Deep Night Season 9: Colby Minifie

Dale glides through the mystical portal of the Deep Night once more for a conversation with actor Colby Minifie. Currently performing as Tess in the Broadway revival of Six Degrees of Separation, Colby is a gifted young actor with an already formidable resume. She was recently in the blockbuster New York production of Long Days Journey Into Night with Michael Shannon and Jessica Lange. She also played the slightly off-kilter neighbor Robyn in the Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones. Dale and Colby talk about those specific experiences, along with what it was like growing up in New York with so much of her activity focused in the grimy, overcrowded streets of Mid-town. Dale reflects on his own connection to John Guare’s masterful work, including his possible distant familial relationship to Colby’s co-star, Allison Janney. Colby reveals a bit about the process of building a stage family and her profound respect for the written word. Both Colby and Dale share a love of the theater and the underlying structures that make great performances possible. The two offer some deep night thoughts on compassion, characters, and somewhat inevitably, covfefe.

Check out Dale live for a special Deep Night Gets Political edition of the program. It’s happening Weds, June 21st at 8pm and it’s a benefit for Brand New Congress! Co-Organized with BLOW (Brooklyn Ladies of Winning the Vote), the show happens at The Slipper Room and features conversation with journalist Lily Herman (Teen Vogue, Allure); comedian and writer Mitra Jouhari (The President Show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee); and more! With music by Cornelius Loy. Tickets are $15 and available in advance via the Slipper Room’s website. See you for our Season Finale in the Deep Night!

Photo in original post by Jacqueline Harriet.

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