Dale Radio Season 8: Kate Scelsa


Dale jumps onboard the stardom express in this conversation with author and performer Kate Scelsa. While talking about Kate’s new book, Fans of the Impossible Life, the two discover they have a great deal in common. Maybe that’s why they’re always up late faving each other’s tweets! Dale and Kate discuss fathers, parallel dimensions, hoarding tendencies, the trouble with teen vampires, writing from the margins, creaky but influential musicals, and the enduring greatness of enduring Gatsby.

Kate’s writing for theater has been presented at New York institutions Dixon Place, Galapagos, and the SoHo Playhouse. She has been a member of the Elevator Repair Service theater company since 2002, and spent most of 2004-2012 traveling the world performing “Gatz,” an eight hour long show that uses the entire text of The Great Gatsby.

You can purchase Kate’s book on Amazon or in many fine bookstores. Her website is katescelsa.com. Thanks also to Jenny Rubin and Shockwave for the contributions, and as always – the fine music of Steve O’Reilly. Remember to visit Dale’s sponsors, Audible and start your free audio book trial at audibletrial.com/daleradio.

Photo of Kate by Hunter Canning.

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