Pre-Show Warm Up: Get to Know Our Feb. 21 Guests

The Neal/O'Neill Experience.

The Neal/O’Neill Experience.

Friends – it’s time to brush up on Dale’s upcoming guests. First let’s take a peek at the thrilling opening to Neal Medlyn’s recent “The Neal Medlyn Experience,” wherein he interprets the work of Friend of the Program, Beyonce.

Neal’s working on a whole new thing featuring a terrific young rap star, and maybe we’ll get into that on the show. Also on Thurs. night, Philly suburbs booster and storytellin fiend, Bridget O’Neill will take to the awkward chairs and talk with Dale. Here’s Bridget talking to others and standing up as part of the popular MothSlam competition.

And we’ll also have music by the singular Steve O’Reilly – all at Film Biz Recycling, 540 President Street, on the foul banks of the Gowanus. 8pm. Doors at 7:30. Beers courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery. And maybe we’ll shoot a Gowanus Shake video. Who knows. Anything is possible!

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