Deep Night Season 9: Live with Michelle Buteau, Daniel Kibblesmith, Vinny DePonto, and Sandy Honig

Dale bends his mind around this magic-filled episode, recorded live at The Slipper Room in NYC. Accompanied by Cornelius Loy on the theremin, Dale conjures a vision of the future in the form of comedian Sandy Honig (Three Busy Debras), who shares some thoughts about what lies ahead. Comedian and writer Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) shows off his latest digital comic book and receives an early wedding gift from Dale. Mentalist Vinny DePonto (Drama Desk Awards) freaks Dale out by reaching into his brain and pulling out a word that only he thought he knew. And finally, the brilliant and hilarious Michelle Buteau (VH1) drops in and bonds with Dale over the freedoms of being a latch key kid and what it’s like to host a low budget talk show.

If you catch Sandy in the present moment, perhaps it’s because she’s taking your picture since she’s a fantastic photographer, or perhaps you’re seeing her perform with the comedy trio, Three Busy Debras. And boy are they BUSY. For Daniel Kibblesmith’s latest comic book, Valiant High, check out the online comics retailer, Comixology. Vinny DePonto is shattering reality and reshaping your mind with his amazing talents in secret shows and guest appearances around New York, so be sure and seek him out. Michelle Buteau…what can we say. Visit her website for more information about her own talk show and the latest stand up dates.

The next Deep Night Live is Weds, March 22nd at 8pm, back at the Slipper Room. We encourage you to get tickets and come out to spend some time with fellow Deep Nighters and get the chance to meet Dale live!

Photo in original post by John Huntington.

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