Dale Radio Season 7: Isaac Oliver


Dale wades through a hundred puddles of slush and takes the longest train ride of his life to arrive at the spacious uptown writer’s retreat of humorist, playwright, and performer Isaac Oliver. Over some freshly brewed coffee, Dale and Isaac discuss romantic telegrams, haunted residencies, glittery myspace posts, and the unending quest for intimacy. Isaac’s book, Intimacy Idiot comes out in June, and it’s surely something you’ll want to be intimate with all summer.

In addition to submitting your pre-orders for Isaac’s book, why not go ahead and secure some tickets for the next Dale Radio Live on Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm at NYC’s The PIT. Dale’s guests will be Bridget Everett, Joe Randazzo, Nore Davis, and Naomi Ekperigin. That is some top flight comedy, folks. Plus – Dale might wear a new tie! Lots to look forward to. Dear snow, please stop!

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