Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s 4/2 Guests!

Whatta lineup!

Whatta lineup!

Another Dale Radio Live is happening on Weds, April 2nd at 8pm at The PIT in NYC. In order to get up to speed on all of Dale’s wonderful guests, check out the videos and links below. We’re thrilled to welcome Phoebe Robinson, Livia Scott, Maris Kreizman, and Cocoon Central Dance Team to the program. If you’re still in need of tickets, they are available via this link or at the door. Just $5 buys a whole lotta comedy!

Phoebe Robinson has some thoughts about free time!

Livia Scott has her own Sketch Show at UCB. But we fell in love with her for this:

Read every part of this in order to get up to speed on Maris Kreizman. Slaughterhouse 90210 is a gem of a blog and soon it’s going to be a book. High and low, folks. High and low.

And here’s Cocoon Central Dance Team in a short video that helps remind us the warmer weather is on the way.

So Far/Vertigo from Warm Weather on Vimeo.

Music Director Steve O’Reilly will be back in the music director’s chair playing music and Dale will have plenty of hard candies for everyone! See you there.

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