Deep Night Season 9: Land of the Lost

Dale reports back from a recent trip to the blustery, dust-covered plains of Kansas and Nebraska in this solo episode. Off to the Midwest to assist his wife Galinda with her energy healing workshops, Dale discovers a lot about himself during the extensive downtime between clients. A simple jaunt to a vintage gas station turns traumatic and Dale remembers why he prefers pants with fewer pockets. Suddenly without his trusty navigational gadgets, a wandering Dale tunes into the news to keep him company only to end up confounded by the President’s fashion choices and begins to question whether this person has just completely lost it or is on to something. Maybe there is a missed opportunity for a clothing line at Office Max? Dale also reflects back on eight years of doing this show and what new adventures are still ahead for him. Plus he goes courting agents and offers a few thoughts on wealth. Of which he has none thanks to doing his taxes early.

Next Deep Night live is Weds, March 22nd at 8pm at The Slipper Room in NYC. With special guests Nicole Silverberg, Alex English, and seance photographer Shannon Taggart. Tickets and more information available over at the Slipper Room’s website or on

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