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The hits!

The hits!

Season 5 has come to a magnificent (if endlessly drawn out) close, and we at Dale HQ want to thank everyone who made it possible. The audience members, sometimes just a few of you – who managed to find your way through the basement maze of props at Film Biz. The guests who quickly realized that Dale probably should have stopped with the third drink of whiskey. The crew who worked on the web series and documenting the live shows. Steve O for his terrific live energy. Roz, for an energy of a different sort. Jen Hill and The The The Thunder? Amazing work. And you, the listener. You truly let Dale soar. Thank you for everything!

As we do more and more episodes, the older ones get harder to find. We want to ensure easy access to all five seasons of Dale Radio, and so now you can access those from one simple link. So check out “Past Seasons” from the menu above, or click here – to be whisked away to the previous adventures of Dale Seever and Co. You can now go all the way back to the awkward early days in Season 1and the less early, but still awkward days of Season 2. Or if you missed an episode from our just-wrapped Season 5 – well – you know what to do! Episodes for each season are listen by Episode Title and/or the name of Dale’s guests. Enjoy!

And stay tuned for new releases of Dale’s web series, Spending Time With!

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