Dale Radio Season 7: Andy Beckerman & Ramsey Ess

Ramsey and Andy made a great first impression on Dale!

Ramsey and Andy made a great first impression on Dale!

Dale travels through time and space and a quick volley of questionable impressions during a conversation with comedians and fellow podcasters, Andy Beckerman and Ramsey Ess. The three seasoned pros loosen up with a discussion about real feelings, turning into monsters, the meaning of names, working in television, and other pressing concerns. Tune in to the fellas on their joint podcast Snap Impression, for a lightning fast game show with stellar guests giving their best shots at celebrity voices. And as long as your podcast machine is already fired up, give a listen to Andy’s solo effort, Beginnings to hear the fascinating origin stories of creative funny people.

Be sure and visit the websites of Dale’s guests for more information on their shows, webseries, writing, and other pursuits. Beginnings Podcast & Andy: http://beginningspod.com/ Ramsey Ess: http://ramseyess.net/.

The next Dale Radio Live! is happening Wednesday, October 29 with Josh Gondelman, Janelle James, Amber Nelson, and Leslie Goshko at 8pm at The People’s Improv Theater in NYC. For more information and tickets – visit thepit-nyc.com.

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