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Everything Is Falling Into Place


Two weeks from now, Dale takes the stage for an all-new season of Dale Radio. We want to see you there. So we made a poster. We asked our friend, singer & designer Clare Prowse, who resides up in Dale’s ancestral home of Canada, to design a cool new poster for the season premiere and we are excited to debut it here for you, our dearest fans:


Hotsy, Totsy, willya lookit that fella! And look at that lineup! This show has it all, Rock N’ Roll, Late Night TV, Danger! Get those tickets and RSVP on the Facebook wall and catch up on past episodes on SoundCloud – it’s going to be an amazing start to an amazing season. There are so many great people lined up to do the shows this season, we want to tell you about it, but that would ruin the surprise. For now, let’s just plan on being together Weds, September 24th at 8pm at The People’s Improv Theater, 123 E. 24th Street, NYC. More details available here:

Dale Soars Into the Cloud

Let the eagle soar!

Let the eagle soar!

Don’t worry – you won’t find any nude pictures of Dale on this Cloud. He keeps those sealed in a Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee can under his boxspring. (Don’t tell the hackers!) Instead if you jump over to Dale’s redone SoundCloud page, you’ll find all the great interviews of the most recent season, plus a few choice episodes from Seasons 1-5. We’ll be adding to that section as we go along, but for now we have to give our upload tubes a rest.

If you are a SoundCloud listener, please consider giving Dale a follow. That means you can now get Dale through Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, iTunes, and right here at Dale HQ. The new season will be available in all locations as well – so you’ll NEVER MISS AN EPISODE!!

As always, we think the best way to experience Dale is live and in person, so get those tickets for the live season premiere, with guests Sheng Wang, Jonah Bayer, Alison Agosti, and Blaise Allysen Kearsley. The show also features Emily Danger and music by Steve O’Reilly! Ticket link is here:

We’ve got a lot in store for the new season! Stay tuned!


Eye contact is the key! Also a good fitting suit!

Eye contact is the key! Also a good fitting suit! Photo: Jena Cumbo.

Are you ready? Dale’s got his suit pressed, his hair gelled, and a wonderful new agreement with the Werther’s Original company to keep his ceramic elephant fully stocked year round. In three weeks, Dale is back live and in your earbuds with a brand new season of NYC’s favorite basement podcast talk show hosted by someone who doesn’t really exist.

WEDS, September 24th, 8pm
THE PEOPLE’S IMPROV THEATER, 123 E. 24th Street, NYC (between Lex & Park – Take the 6!)
A fantastic live show featuring Sheng Wang, Alison Agosti, Jonah Bayer, and Blaise Allysen Kearsley with a special performance by Emily Danger and music by Steve O’Reilly.
Tickets are $10/$8 – available online and advance purchases are highly recommended!

You’ve seen the two promos and maybe even gotten our newsletter, hint we like to bury it in your promotions folder! It’s probably time to get some tickets to celebrate the season premiere. We’ll make that easy, too – here’s a link right to the ticket buying page.

We’ll post some additional info about our guests next week, but how about we learn a little something about the amazing artists who are defining the look and sound of Season 7.

First up, Louie Chin. Dale found Louie online and commissioned a new podcast icon for the season. This is the image that you’ll see on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and in your RSS feeds and maybe on your iphone cases if you’re lucky. A few weeks back we posted about Louie’s process, including some behind-the-scenes drafts of the new image. You can read that here.

As usual, we’ll be debuting our new theme song for the season on the first episode on 9/24. This go round, we asked Season 5 guest, Emily Danger to craft a futuristic, Tonight Show like theme as played by a band in an underground hideout! And boy, did she deliver! Emily will be joining the show for the season premiere to play the theme live! For more on Emily – who has a new album out now called Peace Arch and is playing shows this week at the Mercury Lounge and then in October at The Slipper Room, visit her website,

We’ll feature Louie and Emily on our homepage all season, if you want to check them out.

There’s so many great things in store this year! We’re rested and excited to get things going. So stay tuned for updates and get those tickets in advance!!

Dale’s Comb Over Challenge – A New Promo!

Season 7 Promo: Comb Over

Dale Seever. Fashion icon. Podcaster. Person with a difficult relationship with Time Warner Cable service representatives. He’s got a new season coming up full of great guests, new ties, and the same stunning hair style. Get excited for September 24. Here’s another new promo. We challenge you to watch it. And then send a pic of your own favorite comb over! Enjoy!

Dale Radio Summer Bonus: Jessi Klein on Don Pardo

Getty Images photo of Don Pardo.

Getty Images photo of Don Pardo.

Dale throws it wayyyyy back to his very first live show on this summer bonus edition. Dale shares some thoughts on Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and legendary Saturday Night Live announcer, Don Pardo. Don held a big place in Dale’s heart and as a way to honor him, he found this short clip from our first show featuring the brilliant comedian and writer, Jessi Klein. Jessi was at SNL for a short while and she shares a funny story about Don from her time there.

Enjoy the end of summer, everyone! Dale returns with a brand new season on September 24th. Till next time…

Dale’s Secrets of Success

Get ready, lovers of quality entertainment!

Dale’s brewing up some magic for season 7!

OH. MY. GOODNESS! Summer is coming to an end, which means a brand new season of Dale Radio is on the horizon. Along with all those pictures of young people heading off to kindergarten, you’re going to start seeing lots of teary Facebook posts about podcasters on their way back to work! We’re excited about what’s in store for us – and you – as part of the seventh sensational season of Dale Radio which premieres 9/24. Here’s a peek into Dale’s world wherein he offers some secrets to his amazing success.

Shot by the brilliant Jason Beasley and edited by the in-house production team. Thanks, gang!

Dale Guests in a New Music Video! (NSFW)

This fella looks familiar! And tasty!

This fella looks familiar! And tasty!

Folks, you know Dale doesn’t usually work blue, but when his old friend Andrew Bancroft (who appeared on the Season 6 Season Premiere episode here as MC Jelly Donut) called him up and offered him a role in a new music video, Dale arrived with his shirt off, ready to go. Not his first time in the music video business! He knew what to do. I think you’ll agree that he soars as the married farmer, Elmer Moody. Dale invented a complicated backstory for the troubled character and hopefully you can see the long years of struggle that Dale was able to channel in this breakout performance, which is sure to win him a number of major awards. Dale has since gone on to appear as a Farmer’s Table in weddings, bat mitzvahs, and several wakes upstate.

If you’re somewhere away from work and don’t mind a little off-color language, this video is available on Funny or Die and YouTube. But we figured why not just put it here for safe keeping! Enjoy “Foodie” by Jelly D, Ashkon, & Daveed Diggs: