Deep Night Season 9: Joel Kim Booster

Dale submerges his crystals in a cleansing bath and steals a clarifying moment with writer and comedian Joel Kim Booster. Dale welcomes Joel to the Deep Night studios for a talk about their unique experiences at the recent edition of SF Sketchfest and how politics is straining our social media selves. Joel also shares some insights into his comedy career, including thoughts on festivals that matter, how to maximize after-party small talk, and what he learned as a writer for a couple of popular television programs. Dale loves hearing the behind-the-scenes tale of Joel’s appearance on Conan and discovers that he and Joel both think a lot about comedy clothing choices. Two certified road warriors, Joel and Dale also bond over time spent in creaky churches, empty auditoriums, and hotel rooms with paper-thin walls. All this and more about Dale’s life at home, in a fine comedy-centric episode.

Follow Joel Kim Booster on Twitter and catch him at Videology in Brooklyn on February 12 for F#ck That Movie with Anna Drezen. He’s also hosting SHOWGASM at Ars Nova with a stellar line up of Deep Night favorites on Thursday, February 2nd. Next Deep Night Live is coming up on Feb. 22nd at The Slipper Room!

Photo in original post by Nicolas Maloof.

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