Deep Night Season 10: Mitra Jouhari

Dale seizes the comet-like opportunity to talk with comedian and actor Mitra Jouhari. Mitra joined Dale in the Deep Night studios to discuss carefree days in the wilds of Southern Ohio; pulling off a huge show at Carnegie Hall; and landing gigs working for places like Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, The President Show, and Miracle Workers. Mitra was also featured in the award-winning film, The Big Sick and can be seen regularly at comedy venues in NY with shows like It’s a Guy Thing and with the comedy trio, Three Busy Debras. The two also talk politics including the ongoing effects of the harmful and misguided travel ban, plus Dale reports on his experience as a protestor walking in the Women’s March. The episode wraps with some thoughts on self-care and the benefits of talking things out. Oh, and CATS, Dale and Mitra also talk about CATS, because Dale is just wild for that dumb, beautiful thing.

Photo of Mitra in original post by Sandy Honig.

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