Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Dale’s April 18th Guests

Lots of good looking people ready to spend time in a basement.

Lots of good looking people ready to spend time in a basement.

Hookay. Well first off, sorry there’s no episode this week. The one previously planned had to be scrapped due to a scheduling snafu, but since you know Dale loves a good article about self-driving tractors and rural romance, he urges you to check out Modern Farmer, a new endeavor taking root up in Hudson, NY. It’s a really exciting publication and site highlighting food culture, production, and the ways in which farming connects to the contemporary world. FARMING! MODERN! Check it out. Then we can hit the Gowanus salad bar on top of the new Whole Foods.

Anychoo – here’s some things to get you warm for our next live show:

How about this? Comedian Janine Brito doing some terrific moves on Totally Biased with Kamau Bell over on the FX network:

And a little teaser of a project that author, performer, playwright, and all around great galRachel Shukert did with Julie Klausner. It’s not a solo effort, but gosh Dale loves this opening sequence. Fond memories of time playing tennis. So. Much. Tennis.

And oh my goodness, is this what shuffleboard is? I thought there were sticks involved? Anyway – take a look at this video of the 2012 Championships featuring Bob “THE DAGGER” Perry and Craig “Candy Arm” White.

ARE YOU PUMPED YET?!?!? Well you will definitely catch the bug when you hear the plans that Jonathan Schnapp & Ashley Albert have for The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Parlor opening up along the Gowanus. Jonathan also makes pinatas and Ashley is a wildly successful voice over artist. Tiffany on Daria! And the voice of Nickelodeon. And so much more. Jonathan does other super important things, too – but Dale’s just wild about stuff you can hit with a stick.

It’s all happening Thursday, April 18th at 8pm. Doors at 7:30. Come on down for the Season Finale! And the last show ever at Film Biz Recycling. 540 President Street, Brooklyn, between 3rd and 4th Aves. FREE! Bring friends! There will be beer and live music by the one and only, Steve O’Reilly!!

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