Deep Night Season 10: Melissa Stokoski

Dale tries to imagine what life would be like in a dystopian future where corn chip companies decide to manufacture quieter snack options for ladies – OH WAIT! That’s happening now. What a good time to produce a version of The Handmaid’s Tale for contemporary audiences, but with singing, loud lady singing! Well, that’s exactly what Dale’s guest comedian Melissa Stokoski is doing. In collaboration with comedian Marcia Belsky, Melissa is mounting The Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical. It’s happening at Union Hall this weekend and probably several more times in the coming weeks. Dale sat down with Melissa to talk about that project, but as often happens, the two discover several points of connection over the course of the conversation, which covers topics like: regional news personalities; how one becomes a holistic health coach; hateful Broadway musicals; and working as a tour guide for people who still can’t get enough of Sex and the City. A fine episode in the Deep Night with the very funny Melissa Stokoski. Plus Dale hypes his recent experiments with skincare. Deep Night? More like Moist Night!

Melissa hosts the long-running comedy showcase, Bitches Brew at Halyards Bar, in Gowanus every Friday Night. And tickets for The Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical are -whoops – SOLD OUT – but if you want to try to see out the next one – here’s the link with more info.

Photo of Melissa in original post by Mindy Tucker.

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