Deep Night Season 10: Jackie Kashian

Dale opens up the portals within and resumes his study of the dark arts for a brand-new, tenth season of Deep Night with Dale. On this first episode, Dale talks with comedian Jackie Kashian, who was in town from Los Angeles to do some shows and spend some time visiting New York. It was a real honor for Dale, as Jackie is a terrific stand-up and the host of her own long-running podcast, The Dork Forest. With fellow comedian Laurie Kilmartin, she is the co-host of the Jackie and Laurie Show podcast, on the Nerdist Network. From the Deep Night, aka the Jackie and Dale Show, the two have a conversation inspired by a close listen of Jackie’s new album, I Am Not The Hero of This Story (available on itunes). While trying to stay on track, the two digress wildly to cover important topics like: tiny lil’ Jack Reacher, Mill Valley therapists, awkward marriage proposals, and sadness in a megachurch. The episode also includes a personalized horoscope for a listener and the Deep Night lucky numbers.

Visit Jackie Kashian’s website for more on Jackie and her many stints around the country (including some on a boat). Her comedy albums are available through itunes and her podcasts, along with her numerous podcast appearances, can be listened to via Apple Podcasts.

This episode features the new take on the DEEP NIGHT theme by Zach Gabbard and music throughout from the talented roster at Howler Hills Farm. Plus a couple of groovy sound effects we totally paid for. Season 10 podcast icon drawn by Kristen Wroten. Photos of Dale used to promote the podcast and live shows by Sandy Honig. This episode was recorded at Harvestworks in NYC.

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