors plus special musical interludes from the band Moondrunk.

Be sure and visit Catie’s website, for weekly episodes and monthly live shows of that terrific program. She gets the best guests and ensures a wonderful time for her audience. Tell em, Dale sent ya! And on January 30th, be sure and snag tickets to see Moondrunk live in a special presentation at Ars Nova in New York City. More info available on their website

SAN FRANCISCO – We’ll be out there with a live show on Saturday, January 21st as part of SF Sketchfest! Don’t miss this free show with Dale and his guests comedian Jenny Zigrino, comedian and musician Allie Goertz, artist and innovator Philip Ross, with music from Bay Area bassist Lisa Mezzacappa! More info available on


Deep Night Season 9: White Elephant


Dale fastens his astral body buckles in preparation for another trip around our life-giving sun. It’s a bold New Year in the Deep Night, and it might end up like a White Elephant exchange with no one getting what they wanted, or things could really work out for once. Dale tries to remain optimistic as he reflects on his recent holiday travels to Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s always a thrill for him to visit with old friends; enjoy the sites of local shopping establishments; and sneak in a few performances at rest stops and flea market food courts for surprised but appreciative audiences. A lot has been said about death and awfulness that came with 2016, but it hasn’t been said by Dale. Until now. From his walks among nature trails that run parallel to ancient burial grounds to his time spent listening to quality religious music while getting money out at the ATM , Dale offers some lightness and encouragement to those who feel adrift in this new year. After what has been an enormous pile of sad, Dale tries to find tiny, infinitesimal, almost invisible glimmers of hope in the persistence of life. Dale also discusses the sudden loss of his betta fish and shares his thoughts about trying not to laugh in an extremely uncomfortable situation. Plus info about his return to SF Sketchfest!

Want to see Dale live and join him in the Deep Night? Now you can. Especially if you’re in San Francisco in January! On Saturday, January 21, at 4:30pm, Dale beckons you to the Deep Night as he welcomes guests Jenny Zigrino, Allie Goertz, Philip Ross, and more to a special live edition of the program as part of SF Sketchfest. This marks Dale’s fourth trip to the festival and it’s always a delight. This show is FREE and packed with cosmic goodies, with talk about the future, magic, music, and comedy. With performances throughout by Bay Area bassist and improviser, Lisa Mezzacappa. A show for the ages. Information can be found on the official SF Sketchfest website here:


Deep Night Season 9: Joe Rumrill


Dale plans a bright future with comedian and writer Joe Rumrill. Dale and Joe meet in a special solstice tent to talk about the many sides of Daffy Duck, punk rock hideouts in Connecticut, schemes for getting your own parade float, and what it means to find one’s place in New York City. Joe’s history with music and good-natured mischief informs his comedy style, as does his love of slightly deranged characters and surreal television moments. Joe reads from his own distorted version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, which is sure to delight and surprise children of all ages. Dale also shares what happens at the annual Gowanus Holiday Gathering, and sends warm wishes to his listeners in advance of the new year.

Follow Joe on twitter @2tonbug or find him performing at Fresh Perspectives, The Special Without Brett Davis, or Cartoon Monsoon with Mary Houlihan. And if anyone has any connections with Windsor, CT marching band, please drop us a line. We need to get Joe in the Macy’s Day Parade!

Photo in original post by Mindy Tucker.


Deep Night Season 9: Department of Energy


Dale traverses a long footbridge of transformation in this solo episode, which finds Dale trying to make sense of his place in the world. Surprised by an early solstice gift from his wife Galinda, Dale buys a last minute ticket to Laramie to spend time on the energy ranch of famed personal healer, Lon Rooney. Dale lets his mind wander during the two-day retreat and he finds new meaning in a passing tumbleweed, sad pasta eaten by airline attendants, long trains, and the silence of the holidays spent in an empty Arby’s restaurant. He’s also deeply troubled by the recent revelation that the election of Tugger Fermoil may have been rigged and wonders openly about some issues in his marriage. Join Dale as he battles the distraction of endless super moons and welcomes you to the clarity that can only be attained with a visit to the Deep Night.


Deep Night Season 9: Mo Fry Pasic


Dale keeps it “hundo” in this conversation with Brooklyn-based comedian Mo Fry Pasic. Dale traces Mo’s artistic journey, from her days as a high school volleyball star in Madison, Wisconsin to her life today as a stand up and comedic performer. Embracing her inner goofiness and with a love of weirdness, Mo’s managed to claim her own unique space in comedy and hone a strong, funny voice onstage and online. The discussion finds Dale and Mo covering a lot of ground including her VIP status at Sephora; her world famous cat impressions; good smelling hair products of the 1990s, and a growing sense of urgency around activism. The two also reminisce about small spaces for experimentation that are no more, including the soon-to-be-shuttered Over the Eight bar in Williamsburg and Dale shares one of his favorite wedding gags. Plus find out where to get a great Christmas tree in New York City when Dale and his wife Galinda go hunting for evergreens.

Save the date! Weds February 22nd, Dale is once again LIVE FROM THE DEEP NIGHT at the Slipper Room in NYC. 8pm show with Dale’s guests Michelle Buteau, Vinny DePonto, Sandy Honig, and more! Mind reading, conjuring, and comedy! All Dale’s favorite things with this stellar lineup. If you’re in SF be sure and see us live at Piano Fight – on Saturday, January 21st at 4:30pm for a FREE show with Allie Goertz, Irene Tu, and Phil Ross! Details via

Photo in original post by Bruce Smith.