Deep Night Season 10: Maya Deshmukh

Dale triggers a wave of nostalgia by unwrapping a few tasty treats of his youth with his guest, comedian Maya Deshmukh. Maya has a secret identity as a practicing dentist, so Dale was sure to use an extra swig of mouth wash before hitting the mics. Despite Maya’s love of clean teeth, she and Dale indulge heartily in a sugary bit of business as they talk through vivid memories of growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs, moving to New York, eating lots of pasta, and waiting for the Eagles to win the Superbowl. Maya also breaks down what it means to be on a Maude house team at UCB, and dishes on her success with the AzN Pop sketch group and talks about her experience at SF Sketchfest. In 2016 she co-won the UCB Diversity Showcase, and Maya reflects on the impact of participating in that event and the bright future that surely lies ahead. Maya’s spot on Philly accent is featured prominently at the beginning of this episode which delights Dale to no end, plus Dale shares some common sense ideas to solve some pretty big problems.

March 25th – Maya joins forces with former Deep Night guest Anna Roisman for a fashion-themed comedy spectacular at Caveat. Ticket information and more available here. Be sure and follow Maya’s Instagram for lots of pictures of pasta and to see her far flung adventures in warm climates.

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