Deep Night Season 9: Dave Mizzoni

Dale rouses himself from a week-long meditation session with a clear vision of something that he never truly realized. Until this episode, Dale had not acknowledged what an important role NYU plays in shaping and fueling the comedy world of New York. With NYU’s massive presence, it’s no wonder the city is so well populated with such a large number of gifted performers and creators, many of whom have appeared on this program, including today’s Deep Night visitor, comedian Dave Mizzoni. Dave grew up in Rhode Island and started acting at a young age. He had a memorable audition with Oskar Eustis, performed in countless theatrical productions, and found his way to NYU’s acclaimed Tisch School of the Arts. He gained valuable insight and critical guidance from mentors at the school, including the late theater artist and composer Liz Swados. Dave emerged from that program with a solid skillset as a performer; skills he uses to inform his stand up and his work with the musical comedy ensemble, Pop Roulette. The group is responsible for some very funny viral videos which musically skewer everything from unwieldy neck wear to the dragon loving queen on Game of Thrones. Dale and Dave spend a long time exploring their mutual affection for the Ocean State and the beautiful strange music of the Providence accent. For you serious Prov-Heads tuning in, don’t worry…Roger Williams, Buddy Cianci, and Filene’s Basement all get significant shout outs. In addition to loving Rhode Island, Dave’s a super fan of Ms. Britney Spears, which prompts a few questions from Dale about fame and what we do with it.

For more on Dave Mizzoni, and where the next Pop Roulette show might be springing up, visit his website: To book your next getaway to Cranston, RI visit “We’re on the Move!” – which is a funny slogan for a town, but ok.

The next Deep Night Live is coming up – Weds, May 10th, at 8pm at the world famous Slipper Room on the Lower East Side. For tickets and information about Dale’s amazing lineup of guests, visit

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