Dale captured solo in this pic by Mindy Tucker.

Dale captured solo in this pic by Mindy Tucker.

You thought Dale was alone and scared in that last episode? Well…he’s about to get even more alonelier. Or something. For the first and maybe last time ever, Dale is doing an all-new solo show. It’s part of the amazing lineup of SOLOCOM, a solo comedy festival held annually at The PIT in NYC. Some of you have said, why don’t you do a solo show – we want more Dale. Ok. This is going to be a lot of Dale. It’s called Dale Seever’s Comb Over, Covering What Matters and from his makeshift talk show studio, Dale will present an after hours look at his life, with its many lows and few highs. The times he got lucky (mostly finding parking spots) and the moments that all hope lost, but he found redemption on the banks of the Gowanus. A man a plan a canal Gowanus…probably should have been the title of this – but oh well. You send in press stuff early and then you have deal with it! Tickets are just $5 and it would mean a lot to have you there. This will be the last live Dale event of the year – so stock up. And then we can have a drink afterwards!

Here’s the details on SOLOCOM:
Dale Hosts the Character Spectacular
Friday, November 14, 7PM at The People’s Improv Theater, 123 E. 24th Street, NYC
Tickets $5 and available here. Here’s the Character Spectacular Page on Facebook

Dale Seever’s Comb Over: Covering What Matters
Saturday, November 15, 8:50pm (a 40 min show) at The People’s Improv Theater, Underground
Tickets $5 available here.

As a bonus treat, Dale’s also making a guest appearance on the Real Characters show at McNally Jackson in SoHo, on Weds, November 12 at 8pm. That’s a FREE show run by our dear friend, Andy Ross. It’s always a good time and Dale’s going to be sharing some new thoughts there, too. So many basements! So little time! Info on Real Characters (truly one of the best storytelling and comedy shows in the city) available via their website:

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