Dale Radio Season 8: Brett Davis

Brett Davis

Dale makes it extra special with comedian and impresario, Brett Davis. Dale is no stranger to hosting gigs and he and Brett bond over their love of being the glue that holds all the comedy together. Brett and Dale also talk about Andy Kaufman’s desk, the villainy of Kelsey Grammer, soothing steel drums, and the mechanics of producing a show on public access. This episode features short audio bits from a variety of SOLOCOM performers including David Lawson, Joanna Shaw Flamm, Lori Hammel, Amanda Miller, Lauren Maul, and Rory Scholl.

Brett Davis is the host and mastermind behind the popular television program, The Special Without Brett Davis. You can watch that every Weds at 11pm on MNN, or catch up on past episodes via the show’s YouTube channel. Each week, Brett appears as one of his alter egos in an entirely new premise, with a cast of recurring characters that contributes to a larger world of lizard people, delusional celebrities, and easily distracted dungeon masters. Brett recently won the coveted Andy Kaufman Award in comedy, and is the co-host of the monthly variety show The Macaulay Culkin Show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn, and runs the monthly Lethal Lottery show at Over The Eight in Williamsburg.

SOLOCOM returns for another year of amazing shows by solo performers. Founded by award-winning performer Peter Michael Marino, SOLOCOM runs November 20-22, 2015 at the People’s Improv Theater in New York City. The festival takes over The PIT with more than 120 shows ranging from 15-60 minutes over 3 days. Tickets and information on thepit-nyc.com. A festival pass is available for just $25.

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Photo of Brett in post by Andrew Bisdale. Slider image by Mindy Tucker.

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