Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s Season Premiere Guests!

Smith, Pope, Bancroft, & Cameron get ready for the Season 6 Premiere!

Smith, Pope, Bancroft, & Cameron get ready for the Season 6 Premiere!

Friends! The new season of Dale Radio starts a week from today! – Monday, September 16, at 8pm. You can get tickets now via this link. Just $5 for a whole lotta comedy. Please bring some folks to this one. Monday is a wonderful night for laughing in a basement with a full bar. Let’s show em that Dale is ready for the big time! This will be the first night in our new home, the center of it all, Brooklyn’s Union Hall. Located at 702 Union at 5th Ave in Park Slope.

Before each live show we like to give you a sense of who’s going to be there, so here we go. Below you can find some video clips of Dale’s guests Seaton Smith, Molly Pope, Jibz Cameron, and Andrew Bancroft doing their thing. They are all hilarious, charming, and fantastic individuals and Dale can not wait to sit down beside them on a funny couch.

Seaton Smith has many, many great clips of his standup online and his oddly wonderful/frustrating web series, Annoy Charlie Smith, but we thought we’d go with this one:

Molly Pope sowing Adele how it’s done during Our Hit Parade.

Jibz wants to know how you take your eggs. (This show is going to be so much fun.)

And finally, here’s Andrew Bancroft, aka MC Jelly D partnering up with Admiral Ackbar, one of the bravest space crustaceans the world has ever known, for a high energy remix of one of his famous lines:

Plus a new segment from Steve O’Reilly and a live rendition of the new season theme song by Katie Mullins! THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!

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