Farewell To A Spectacular Sixth Season!

A final toast to the season. Photo by Jena Cumbo.

A final toast to the season. Photo by Jena Cumbo.

Folks. We want to thank everyone involved in making our sixth season of Dale Radio such a success. We performed in multiple new venues, made guest appearances on stellar talk shows, commissioned a dazzling new special-occasion cape, took the show on the road to San Francisco, met Steve Buscemi, named a new ice cream flavor, participated in three outstanding festivals, and talked to an amazing lineup of talented individuals. Our audience has grown and grown over this time, with record numbers tuning in to the podcast and turning up for the live shows. To all who came out and to all who listened from afar, you are truly the best.

A special note of gratitude to our fine guests this season. This list is so fantastic, we can hardly believe it: Seaton Smith, Molly Pope, Jibz Cameron, Andrew Bancroft, Katie Mullins, Joy Yoon, Miriam Katz, Cammi Climaco, Dan Wilbur, Ophira Eisenberg, Leah Bonnema, Sarah Pappalardo & Beth Newell, Jon Friedman, Melanie Hamlett, Ada Calhoun, Becky Yamamoto, Carmen Lynch, John Howell Harris, Erik Tanouye, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Marcie Hume, Jarell Perry, Catie Lazarus, Halle Kiefer, XNY, Adam Conover, Claudia Cogan, Chris Lamberth, Awkwafina, Lane Moore, Adira Amram, Keisha Zollar, Drew Grant, Allen Katz, Asie Mohtarez, Mary Van Note, Angus MacLane, DUCKWRTH, Paul Charney & Marc Vogl, Eliot Glazer, Brooke Van Poppelen, Scott Rogowsky, Sue Smith, Sharon Spell, Doogie Horner, Alison Leiby & Alyssa Wolff, Lauren Maul, Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Maris Kreizman, Cocoon Central Dance Team, Mindy Tucker, Anna Drezen, Rob Michael Hugel, Megan Neuringer, Dave Hill, Giulia Rozzi, Laura Prangley, DJ Rekha, Rachel Rosenthal, Jess Eddy & Crista Freeman, Katharine Heller, Nikki Glaser, Jean Grae, Streeter Seidell, and Jessica Delfino.

All of these folks are enormous talents with great projects out there that you should be checking out. We cultivate the show to highlight people who are at the forefront of culture, pushing things forward, and definitely the group you’ll be hearing more from as the years go on. So please, visit their sites, purchase their books and albums and films, and go see them live. We support a vibrant creative community over here on Dale Radio! To hear Dale engage with any of his guests from this season – just click on over to the Listen by Episode feature on our Past Seasons page. http://www.daleradio.com/audio/season-6/

Thanks also to another great talent, the fella who weaves the shows together with his music and insightful questions, our Musical Director, Steve O’Reilly. He makes the stage less lonely, he does.

There’s many other folks who help out with the show – Christine & Kevin & everyone at our new home the PIT; Jena Cumbo and Leah Rae Zimmerman for their photography; Bill Scurry for his video prowess; Julie Miller for encouraging g-chats; Andrea Simmons for her PR work; the gang at Union Hall for their hospitality during our run there; Lecy Goranson for connecting me to a new venue; Katie Mullins for her theme song; Sunil Manchikanti for his great season icon; Daniel Spenser for making such a great logo that I will use over and over again, and to the many family and friends who come out month after month to see the live show, or who provide such great reviews on itunes…you are in our hearts forever.

For those of you who missed the last show – we’ll be doling it out in bits over the month – along with some new video content – but here’s Dale’s monologue to close out the season. Thanks to Bill for putting this together:

Dale Radio Season 6 Live Season Finale: Dale’s Monologue from Dale Seever on Vimeo.

Have a wonderful summer, everyone! And remember to stock up on your Dale Radio for your summer getaways! He goes great with pie and sunsets!

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