Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s Deep Night Guests

In one week! Dale boards a jet plane to the City of Angels for a special, one night only event! It’s Deep Night with Dale in LA at the world famous UCLA Hammer Museum. This night is packed with talent as Dale welcomes his guests, Matt Besser (founder of UCB), Kate Berlant (star of an upcoming Netflix Characters special), Cyrus Ghahremani (musician and composer for Comedy Central), and Megan Rosenbloom (medical librarian and founder of Death Salon) with DJ Nina Tarr! We’ll be talking characters, emptiness, and the art of making it with this phenomenal lineup. The event is FREE, with ample parking, and a cash bar. In order to get to know some of Dale’s guests, please watch some of the videos below then drive directly over the Hammer and camp out until Tuesday, February 16th. The event starts at 7:30pm, with music and hanging out after. It only happens once every four years, so be sure to not miss it! It’s a LEAP YEAR MIRACLE!!! See you in LA, folks. And yes, Baby Pepsee and Dale’s niece Katrina will be joining him! Say hello! For more info visit the Hammer Museum’s website!

Megan Rosenbloom hosting Death Salon UK!

I don’t know for sure that Cyrus Ghahremani scored this particular bit from Comedy’s Central’s Another Period, but it’s still fun to watch! “My name rhymes with sailboat!”

Kate Berlant and friend of the program, John Early making sweet magic together!

And here’s Matt Besser tells a story about the holidays.

Nina Tarr has plenty of info up at, but you can also fill your ears with some sweet sounds over on her soundcloud page with tracks like this one:

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