Meet The Wunnerful Companions

Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Folks. Fire up the bubble machines, we’re only a week away from a brand new ANT Fest edition of Wunnerful Wunnerful. This show is coming together beautifully, and we’re eager to share it with you on June 25th at 7pm. I hope you’ve gotten your tickets – if not – reserve some NOW via this link.

We’ve been running profiles of some of the musical numbers in the show over on the Facebook page, but we wanted to take a moment here and acknowledge a group of gentlemen who along with Leslie Goshko on the piano, bring the whole show to life. One of them in particular, is our Dale Radio musical director, Mr. Steve O’Reilly. Now we have a long running gag on the show wherein Dale doesn’t let Steve O get much in word wise. But Steve O has tremendous things to say – and truthfully he’s been with Dale since the very beginning prompting, cajoling, and making things better all around. No one has believed more in the project or given such tough love to Dale in his dark moments. In addition to his sage counsel, Steve O composes music, plays guitar, and is generally up for anything. He is also a talented writer and director working on a brand new webseries featuring lots of Dale Radio faves (and maybe even a cameo by a familiar face here or there!).

Steve O is leading the new band for this iteration of Wunnerful Wunnerful, a group we’re calling The Wunnerful Companions, because they are! And we’re so fortunate to have Steve O on board, cause he’s a genius on the guitar and we already have a powder blue suit in his size. But mostly the genius part!

Joining Steve O is Dan Menke, a talented drummer and comedian, with whom Dale had a delightful chat last season. You can listen to that here. He’s the man behind the puppet talk show host, Arty Need.

Also in the group is Jeffrey Scherer, a regular improviser and comedian you can catch on the house teams over at The PIT. He’s also an accomplished screenwriter with a few award-winning scripts under his belt. We don’t want to know what else is under that belt, we just hope he brings his bass with him so we can rock out to some choice easy-listening tunes.

We can’t wait to introduce you to The Wunnerful Companions in person when we do the show next week!! Get those tickets before they sell out! Wouldn’t that be wunnerful?!

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