Next Dale Radio Live: March 21, 8PM

Ilana & Justin bring the joy and intensity required for a podcast in a basement.

Ilana & Justin bring the joy and intensity required for a podcast in a basement.

Gang, save the date. Get a sitter. Call in sick for your evening shift. Do what you need to do, but whether like a lamb or a lion, or some kind of lumbering, wind-generating half creature…a Lambion. Liomb. Anyway – just come on down to Film Biz Recycling for a terrific live taping of the show. Dale’s guests on March 21st will be Ilana Glazer and Justin Weinstein!! Here’s some info on them, which you will read and then understand why it’s so important for you to not miss this show! Which is free. With beer.

Ilana Glazer is a writer and performer based in Brooklyn. She started taking classes with UCB in October 2006 and studied with Will Hines, Charlie Todd, Joe Wengert, Anthony King and Chris Gethard. Ilana co-produced with brother, Eliot, “High School Talent Show” for over three years at the theatre, as well as “Baby Steps” and “New York Shitty.” She does stand-up in Brooklyn and downtown-Manhattan, venturing above 14th Street maybe twice a year. Ilana is one-half of “Broad City,” the web-to-TV project currently in development with the FX network with partner, Abbi Jacobson.

Director and producer Justin Weinstein has been making documentaries for broadcast, theatrical release, and commercial clients for over 10 years. Most recently, he wrote and edited BEING ELMO; A Puppeteers Journey, which won the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011, and for which Weinstein and fellow writer/editor Philip Shane were nominated for The Humanitas Prize which honors “film & television writers whose work explores the human condition in a nuanced, meaningful way.” Prior to that, Weinstein produced Face Off at Coal River Mountain for Al Jazeera English, and Dirty Business, produced in collaboration with Peter Bull and Alex Gibney. Earlier, Weinstein produced numerous projects for ABC News, Peter Jennings Reporting, and PBS, including Hot Politics for Frontline and the ABC special, Last Days on Earth. He, too, resides in Brooklyn.

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