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Dale Radio Season 7: Elle King


Dale throws back a whiskey or two in this conversation with singer/songwriter Elle King. From their booth in a mostly empty bar in Bushwick, Dale and Elle talk about this particular moment in her career and how she’s developed her signature sound. The two entertainers swap stories about making sweet music on the banjo, visiting haunted honky-tonks in Kentucky, breaking hearts, and what it was like growing up backstage at SNL.

Be sure and pick up a copy of Elle King’s new album Love Stuff, available for pre-order now on itunes. For tour info, and more about Elle’s previous recordings, visit




Start the New Year right with Dale Radio Live at the 2015 NYC Podfest. Dale is thrilled to be featured once again in NYC’s only podcast festival and is happily kicking off Day 2 of the fest with a fantastic lineup of people probably just stumbling in from brunch. Tickets are $5 for a show packed with talent. So save the date, buy tickets in advance via this link, and plan to come down to the basement at Fontana’s Bar on the Lower East Side, 105 Eldridge Street (between Broome and Grand) and we’ll show you a good time. The show is Saturday, January 10th at 1pm. Music by Steve O’Reilly.

More on Dale’s guests:
Max Silvestri (The Feed, Billy on the Street, Big Terrific)
Max Silvestri is a comedian, writer and actor living in Brooklyn, NY. New York Magazine called him one of the “Ten Comedians People Find Funny,” and Paste Magazine featured him as one of their ten favorite comics. Max has appeared on Comedy Central’s @midnight, VH1, and History. Max is a co-host of The Feed, on FYI, A+E’s new lifestyle network, alongside Marcus Samuelsson and Gail Simmons. He has worked as a writer on FUSE’s Funny or Die Presents: Billy on The Street and Comedy Central’s Onion SportsDome, and regularly contributes as a writer for places including, Food & Wine Magazine, GQ, and Grantland. Along with Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman, Max created the beloved weekly show Big Terrific, which has been named New York Magazine’s Best Stand-up Show.

Akilah Hughes (MTV, YouTube, HelloGiggles)
Akilah Hughes is a writer, stand-up, and UCB-trained improviser, with a loyal following on YouTube (Smoothiefreak). She is a producer for MTV and a frequent contributor to HelloGiggles, SheKnows, and Refinery29. She maintains the comprehensive and funny blog, It’s Akilah, Obviously.

Joel Kim Booster (Risk! Storytelling, Night Train With Wyatt Cenac)
Joel Kim Booster is a Chicago bred, Brooklyn-based comedian and writer who has performed all over the country. Locally, he has appeared on such shows as RISK!, Comedy as a Second Language, and Night Train with Wyatt Cenac. He also co-wrote and guest starred in the critically acclaimed webseries Kam Kardashian.

Jo Firestone (WFMU, Punderdome 3000, UCB)
Jo Firestone is a comedian based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the producer and host of a handful of ongoing comedy events throughout the city, including the annual “NYC Inner Beauty Pageant”, the monthly dating show, “Friends of Single People”, and the monthly pun competition, “Punderdome 3000″, which she co-hosts with her dad. Jo can also be seen at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre performing with the Lloyd team, Witch, and hosting The Incredible Game Show Showcase the first Friday of every month at midnight at UCB Chelsea. Jo can also be heard hosting the weekly “Dr. Gameshow” every Monday at 7pm EST at WFMU.

No other afternoon basement podcast is going to be this much fun!

Dale Returns to SF Sketchfest!

Did you miss him?

Did you miss him?

OH MY GOODNESS!! San Francisco, dry yourselves off! Dale is coming back to the Bay he adores as part of the 14th Annual Sketchfest. He’ll once again be opening for his old sketch comedy pals from Killing My Lobster at the Eureka Theater – almost on the water!! The show starts at 8pm on Tuesday, January 27th. Dale’s guests include “Big Chef” Tom Pizzica (Big Belly Burger), Siouxsie Q (Whorecast, SF Weekly), comedian Kelly Anneken (Up Yours Downstairs, SF Punchline), Cliff Hengst (SFMOMA, Machine Project) and more!

We’ll send out some more details soon, but for now – just imagine Dale sitting in his robe listening to this track over and over again as he makes a wreath of flowers to cover up his bald spot! SEE YOU SOON, SF!!

Dale Radio Season 7: Grace McLean


Dale wizards his way into a fantastic conversation with the captivating New York-based singer, performer, and composer, Grace McLean. Dale talks to Grace about ill-conceived live television musicals, finding the pocket, looping your voice, acting one’s age, and what it takes to make it in the burgeoning world of Harry Potter-themed musical groups.

It’s not often Dale is genuinely surprised by something, but such was the case during this episode when Grace introduced him to the genre of Wizard Rock. Dale’s hooked on the whole enterprise, and as a bonus we’ve included Snape Seeker, a track from Grace’s amazing WROCK band, Lily & James. To find out more about that effort visit them online via For more on Grace’s many performances, her solo music, and her work with the band Grace McLean and Them Apples visit Grace’s website

The next Dale Radio Live is part of NYC Podfest 2015, Saturday January 10th at 1pm at Fontana’s on the Lower East Side. Tickets are just $5 and Dale’s guests will be Max Silvestri, Akilah Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, and Jo Firestone. An amazing lineup and a great way to kick off Day 2 of the Fest! Get tickets here.

Dale Radio Season 7: Jorja Hudson


Dale remembers what it’s like to dream big in this latest episode as he talks with director, comedian, and writer Jorja Hudson. Like Dale, Jorja moved to New York with nothing but a toothbrush and a sense of humor. Unlike Dale, she had marketable skills and an actual talent for making things funny on film. Jorja quickly got involved with Upright Citizens Brigade and soon founded an online comedy project, The Low Budget Sketch Show. She spoke with Dale about the project, her love for American television, the strength of an ensemble, the dreariness of San Jose, and ways to insert UFOs into stock footage of our National Parks.

The Low Budget Sketch Show debuts a new season in early 2015, but for now catch up on past episodes via their YouTube Channel or on their website

Behind the scenes fun facts: The tea Dale sipped during this episode was delicious. The neighbor dog might be a ghost. Dale did not mean to imply Reggie Watts has a sex disease. And yes, that Taylor Swift song was running on repeat in Dale’s head during the entire interview. WELCOME TO NEW YORK!

Dale Radio Season 7: Live from SOLOCOM


Dale spoofs a popular murder mystery podcast while asking for your help in solving the riddle of his own life’s downward trajectory. This solo episode includes Dale’s thoughts on colonial candle making, awkward family meals, alien interventions, and other holiday traditions! Dale uses his intro to share some deep feelings, then sets up the full audio from Dale’s wildly popular live appearance in the 2014 SOLOCOM Festival. Happy Misgiving, everybody!

Next up – Dale returns live on January 10th as part of the NYC Podfest! Get tickets now. It’s going to be an amazing show, right after brunch at 1pm in a basement! What kind of whiskey goes with eggs?

Dale Radio Season 7: Betsy Kenney and Dan Fox


Dale couples up with comedy duo Betsy Kenney and Dan Fox. The two talented improvisers join Dale around a table full of handsome pastries in Brooklyn for a conversation about autographed shoes, locally-produced television shows, sad travel agents, David Letterman’s hands, and what it’s like to collaborate with friends who have your back no matter what.

Betsy and Dan are the team behind the comedy supergroup, HANK. Be sure and check out their many online videos on and catch them performing live, in character or as themselves. It’s another interview with two great collaborators. Dale’s beginning to think he ought to get a partner! Of course, he’s been thinking that since the divorce! Enjoy the holidays!