Dale Soars Into the Cloud

Let the eagle soar!

Let the eagle soar!

Don’t worry – you won’t find any nude pictures of Dale on this Cloud. He keeps those sealed in a Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee can under his boxspring. (Don’t tell the hackers!) Instead if you jump over to Dale’s redone SoundCloud page soundcloud.com/daleradio, you’ll find all the great interviews of the most recent season, plus a few choice episodes from Seasons 1-5. We’ll be adding to that section as we go along, but for now we have to give our upload tubes a rest.

If you are a SoundCloud listener, please consider giving Dale a follow. That means you can now get Dale through Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, iTunes, and right here at Dale HQ. The new season will be available in all locations as well – so you’ll NEVER MISS AN EPISODE!!

As always, we think the best way to experience Dale is live and in person, so get those tickets for the live season premiere, with guests Sheng Wang, Jonah Bayer, Alison Agosti, and Blaise Allysen Kearsley. The show also features Emily Danger and music by Steve O’Reilly! Ticket link is here: http://thepit-nyc.com/event/dale-radio-live-4/.

We’ve got a lot in store for the new season! Stay tuned!

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