Dale Radio Season 8: Bowen Yang

Dale experiments with a potent mixture of science and laughter in a conversation with New York comedian Bowen Yang. Bowen and Dale talk about fantasy ostrich purchases, wealthy older women, getting into character, and the welcome shift toward greater diversity in the entertainment biz. Dale also breaks out a classic Sex and the City impression that he usually reserves for the clubs. With a bonus audio character portrait from Dale’s old high school chum, Justin Jude Carroll.

For more on Bowen, follow him on twitter @bowenyang. For more on Chocobos, play Final Fantasy. This is a link to a picture of one being ridden by a cat…or something. Justin Jude Carroll’s homepage is www.justinjudecarroll.com – be sure and visit and catch him with his new project PWP.

San Francisco! Dale’s comin atcha with a brand new show on Tuesday, January 19th at 8pm at the Eureka Theater. It’s another double header with our old friends at Killing My Lobster. Tickets are sure to sell quickly, so grab some early. This will be a majorly exciting show, Dale guarantees it!

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