Dale Radio Season 7: Jorja Hudson


Dale remembers what it’s like to dream big in this latest episode as he talks with director, comedian, and writer Jorja Hudson. Like Dale, Jorja moved to New York with nothing but a toothbrush and a sense of humor. Unlike Dale, she had marketable skills and an actual talent for making things funny on film. Jorja quickly got involved with Upright Citizens Brigade and soon founded an online comedy project, The Low Budget Sketch Show. She spoke with Dale about the project, her love for American television, the strength of an ensemble, the dreariness of San Jose, and ways to insert UFOs into stock footage of our National Parks.

The Low Budget Sketch Show debuts a new season in early 2015, but for now catch up on past episodes via their YouTube Channel or on their website http://lowbudgetsketchshow.com/.

Behind the scenes fun facts: The tea Dale sipped during this episode was delicious. The neighbor dog might be a ghost. Dale did not mean to imply Reggie Watts has a sex disease. And yes, that Taylor Swift song was running on repeat in Dale’s head during the entire interview. WELCOME TO NEW YORK!

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