A Short Biography of Dale Seever

Dale on the Carroll St. bridge. Photo by Leah Rae Zimmerman.

Raised in the wilds of Pennsylvania, podcasting sensation Dale Seever began making home recordings as soon as he got his hands on his father’s portable reel to reel. His original programming at the time included I Found This in My Yard; Teen Health Beat; and Polyester for Young People. During a middle school production of Brigadoon (he played an unnamed wool peddler) Dale got a bite from Ole Mr. Acting Bug (and a bit of rash from all that wool) and his career as a performer took off. What he lacked in talent, he made up for in stage presence, and tenacity, which led to several hosting gigs around chowder houses in greater New England. A major corporate event brought him to Tempe, AZ, where he met his wife, the acclaimed “Desert Chanteuse”, Ginny P. Lovethorn.

With Ginny, Dale put together a successful song and storytelling evening that toured throughout the many fine senior communities in the Southwest. Often working for traded lumps of turquoise, the two young lovers earned a strong, if forgetful fan-base for what would later evolve into the cabaret act, The Man/Woman Show.

Seizing the moment, in a fit of “we can do this and it’s still better than having the discussion about my not wanting to have children” the two traveled west to the City by the Bay to pursue their dream of bringing people together through song and uncomfortable moments. The Man/Woman Show took SF by storm, lighting up evenings at the Make Out Room, Cafe Du Nord, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The world was theirs, and yet something was holding them back.

Turns out that conversation about children should probably not have been put off, and after a trial separation, Ginny and Dale parted ways for good, ending their marriage of 11 years. Heartbroken but not defeated, Dale loaded all his belongings into his 1989 Chrysler LeBaron (Lil’ Barry) and headed to Hollywood to chase his dream on his own terms. In Los Angeles he took all the necessary steps to stardom, wearing faded jeans, going to rooftop pool parties, working for a catering company in the Valley, and paying for classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

After four years and 300 levels of improv, Dale got a job offer in NY. Like so much in his professional (and personal) life, it didn’t work out, but as he was sitting at the lone Manhattan location of Baja Fresh, he was handed a flyer for a musical. Long story short, he ended up working for the company that distributes these kinds of promotional materials. Meeting so many interesting people and inspired by the energy and fumes of the potent Gowanus, Dale launched Dale Radio, in 2009.

Still going strong after multiple seasons, Dale Radio features solo adventures and interviews with talented individuals from across the country. Monthly live tapings are held in NY and Brooklyn – check your local listings! Dale lives on the banks of the inspiring Gowanus Canal with his niece Katrina and her daughter, Baby Pepsee.

Dale enjoys meeting people and would love to meet you.