Deep Night Season 10: Live with Emily Flake, Kenice Mobley, Tisher and Rumrill, and Julia Shiplett

Dale reckons he’d find a lot of important answers inside a black hole, if only he could poke his noggin in one for a moment or two… Once he gets done waxing about the cosmos, Dale welcomes a fantastic lineup of guests to ponder life and comedy here on earth. This week Dale’s guests include cartoonist Emily Flake; comedian and movie-lover Kenice Mobley; two fellas sharing many bad ideas Joe Rumrill and Andrew Tisher; and the very funny star of HBO’s Crashing (for one episode) Julia Shiplett! Plus strange sounds from the multiverse from thereminist, Cornelius Loy. Dale chats everyone up about exclusive islands, manic robots, and how podcasts are becoming the new punk rock.

Photo in original post by Rebecca Greenfield.

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